Thinking up creative fitness or gym name ideas could be a little difficult these days as it seems like all of the best brands are already taken. Obviously, it is not the case. There are tons of branded phrases available in the health and wellness businesses!

The perfect brand should reflect your experience, proficiency, and reliability.  Just like the massage business names we are working on the recommended gym names.

Fitness Business Names

These are some of the creative fitness business names:

  • Aesthetic Den
  • Alpha Fitness Builders
  • Alphabet Gym
  • Anaerobic
  • Art of Wellness
  • Attainable Fitness
  • Back For More
  • Bassline Battle
  • Battle Ground
  • Beast Factory
  • Big League Guy
  • Blast And Burn
  • Bodies By Bench
  • The Body Builders
  • Body Powerhouse

When it comes to owning a fitness business, it is crucial to choose the perfect branded word for your startup. The gym names won’t really be a big task when you see all the ideas here.

On a serious note, light entertainment phrases could be used in your health and wellness startup branding! What are your skills and experience? Pen them down and think of using them.

Catchy Gym Names

Some of the catchy gym names are as follows:

  • Burn the Figure
  • Cardio And Weight
  • Cardio Kings
  • Chasing Aesthetic
  • Cheetah Running
  • Chic Physique
  • Chisel Body Lab
  • Concourse Athletic Club
  • CrossFit Insanity
  • CrossFit Zone
  • Curves Evolution
  • Custom Body
  • Daily Burnout
  • Define Body and Mind
  • DIY Workout Machine
  • East Bank Club
  • Eco Fitness Design
  • Electric Strength
  • Elite Edge Wellness
  • Energy Restored
  • Equilibrium Physique
  • Equinox Essentials
  • Everyday Yoga
  • Exhale Heavy
  • Extreme CrossFit
  • Fabulous And Fit

Transformational Gym Names

Thes are some of the transformational gym names for your business:

  • Fast And Fit
  • Fighter Nation
  • Find Your Fit
  • Fine Physiques
  • Fit Results
  • Fit Technicians
  • Fit to Be
  • FLEX Studios
  • Flex Training
  • Focused Movement
  • Fresh And Fit
  • Body Fuel House
  • Gladiator Fitness
  • Global Power
  • Go Performance
  • Guardian’s Body
  • Handle Bars

Female Gym Names Ideas

These are some of the trending female gym names:

  • Happy Healthy Mom
  • Hard Exercise Works
  • Harmony Mind Body
  • Healthy Happenings
  • Lady Hustle
  • Healthy Shapes
  • Ladies Personal Training
  • Heroics Training
  • Hustle Hard Girl
  • In-Shape Health Clubs
  • Inspire Aerial Arts
  • Intensity Body Training
  • Iron Lifters Babes
  • Iron Mind Body
  • The Fury Ladies Gym
  • Iron Religion
  • Iron Root Studio
  • Iron Tribe
  • Irresistible Build Labs
  • Jazzy Moves

Remember these things while choosing a beautiful gym name!

  • Do some good brainstorming for fitness clubs
  • Pick a great theme
  • Make sure the business scales
  • Ask your family and friends to give you ideas!

Funny Gym Names

These are some of the funny gym names for you:

  • Jumping Start
  • Jungle Jim
  • Lean Machines
  • Legacy Bums
  • Buttocks Repair
  • Let’s Burn Bottom
  • Life Start Wellness
  • Lovely Bodies
  • Move Your Body
  • Midtown Trainers
  • Mile High Run Club
  • Millennial Fitness
  • My Oily Health
  • Oasis Gymnastics

Functional Fitness Class Names

We have tried our best to come up with solid ideas for functional fitness class names that would help you choose the perfect brand. Take the best, pick from these handpicked ideas.

These are some of the functional fitness class names ideas:

  • Mind Body Soul
  • Momentum Therapy
  • Moonlight Conditioning
  • More Motivation
  • More Power
  • Motivation Masters
  • Muscle Feast
  • Muscle Maniac
  • Onsight Rock
  • Paradigm Conditioning
  • Planet Granite
  • Praise N Motion
  • Precision Athletic
  • Project: Metabolic Boost
  • Pulse Health Club
  • Reign City Athletics
  • Reshapes Lounge
  • Resurrection Body
  • Riot Athletics
  • Rising Stars

And some of the CrossFit gym name ideas are as follows:

  • Rocket CrossFit
  • Sculpt House
  • Set The Bar
  • Sets for Success
  • Shape-Shifters
  • Shark Training
  • Smart Fit
  • Soul Cycle
  • Spin City
  • STACK Sports
  • Stone Summit
  • Strength Camp
  • Strong Tower
  • Super Stars
  • The SWEAT
  • Sweat Centre
  • Sweat Equity
  • Sweat Shop & Boxing
  • Synergy Club
  • The Body Connection
  • The Edge Rock

Rules for Naming Your Gym Business

We all need some training courses and tools to get smart and unique ideas for naming your new fitness startup. All you need is a tiny motivation to choose the appropriate idea. 

Health and Wellness especially fitness businesses have very high competition in the health industry and you need an attractive name to stand out from others in the field. Follow these steps:

  1. Avoid difficult and hard-to-spell words
  2. Don’t choose a word that could be limiting your business growth
  3. Carry out an out-and-out Internet search!
  4. Choose a short and meaningful brand words
  5. Check for copyrights or trademark conflicts
  6. Evaluate if the names are catchy, short, memorable, meaningful, and relevant
  7. Get feedback on the desired words from experts and friends
  8. Make sure you personally like your club!

Most of the time, people use the following strategy for creating cool names:

  1. Use your own favorite things
  2. You can use light humor words
  3. Rhyming words are too good!
  4. Keep it simple and cool
  5. Use your skills and common sense
  6. Brand it after your accessories and tools.


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