Best Guide to Sell Makeup and Beauty Products

Increase sales by events

Do you want to start and grow your beauty supply business from home? If YES, here are 11 smart tips on how to sell makeup and beauty products fast to clients.


Without wasting your time, let’s go to the list of ways to start selling beauty products.

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Want some more details? Let’s talk about every point here …

Method 1: Sell your cosmetics and beauty products online

Do you have any idea of online beauty shops? If yes, start one. This is one of the easiest ways to get started with a minimum investment of a few thousand bucks. The world is now a global village. Beauty products are used worldwide and the demands are equal at east and west. The only way you can access this far-flung market right from your home is through the internet.

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By selling your cosmetic products online, you put your company in front of more shoppers, thereby increasing sales and enhancing brand awareness. To get started with this, you need to get an easy to navigate website where you can display your products, and equally get a secure online payment platform. That could be either PayPal or any other trending payment gateway for selling your products.

Method 2: Make good use of YouTube Vlogs

YouTube is one of the best platforms for your home makeup and beauty products business as billions of visits are recorded on this video hosting platform.  You need to set up a YouTube channel account, then you create videos on how to use your brand makeup and beauty products and upload them on YouTube. You can also start Vlogs about different products that you want to sell.

Other Social media platforms such as Instagram could also be helpful.

Method 3: Offer Free Makeovers

Offering free consultations or free makeovers is a fundamental practice used by makers of luxury cosmetic brands sold at department stores. You too can make use of this practice to boost your home cosmetic business. Offering free makeovers to your clients breed an immediate connection between you and the client and this may lead to higher sales.

Method 4: Utilizing home-based beauty parties

This is one of the best ways to kick off your beauty products business. Cosmetic sales rely on drive purchases. Locating products where target consumers already frequent helps to spur sales. Potential locations include home-based beauty parties, social groups, and job locations. Direct-selling companies have experienced success through home parties hosted by their sales representatives.

Create an event tailored to the target market that allows you to meet with a group of potential customers at one time to demonstrate your cosmetics and promote your company.

Method 5: Practice Comparison Selling

Tying or linking multiple products together produces a sales synergy and leads to higher profits. This sales technique works best during makeover sessions and it is also effective during general makeup consultations. You could try this to increase your products impressions and sales.

Method 6: Follow-up Formula to Increase sales

This method is used by so many top sellers. Loyal buyers are always the satisfied customers and could be made your recurring customers through proper follow-up. Learning basic follow-up techniques helps increase the bond the customer feels toward the brand, allowing for new sales opportunities and develops a feedback mechanism.

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Method 7:  Create Point-of-Purchase Displays

To employ this procedure, you may have to partner with some local businesses around you, so that you can offer your services with their products or services. You can partner with local businesses in your area that your target market frequents such as clothing boutiques and hair salons. Work with the owners of these establishments to see if you can create a point-of-purchase display in their stores that features your cosmetic products.

Method 8: Practice Some Giveaways to Boost Sales!

Giveaways are one practice that helps you promote your business to a large extent especially in social networking sites. This could be a real booster for beauty products businesses.

To qualify for winning entry, all customers can be asked for reviews about your products that they have used.

Method 9: Host a “Week of Beauty” event

Events are very important for promoting brands and launching new products. If you want to get started with your beauty products sales, host an event. That could either be a monthly or a weekly activity for boosting sales. Distributing samples can help promote your business to potential clients.

Method 10: Offer free cosmetic consultations

If you are an experienced makeup or beauty consultant, then that skill can come in very handy to sell your beauty products from home. It is a fact that people would always have a problem with the numerous makeup and beauty products in the market, and as well as with their skin. You can give people free beauty consultations as a way to sell your products. A good way to do this is to attend beauty or related events where you can network with people.

Method 11: Ask for referrals and Recommendations …

It is a fact that some people might not be interested in what you are selling, but do not be daunted, and do not lose that market too. You could ask the person if he or she knows someone who the product can benefit. You never know, you could get a list people that may fancy your product. Another way to ask for referrals is from someone using the products, enjoying them and having success with them.

Summing-up, you need to know that product marketing is not for the faint of heart. You got to keep at it if you want to achieve real success in the long run. By choosing to sell cosmetics and beauty products, you are already onto a profitable niche, you only have to stick to the tips listed above and your home cosmetic business would start paying the bills.


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