Where Should Entrepreneurs Be Investing Today?


Where Should Entrepreneurs Be Investing Today?


Entrepreneurs are known for taking risks, but the best of them succeed by developing a good sense of balance between risk and reward. This is a skill that benefits them not only in their business finances, but also when it comes to making personal investments. However, it’s the ability of entrepreneurs to find opportunities where others don’t even bother to look, which gives them the edge not only in business but also in life.

Just because their businesses are still small doesn’t mean they can’t feel like a big shot. Making good decisions early on allows them to make the most out of life, even as they’re still on the way towards making all that money. Here’s a look at some of the things that a lot of smart entrepreneurs are investing in today:

1. Healthcare

Healthcare is currently a hot topic here in the United States. The future of the Affordable Care Act is still unclear as the country is now under a new administration. Repeal of this law and proposed replacement bills are still being debated.

But although the future of healthcare in the US stays is still in limbo, Med City News reports that many investors still place their money in data capabilities and areas that support quality and efficiency within the industry. Consumers are now placed at the forefront, with various companies investing in new and more affordable channels to provide care, like telemedicine, retail clinics, and house calls.

2. Prominent commodities

With the amount of unknowns embedded in the decisions that entrepreneurs have to make everyday, those keen on investing are always trying to be on the right side of the big money trades.

Smart investors trading on global commodities such as sugar, corn and oil—free of commissions and fees—lets them profit from movements in prices of products that make the world go around. Placing more of their wealth in less volatile investments that would enable them to offset career risk in their growth-stage years.

3. Real Estate

Real estate is something that entrepreneurs can spend some time up front, do their research, then pretty much forget about after things have been set up. This is largely the reason why a lot of young entrepreneurs have been putting their money in real estate lately.

Nick Bentley of Ventury Capital points out in an article published by Forbes magazine how simple investment properties less than $250,000 that generate positive cash flow does the trick for most. The extra few thousand dollars a month to them feels like a treat, while the equity upside is huge down the road.

4. Gold

Gold is still valuable and relevant in the world of trade and commerce. FXCM states that it is one of the most sought-after investments on the precious metals market. Today’s traders use gold to lessen the risk of a negative impact when undesirable economic events transpire. The precious metal has no correlation even to major indices such as S&P 500. In the Unites States, many Americans still trade gold over-the-counter through the New York Commodities Exchange.

Gold remains more expensive than many other natural metals and precious rocks. Its price is defined by the London bullion market and is seen more as a long-term investment rather than a short-term one.

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