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Car Wash Franchise Opportunities in US – A Guide!

Car wash franchise is an important profitable business that can earn you handsome money.  This business can be started with venture capital of around 25000$. In this article, we are going to discuss all the related ideas and a perfect business plan for owning a car wash franchise. If you are looking for a lucrative business to start this year, this could be a great opportunity for you.

Are you thinking to start a car wash business franchise but you have no clue what it is? If yes, we are going to talk about the best mobile car wash franchise opportunities in the United States. There are advanced methods being followed for vehicle washing and services. Pressure washing is relatively a new concept compared to the old car washing methods.

Let’s know some facts and figures about Americans being very particular about cars maintenance and service. They would not mind paying thousands each year to protect their cars from scratches, this is why the auto car wash industry is topping US$ 6.61 Bn in revenues. One might ask how much money can you make from a car wash? The answer is quite a handsome amount up to $150,000 of revenue per year and provides a net yearly profit of $96,500.

The global automatic car wash machine market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.7%

Things You’ll Need Before You Start A Car Wash Franchise Business in the US

Car being washed

If you are serious about starting a car wash business in the United States or abroad, you would need to know these things first:

  1. A perfect business plan
  2. Opinion from experts in the field (Guide)
  3. Best Equipment for your car washing business
  4. Right Location for your venture
  5. Determination and professional ambition

Every business needs a perfect plan to be executed. When you reach out to the people who are in the field, they give you their true opinion which is most important in deciding whether to proceed or not. Equipment and market survey comes later with strong willpower and preparation for smart and hard work. People ask about mobile car wash profits as well. It could earn you up to $80000 in profits. Let’s know how could you start a franchise of popular car wash companies.

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Best Automatic Mobile Car Wash Franchises to Buy This Year!

This list will let you know about the prices of car wash franchise in the united states.

SerialCompany NameInvestment RequiredRemarks
1Mr. Clean CarwashInitial Investment – $2,417,500 to $3,271,000
2Green Shine Waterless car-wash servicesInitial Investment – $22,700 to $49,100
3Fleet Clean USAInitial Investment – $100,875 to $346,375
4DetailXPertsInitial Investment – $81,000 to $160,000
5Tommy’s Express car washFranchise Fee – $40,000
6Sonny’s CarWash FactoryCash Required – $500,000 to $1,000,000
7Monkey Shine car washInitial Investment – $166,950 to $786,300
8Super WashInitial Investment – $468,000 to $1,000,100
9Superior WashTotal Investment – $70,000 to $90,000
10Team Blue Hand Car Wash and DetailInvestment Range – $369,400 to $524,900
11Cactus Car WashInitial Investment – $2,370,000 to $3,805,000
12Spot Not Car WashInvestment – $622,000 to $1,100,000
13Wash My CarInitial Investment – $50,000 – and Up
14GeoWash car washInitial Investment – $150,000 to over $200,000
15EcoWash MobileInvestment – $180,700 to $290,750
16Goo 3-Minute Express WashInvestment – $1,500,000 to $3,300,000
17MagicWater Car WashInitial Investment – $455,000 to $3,236,000
18Magic Hand CarwashInitial investment – $300,000 to $500,000

The car wash franchise industry is made up of firms that practice waterless car wash (eco wash), touchless wash, automated wash, steam wash, water wash and a host of others. If you want to be part of this industry in the United States, above are the best ones.

100 + Catchy Car Wash Names Ideas for Car wash franchises

Catchy Car Wash Names  
Treasury Car WashGalaxy Detailing CarwashOn-Demand Car Wash
Insight Car ServicesOverland Car Wash & Detail CenterSplash and Rinse
Pro WashersSun Hand Car WashGentle Care Car Wash
Strategic Wash PointEuro Style Mobile Car WashThe Shine Experts
Equity Wash IncLA Express Car WashCar Wash and Detailing
Fair WashersFriend’s Car WashExclusive Hand Wash
Focus Wash ServicesAquawax Express CarwashThe Vehicle Bath
Wallet Car PointMelrose Strip Auto DetailingSparkle, Sparkle
Gross WashingWashland ExpressCrystal Clear Car Wash
Scoot WashersQuick Splash n Dash Car WashVIP Auto Spa
Aid Car PointOlympic Car WashWorking Hands Car Wash
Spur WashGreen Forest Car WashThe Car Spa
Boost CarLittle Tokyo Car WashCar Wash and Detailing
Nimble WashEagle Car WashDIY Car Spa
Automation CarSunset Car WashFresh Mobile
Able CarMena DetailThe Touchless Car Wash Experience
Fortune CarManny’z Car WashShine Like a Diamond
Simple WashSilverlake Auto DetailGreen Car Care Boutique
Zoom CarRoman’s Auto Detail & Car WashEco Auto Wash
Brisk WashPromenade Car Wash & SpaCar Wash and Beyond
Secure WashFred’s Car WashSam’s Car Wash
Pal WashJJ’s Hand Car WashSuper Shine Car Wash
Choice WashConvenient Car WashECO Auto Solutions
Begin CarClean Image MobileMajestic Carwash
Flex WashVictorious ShineRed Carpet Car Wash
Treasury CarUSA Detail CenterAll American Detail
Fund WashSunset AutospaReal Wash
Advise WashYour Car WashersInstant Car
Affinity Wash ServicesReliance WashersFuture Wash
Real Car PointAccure Washing PointBox Car
Legacy WashersEasy WashSure Wash Inc.
Rush Wash ServicesFlash WashAble Wash Services
Invest Washers IncAsset WashSmart Car Wash
A car wash franchise provides plenty of practical opportunities and is one of many automotive franchises available. Other franchise business ideas include auto detailing, smart car rental, oil change services, auto repair services, muffler shop franchises, and many others.

How profitable is a car wash?

International car wash association monitors the profits of this business industry and according to their statistics, Profits can average around from $55,000 a year for a self-service car wash to over $980,000 for a full-service business. But it depends on the services and location of your car wash point.

What are the benefits of car washing franchise? These are the top benefits of having a good franchise.

Car wash franchise benefits list

Want to know more? See this  Car Washing Video for a clear idea about the business.

This will let you know about the automated washing of vehicles.


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