Lashes Names: 600+ Best Eyelash Extension Business Names Ideas

Lashes Names and Makeup Business Names

Are you thinking of starting an eyelash company? If so, then you’re probably wondering what to call your business. Eyelash companies are becoming increasingly popular, which means there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the trend.


However, choosing a name for your eyelash company can be challenging. There are thousands of eyelash companies out there, and it’s hard to stand out from the competition.

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you. In this post, we’ve gathered a list of eyelash company names that are both unique and catchy.

These names are ideal for eyelash companies, but they could also work for other beauty businesses such as hair compiled a list of eyelash company names that are both unique and catchy. These names are ideal for eyelash companies, but they could also work for any beauty product company.

We hope that our list of eyelash company name ideas will inspire you to create your own successful eyelash company.

Start with a theme or concept—lashes, eye extensions, accessories, nails—and think thematically in terms of sound. Don’t be afraid to try new lashes names, but test them out with family members and friends first.

Eyelash Company Names

Eyelashes are a big part of our beauty routine. They make our eyes look bigger, more awake, and more beautiful. So why not name your eyelash extension service after them? Here are some great eyelash company names to get you started.

These are smart eyelash company names:

  • Beauty’s Divine
  • Great Lengths Lashes
  • Cake Face Cosmetics
  • Eye to Eye
  • Lash Flash
  • Abstract Lipstick
  • Active Beauty
  • Childhood Dreams
  • Boudoir Beauties
  • Eye’s Cream
  • Beautiful Day
  • Aqua Nails
  • Cheeky Cosmetics
  • Duet Cosmetics
  • Face And Body
  • Illusive Cosmetics
  • Makeup Man
  • First Kiss
  • Madame Rouge
  • Bombshell
  • Eagle Eyes
  • Eyelash Of America
  • The Beauty School
  • Elixirs Of Youth
  • Glamour Girl
  • Hair Benders
  • Fluttery
  • Hurt Me Makeup
  • Nails On Wheels
  • Monochromatic
  • Tina’s Beauty Store
  • All That Glitters
  • Beauty Central
  • You Look Fabulous
  • Inky Dinky Doo
  • Grasshopper
  • It’s The Lips
  • Kim’s Makeup Boutique
  • Lipstick And Lashes
  • Natural Eye Flutter
  • New Falsies
  • Wet And Wild
  • Heavenly Goddess
  • Vogue Beauty
  • Duchess Dolls
  • Truffle Gold
  • Skin Advisor
  • Eyelashes Unlimited
  • Lash Dolls
  • Adorn Lashes
  • Fancy Lashes
  • Faux Paws
  • Lash Around The Clock
  • Fashionable
  • Face Value Cosmetics
  • Fairest Of All
  • Eyelash Land
  • Worth It Beauty
  • Botanical Beauty
  • Beauty Of Nature
  • Fast Lash
  • Green Planet
  • Natural Minerals
  • A Beauty Queen
  • Pretty People
  • Haute Couture
  • Classic Beauty
  • Flaming Lips
  • Lash Frenzy
  • Lashes Of Influence
  • Muffin Cosmetics
  • Lipstick And Pencils
  • Luscious Lashes
  • The Lash Spa
  • Golden Goblet
  • False Lashes
  • The Look
  • Great Lengths
  • Visionary Blend
  • Eyeliner Queen
  • Charming Lips
  • Lashes For Life
  • Face Skin
  • Healthy Habits Cosmetics
  • Pretty Palette
  • Powder And Blush

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Unique Lash Business Names

Lashes are a big deal. They make our eyes look bigger, they frame our face, and they add a little bit of glamour to our appearance. So if you want to start a lash business, you need to come up with a name that will get people talking.

We’ve compiled a list of unique lash business names that you can use as inspiration for your new lash business.

Let’s have a look at these unique lash business names:

  • No Better Lashes
  • Eye Liners
  • Glitter Face
  • Mireille Cosmetics
  • Curl Fly
  • Lip Drench
  • Foundation
  • Mascara And Me
  • Kitty’s Cosmetics
  • Simply Sexy
  • Hair And Makeup
  • Accentuate Cosmetics
  • False Eyelash Company
  • Lipstick
  • Cosmetics And Hugs
  • Glamourize
  • False Fronts
  • Full ‘N Thick
  • Fancy Lashes
  • The Eyelash Boutique
  • Born To Red Lipstick
  • Essentially Eclectic
  • Fashionable Faces
  • Gradient Cosmetics
  • Nourishing Skin
  • Bubbly Bling
  • Green Babe
  • Innocent Eyes
  • The Beauty Emporium
  • Melt Cosmetics
  • Powder Room
  • Divine Divas
  • Beautéagogo
  • Visage Cosmetics
  • Complete
  • Love Me Lashes
  • Lash Of Luxury
  • The Beauty Castle
  • Luxe Organics
  • Luxury Lashes
  • Eyeliner Inc
  • Dramatic Kings Lashes
  • From Lashes With Love

Lashes Names for your Studio

Eyelash Extension Business Names

Eyelash extensions are a popular beauty trend right now. They add length and thickness to your eyelashes.

But they can also be expensive. So if you want to open up a lash extension salon, you need to come up with a name that will attract customers.

We’ve put together a list of creative names for eyelash extension salons. You’ll find them all here.

Here are some eyelash extension business names:

  • Fancy Falsies
  • Fly Away Lashes
  • Fiore D’amore
  • Lingerie Et Lashes
  • Shine Wish
  • Tinsel Town Nails
  • Beauty Bistro
  • Dazzling Delights
  • Extended Appeal
  • Laminate
  • Smoothing
  • Innocence In A Jar
  • Avian Beauty
  • Simple And Sweet Lashes
  • Face Polish
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Makeup Free Lashes
  • Good For Business
  • Pretty In Pink
  • Face Powder
  • Butterfly Lashes
  • False Witness
  • Foundation And Face
  • Pretty Gals
  • Touch
  • Beautiful Faces
  • Posh Cosmetics
  • The Finest
  • Beauty Buffet
  • Beauty By Nature
  • All About Lashes
  • Gilded Mountain
  • Luxurious Lashes
  • Pretty Pouts
  • Face Gloss
  • Glamour’tiful
  • Brow Bar
  • The Splash
  • Eye Bling
  • Cutie Pie
  • That’s Glam
  • Skin Perfecting

Lashes Names

If you’re looking for a fun new business name, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite lash names.

We hope these will inspire you to create your own unique lash brand name. These are wonderful lashes names ideas:

  • Beauty Lounge
  • Arched Eyelash
  • Bobby’s Bling
  • The Lash Lounge
  • Face Value
  • Lovely Lashes
  • You’re So Beautiful
  • Authentic
  • Bronzed Beauty
  • Miss Nice Nails
  • Glamorous Makeup
  • Good Looks
  • Lapland Purple
  • Clean & Clear
  • Cosmetics And Beauty
  • Extreme Lip Gloss
  • Lip Service
  • Lip Gloss
  • Edit Cosmetics
  • The Lipstick Lounge
  • Momma Lashes
  • Highlighter
  • Love Your Lashes
  • Amor Alegre
  • Pretty Kitty
  • Sterile Wax
  • The Nail Bar
  • Skincare Complex
  • Blissfully Wet
  • Rejuvenating Facial
  • Pretty Beautiful
  • Essential Day Spa
  • Mascara Mayhem
  • Sugary Sweet Lashes
  • Added Length
  • Face Paint
  • Glittery Bows
  • Dusty
  • Fresh & Clean
  • Dr Facial
  • Mischievous Lashes
  • In The Eyes

Lash Company Name Ideas

Starting a lash company is a big decision. You want something that will catch people’s attention, but also something that will make them remember you. We’ve got you covered with our list of awesome lash company names.

Following are lash company name ideas and suggestions:

  • Posh Lash Studio
  • Bella Nails
  • Longer N Thicker
  • Exotic Flowers
  • She’s Worth It
  • Eyelashes By Galore
  • Dainty Dames
  • Governor Green
  • Beauty And Beaus
  • Pucker Up
  • Flowery Facial
  • Cosmetic Chemist
  • Great Gorgeous Gals
  • Hair Cuts ‘R
  • Beauty Killer
  • Lash Depot
  • Pearl’s Picks
  • Coral Rouge
  • Extended Excellence
  • Lash A La Mode
  • Glamorous You Lashes
  • Pretty Lips
  • Lashes Of Luxury
  • Amour
  • Flawless Face
  • Hair Flo
  • Odorless Accents
  • Lippy Lashes
  • Makeup Finery
  • Pretty Eyes
  • Queen Bee Nails
  • Visible Cosmetics
  • Blue Lid
  • Ablaze Cosmetics
  • Butterfly Babes
  • Nail Genius
  • Beauty For Boobs
  • Lily White
  • Sheet Masks
  • Sugar Brown
  • Curative Cosmetics
  • Your Face, Your Way
  • No More Zits

Lash Business Ideas

Starting a lash business is a great idea if you want to make money doing something you love. You don’t need any experience to get started. All you need is a good product and a great marketing strategy.

We’ve put together a list of awesome lash business ideas so you can get started right away. Look at these lash business ideas:

  • Blushes And Bronzer
  • False Eyelashes
  • Beauty Station
  • Pretty Princess
  • Renewed Lashes
  • What’s In A Name
  • Eyelash Edu
  • Pretty Pout
  • Midnight Shadow
  • Lash Emporium
  • Mac Cosmetics
  • Skin Smoothie
  • Cover Girl
  • NYC Wardrobe
  • Skin Tenders
  • Butterfly Fly Lash
  • Lipstick Love
  • Forever Romantic
  • Paint My Day
  • Lashes For Days
  • Gabrielle’s Body Shop
  • Glitterati
  • Wax On, You’re Awesome
  • Lucky Lashes
  • Beauty And The Beast
  • Party Face
  • German Gold
  • Crazy Lashes
  • Fan Your Face
  • Famous Face
  • Pretty Paws
  • Coco Me
  • Nectar Crown
  • Pretty And Polished
  • Tiger Stripes
  • Feeling Pretty
  • Nippy Nails
  • Batty’s Beauty
  • Daring Lash Magic
  • Perfume Charms
  • Doing My Own Makeup
  • Beautiful Eyes
  • The Nail Shop

Lash Brand Names

Lashes are a big part of beauty. They make our eyes look bigger, they frame our face, and they give us a more youthful appearance. So why not create a brand around them? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best lash brands out there.

Here are some lash brand names and suggestions:

  • Mink Lash
  • Scoff Cosmetics
  • Pretty As A Picture
  • Rouge Queen
  • Heavenly Smiles
  • Diamond Dust
  • Million Dollar Lips
  • Lovely Eyes
  • Potion And Powder
  • The Style Spot
  • Buff Skin
  • Your Beauty’s Star Dust
  • The Beauty Spot
  • Stylist’s Dream
  • Mascara
  • Tinkle Shimmer
  • Ready, Set, Glow
  • Rapunzel’s Tangled Hair
  • Miracle Worker
  • I Love Lashes
  • The Unseen
  • Blushing Lips
  • Luscious Glance
  • Flaunt Your Face
  • Fashionista Face
  • Lashes By Lovers
  • Shimmer & Glow
  • Pretty Cute
  • Lash Extend
  • Euphoria
  • In Your Face Cos
  • Beauty Spells
  • Beautiful Brows
  • Fashionista
  • Forgive Me Lash
  • Glamour Gum
  • A Face Lift
  • Eye Appeal
  • Lip Smacker
  • Longest Lashes
  • Dazzling Darling
  • Satisfaction
  • Rosy Cheeks
  • Blissful Hands
  • Blink Of An Eye
  • Eyelash Experts
  • Stroke Of The Brush
  • Glamour More Lashes
  • Precious Jade
  • Soothing
  • Switch Girl
  • Dainty Drams
  • Essence Cosmetics
  • Pretty Ivory
  • Beauty In Maine
  • Happy Hands
  • Crystal Lips
  • The Beauty Bar
  • Aztec Mix
  • Color Me Lashed
  • Hair And Lashes
  • Realization
  • Elegance Cosmetics
  • Curvaceous And Chic
  • Femme Fatale
  • Roses And Lilies
  • Beautiful Blush
  • Kisses And Lashes
  • Makeover
  • Exaggeration Lashes
  • Blue Flame Cosmetics
  • Pink Lashes
  • Loreal Cosmetics
  • Face Primer
  • Eye Contact
  • Alluring Lashes
  • House Of The Fab Lash
  • Sweet Lash Queen
  • Pretty Pink
  • Bling Lashes
  • Eyelashes Delight
  • Lash Express
  • Eye Candy Lashes
  • Paint Nails
  • Just Shine
  • Makeup And More

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Eyelash Brand Names

Eyelashes are a very significant part of our beauty program. They make our eyes look taller, more awake, and more beautiful. So why not create a brand around them? We have compiled a list of eyelash brands that will surely get you started on your journey to create your own eyelash brand.

You might like these eyelash brand names:

  • Dazzle Soft
  • Lipstick Paradise
  • Face Candy
  • Sugary Sweet Lash
  • Beautiful Hair
  • Pretty Penny
  • Baby Lashes
  • Illusive Doll
  • Lotus Blossom
  • Eye Love
  • Lipstick Cosmetics
  • Skincare Bout
  • Pretty Lashes
  • Elevated Lashes
  • Powder Puff
  • Nose To Toes
  • Bubble Barbie
  • Your Skin Therapy
  • Mirror Images
  • Daily Face
  • Brow Buddies
  • Beauty Box
  • Kiss Nails
  • Eyelash Depot
  • Eyelash Renew
  • Olga’s Face
  • False Pretenses
  • Eyelash Boutique
  • Glitter Queen
  • Perfection Chronicles
  • Diva’s Daisies
  • Faire Skin
  • Expedited Eyelashes
  • Crown Me Queen Lashes
  • Girl’s World
  • Bone Face Cosmetics
  • Loving Lashes
  • Studded Beauty
  • Loulou’s Lipstick Bar
  • Trip To The Moon
  • Makeup Plus
  • Amazing Skincare
  • Charming Powder

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Eyelash Name Ideas

Eyelashes are a very important part of our appearance. They make us look beautiful and give us a sense of confidence. So if you want to create a unique eyelash brand, then you need to come up with a name that will attract customers.

We have compiled a list of eyelash names that are fun, creative, and easy to remember. You can use these names as inspiration for your new eyelash brand.

These are perfect eyelash name ideas:

  • Good Luck Lashes
  • Obsidian Beauty
  • Show Out Lashes
  • Beauty In
  • Mascara And Make
  • Diva Gold
  • Bashful Babes
  • Makeup Cream
  • Brow And Beauty
  • Extension Experts
  • The Diamond Spa
  • Glamorous Gals
  • Eyelash Express
  • Eyelash Expertise
  • Berry Take
  • Pink Lips
  • Dramatic Queens Lashes
  • Sweet Lash King
  • Brides And Bails
  • Vixen Lash Extension
  • A Beautiful Mess
  • Eyelash Education
  • Toddy Cosmetics
  • Eyelash Extravaganza
  • Pure Cosmetics
  • Glam Addict
  • Lip Gloss And Lipstick
  • Charm Skin
  • Loved By Lashes
  • My Little Beauty
  • Faux Beauty
  • Skin Savvy
  • Rich Salon
  • Gena’s Beauty Store
  • Absolutely Flawless
  • Pretty School
  • Oasis Nail Salon
  • Eyelash Enterprise
  • Blushing Beauty
  • Eyelash Pulp
  • Cindi Lips
  • Fijian Hearts
  • Beauty Foundation

How to Make Eyelashes Business Names?

Business names are important to protect your brand identity. You have to ensure that your business name is not confused with any other businesses or trademarks, and also that your business name isn’t too long. Let’s have a look at these key points.

In the modern world, it pays to have the correct first impression. Whether it’s in the office or in public, your first impression is made when someone glances up to look at your face. One of the best ways to create that all-important first impression is with your eyelashes!

Start Better Brainstorming

The first step in making your next big brand is to think about it. Think about your market, target audience and potential clients. Make a list of names ideas.

Brainstorming forces you to think of the most inventive ideas and make sure that you have memorable ideas that others will want to see. It also encourages you to pick keywords that are targeted towards specific industries, and to include those keywords in your drafts.

Finding the Gaps

What are your competitors doing? Know them. Know their products and services. They must have weak spots and strong points. Provide something better than them.

Finding the gaps between your products and services can help you find traction in a marketplace full of other aspiring startups. You can use your product roadmap to find these gaps and provide non-intimidating alternatives for your customers.

Ask Branding Experts

If you are having a hard time with business names, we are always there for premium support and help.

Branding experts are known for being brutally honest. They know that if they say something, they must make it stick. They’re serious about getting their message across.

Luckily, there’s a huge network of branding experts that can fill you in and give you advice when you get stuck (we know a lot of them personally!)

Arrange Brand Naming Contests

A popular marketing strategy that many startups use is naming contests. The purpose of a naming contest is to decide on a brand or product name. The key here is the important role that social media plays in deciding on the winner.

Creativity Matters

When creating a business name, you must have creative flair. In order to make your business stand out, you need something memorable and unique.

Of course, this is an important thing, but aside from that there are many more things you need to remember before naming your company such as, the spelling of the company name, the spelling of the title of the business and like I said in the previous paragraph, which is little acronym you will end up with after these things are done.

Pay Attention to Keywords

Pay attention to keywords in your business name that people type into Google when they are looking for that kind of place. Choose a name that reflects the types of businesses that you operate, but make sure it isn’t too long, because shorter names can have the same results.

The name of your business is what your Google Ads or AdWords will be tied to.

Check Domain Name Availability

Before you go into business, do some research on the domain name availability. Make sure that there are no problems such as expired registrars, dodgy third parties or over-exposed registrations.

To be safe, seek the advice of a domain name registration specialist. You can also contact your local internet development agency and ask them about the name availability in that region.

Get Feedback

Get feedback on your business name to make sure it really is perfect. The earlier you get feedback on your business name the earlier you can watch your brand and business grow.

Your business name is how people find you online. Having an easy to say, memorable business name helps customers and potential clients remember where they can find you.

Choosing a name that’s unique will also help you stand out from the competition. Get some opinions and feedback on your business name before you choose it.

Eyelash Company Names FAQs

These are the frequently asked questions about the lashes business.

What is an eyelash company?

An eyelash company sells eyelashes, including individual lashes and sets of false lashes.

How much does it cost to start an eyelash company?

The cost to start an eyelash company depends on the type of company, location, and founder experience.

How do I name my lashes business?

It’s important to know that your business name is one of the most important things for our company. It should be short, simple, attractive, and catchy for women. You can use keywords and relevant words to attract potential clients.

How do I find the best name for my lashes business?

Give our lashes business name generator a try above, below you’ll find our lashes company name ideas, trending words, tips for naming your lashes business, related words, adjectives, nouns, combined words, and foreign words for lashes.

What are the best mink lash names?

If you’re a mink owner, you want to make sure you get the right name since it’s important to give your fur babies personalized care. The most common names for mink are Mink Studio, Mink Arts, The Mink Girl.

What is the best name for a lash studio?

The best name for a lash studio should be like Lash Work, Lash Girls, Lash Studio. Many other names are available that are perfectly fit because they’re professional, classic, and catchy. They will attract clients on a first impression.

What are the best lash extension salon names?

There are so many lash extension salons offering cheap eyelash extensions, but their names aren’t attractive. Women want their lashes to grow beautifully, look natural, and feel the best they can. Use such words for the salon names.

Here are some lash extension salon names for you:

  • Blush Beauty
  • Fleur de Lash
  • Lash La Vie
  • Butterfly Lashes
  • Blooming Nails
  • Velvet Lashes
  • Beau monde
  • Beautiful Lashes
  • Blissful Beauty
  • Beauty and Beyond

What is the branding strategy of a lashes business?

The first step in the branding strategy of any business is its business name. It should be short, simple, unique, and perfect for advertising.

What is the best way to check domain availability?

The best way to check for availability of a domain name, you can use any of the many tools that are available online. The biggest and most reliable tool is GoDaddy’s own Domain Status Checker.

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a name that represents the company or product.

Should I use a selection of several trademarks for my eyelash company?

It is advised that you use a selection of trademarks for your eyelash company, as you will need an international trademark for your company.


When naming your business, you have to think about everything. You don’t want a name that turns off customers and leaves them with bad impressions. Before choosing a name, do some research to make sure it’s unique enough to help your brand find its market in today’s competitive environment.

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