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Importance of a small business website for owners?

It’s one of the most essential marketing strategy for any business doesn’t matter if your business is small. You always need a small business website and social media representation for generating leads. Some business owners might be thinking that their business have nothing to do with the internet or business website. This isn’t a good decision at all. Even if you’re selling clay toys, you still need a small business website for that!

Let me explain this with an example why you need to have a small business website. Yesterday, I saw a local restaurant while I was travelling to another city. The restaurant was in a great place, apparently well furnished and it was like the best in the local market there. I thought It was a great place for a dinner. I searched for the website and wasn’t registered and the social media page wasn’t created. They lost one customer who was ready to go there but due to the lack of a business website or a Social Media Page, I wasn’t able to find their exact address.

Having business website is one of the most important components of the marketing strategy for small businesses all over the world.

Here are the benefits of small business website for your business.

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1: Virtual Sale Force (Lead Generation)

Your business website acts as sale force for and social media marketing can earn you a lot of reputation to increase your sales and win over your competitor. In today’s world, it’s considered an essential tool for small businesses. Every growing business needs lead generation and they get it through Social Media.

[su_note note_color=”#ffc766″]Do you know? Twitter and Facebook are the top two social media platforms!   [/su_note]

2: 24/7 Online Work opportunity

When you’ve your own website for your business, you get the opportunity to write blogs on the website. The blogs are very important for your business future. You also need to post the products guides and instructions for customers.

Make your customer understand your products easily!

3: Save Money – Build Small Business Website

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If your business is small or it has more physical products, you don’t really need to have a great fancy business website for $10000. Just start a small website by spending a few bucks!

[su_quote]Business Experts Recommend: Get your website designed & do some essential SEO and SMM! [/su_quote]

4: Grow Your Audience

The more people you reach the more sale you get. People don’t know you and your business, let them know you!

There are a lot of ways to reach your potential customers, Best Small Venture would love to help you if you need your business grow!

5: Answer the Question of Customers

You need to engage your customers and encourage them to ask questions and interact with you.  What do you need for this? You can hire a customer support service or you can do it yourself. You need to have perfect communication skills.

How to get your own Business Website?

No worries, it’s really simple to get your own website. Even you could design it yourself by using some free CMS and themes available.

Here are the key points.

  1. Get your domain registered. Godaddy is one of the famous domain registrar.
  2. Get web hosting, you may get it from Go-daddy but we recommend hostgator for web-hosting.
  3. Install WordPress and get a paid for free theme.
  4. Customize and set up your theme and start working!
  5. Hire a web developer if you don’t have an idea of the above things.

What features do you need in a business website?

Your business website must have the following most essential features.

  1. Mobile friendly Design
  2. A dynamic google map (Business Location)
  3. Products Menu
  4. Online reservations or Purchase / Order facility
  5. Links to reviews (Show people what people say about you!)
  6. Links to your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Let theme engage with you!

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