Famous garage startups that now rule the world

best startups in the world

Looking for inspiration of starting you own company? You probably think that you’ve got less resources. Wait mate! Don’t think so. Let’s know about about the top ten business ideas and how they become what they are today!
Many million dollars empires had to work with the resources they had and make the best of it. Have you ever heard of success stories out of garage? Well get ready to inspired and take some lessons from these garage start-ups who now, rule the world.


1. Apple

Who in the world isn’t familiar with the word ‘Apple’? It is the most sought after brand in technological market. What you don’t know that its foundations were laid in a garage.

Steve Jobs and Steve Woznaik started building the first Apple Computer at a garage located at 2066 Crist Dr. in Los Altos, California. Also in the early days Steve’s team hand built 50 computers in 30 days to complete an order. A small start up that started working from a garage has now a market value of 1 trillion dollars.

2. Harley Davidson

Sure you would recognize a Harley Davidson buzzing through the highways, but it always wasn’t easy for a 21-year-old William S. Harley.
Two years after the designs were finalized William Harley and his friend Arthur Davidson built their first bike in a garage shed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
The Harley Davidson Company was officially formed in 1903.

3. Disney

The Disney we know today is a chain of themed parks and high-tech studios but in start it was just a small garage. Walt Disney used to live in Los Angeles, California when he started his own company from a garage owned by his uncle.
Walt Disney along with his brother Roy started shooting short comedy series from a garage. Now we have the world’s largest entertainment company known as Disney.

4. Google

It all started in a garage located at 232 Santa Margarita Ave in. Menlo Park, California. Unbelievable right? But it is true.
Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin treated it just as a side project but they had the motivation and determination to make it a success. Google is world’s most well know and used brand. It has a net worth of billions of dollars. Read more details about Google Startup

5. Mattel

Mattel is an American multinational toy manufacturing company founded in 1945.

Harold “Matt” Matson and Elliot Handler started working from a garage in Southern California. In the start they used scrape material for making doll houses and toys, and today it is the world’s largest toy maker in terms of revenue and market capitalization.

6. Microsoft

Who isn’t familiar with the name Bill Gates? But In 1975 when Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft, they just had a few resources and some garage space.
It is the world’s largest software maker by revenue, and one of the world’s most valuable companies.

7. Yankee candle company

Michael Kittredge initially started making candles in 1969 from his garage by melting some crayons at the age of 16.
Shortly after that more people come to now of his scented candles and demand grew. After four years he, moved Yankee Candle Company to an old mill in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

8. Amazon

Amazon wasn’t always the largest Internet-based retailer in the world by total sales and market capitalization.
Can you believe that it all started in 1994 when Jeff Bezos started an online bookstore in his garage at a home located at 10704 NE 28th in Bellevue, Washington.
Today Bezos is one of the richest men in the world and Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer.

9. Lotus cars

In 1948, Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman started working from a garage at 472 Hornsey Rd. in London, United Kingdom. It was the start of Lotus cars. Today it manufactures sports and racing cars and also owns the engineering consultancy Lotus Engineering, which has facilities in the United Kingdom, United States, China, and Malaysia.
Pretty big for a garage business, isn’t it?

10. Maglite

Tony Maglica had only $125 when he moved from Croatia to United States in 1950. With this money he started working day and night from a garage somewhere in California.
In 1979 he released his first ever flashlight and today its empire is a living specimen that anything is possible if you have enough determination behind it.

11. Hewlet-Packard

Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard founded HP in Packard’s garage in 1939. At that time they only had $538 to start their business. Their first product was an audio oscillator and one of their first customers was Walt Disney. Today HP is a house hold brand with countless products. This success story started from a garage located in 367 Addison Ave. in Palo Alto, California.

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