600+ Kids Party Business Names Ideas to Start A Business

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Kids’ party business names are always short, to the point, creative, and catchy. Let’s give you some cool kids party business name ideas.


Yes, the struggle is real when it comes to branding. You just started your own kids party business and struggling with a name. It’s a common situation for business owners, especially when you have no idea what kind of name to go for. How do you avoid the trap of being bland and generic?

A kid’s party business name needs to be unique, catchy, and memorable to show that you know exactly what you’re doing and that you are a step above everyone else.

While you should definitely give some thought to how your business name sounds, you’ll also want to make sure the name can be protected as intellectual property and does not infringe on someone else’s trademark.

Let’s give you awesome kids’ party business name ideas that can get you started quickly. All these kid’s party business name ideas are geared toward party hosts, but some of these could work well for an associated business such as a magician or performer. Hopefully, these ideas will get your wheels turning in the right direction.

So, without more ado, let’s begin.

Kids Party Business Names Ideas

  • Islands Of Fun
  • Art Of Wonderland
  • Lil Penguin Parties
  • Columbus Kids
  • Merry Mommy’s
  • Party in Paradise
  • Creative Clouds
  • Giggle Beans
  • Thrill and Chill
  • Kreative Kids
  • Dreams ‘n Themes
  • Little Beans
  • Clever Endeavors
  • Fabulous Frog’s Party
  • Yay Birthdays!
  • The Party Nook
  • Party Partners
  • Party Hire
  • Parties Planned
  • Nights Not Forgotten
  • Last Details
  • Full Service Celebrations
  • Fabulous Functions
  • Details Decided
  • Confetti Co.
  • Celebration Station
  • Attention To Detail
  • Your Perfect Planner
  • Ultimate Party Planners
  • Prestigious Parties
  • Precious Moments Parties
  • Planned To Perfection
  • Perfected Parties
  • Perfect Plans
  • Perfect Parties

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Kids Party Business NamesOnce you get going, you will probably hit a few barriers such as the kid’s party planning name already been taken by a neighborhood company, a colleague points out your selection is too generic, or the clever name you thought of in the middle of the night strikes you as ridiculous the next day. These bumps are inevitable, so start brainstorming business name ideas early and look for inspiration everywhere over the internet.

Exciting Birthday Party Events Names

  • Kids Paradise
  • Kid Wonders
  • Junior Execs
  • Monkey Matters
  • Little Buds
  • Neverland
  • Challenging Adventures
  • Genius Junior
  • The Crazy Coconut
  • The Laughing Locus
  • Kids Patch Paradise
  • Wahoo’s
  • Caterpillars to Butterflies
  • Pixieland
  • Kara Booms
  • Relax N Fun
  • Spunky Monkey
  • Party Wisdom
  • Perfect Paradise
  • Learn Station
  • Giggle Gala
  • Children’s Eden
  • Happy Genius
  • Lil Enchantments
  • Little Minds
  • Active Kid’s Play
  • Imagination vacation
  • One Party Point
  • Booma
  • The Learning Park
  • Play Day Fun
  • The Happy Patch
  • Smarty Sparks
  • Kid party Central
  • Adventure Paradise
  • Happy Hoopla

So, how to start your children’s party business? This is a 4 steps formula for you!

4 steps business formula

Let’s do some more work on niche-specific names!

Kids Event Planning Names Ideas

  • The Jumpin’ House
  • The Party Theater
  • Kids Party Central
  • The Party Factory
  • Superhero Day
  • Party Monsters Inc.
  • Party Dolls
  • Silver-Ball Inc
  • Look-at-Us
  • The Party Animal Supplies
  • Spook’n Delight
  • Matchstick Circus
  • Travers’s Take Down
  • The Big Bash
  • Your Celebration Place
  • Badger’s Bounce House
  • Fairy Princess Palooza
  • Parties to Go
  • Story Time
  • Jump Birthday
  • The Party-makers
  • Over The Moon
  • Believe It
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Party Makers
  • Jumpin Joy
  • Wee Play Party
  • The Party-inators
  • Magical Fairy Party
  • and Mrs. Party
  • Bounce Castle Fun Time
  • Birthday Jackers
  • Super Party Town
  • The Dash
  • Kids Gone Wild
  • Every Party
  • Bouncets to the Moon
  • One Crazy Family
  • Happy Kids
  • The Party Bombers
  • Jump Party
  • Adventure to Neverland
Sips ‘N School Birthday Parade
Birthday Bonanza Oasis & Buds
Giggle Garden Fascination Station
Adventure Garden Bright Beans
The Little Engine Miles of Smiles
Lil in Grounds Kid Karma
Skip & Sip Knowzy Love
School Beans Lil Buds
Imagination Paradise Birthday Bash Adventures
Kid Kingdom Tree of Knowledge
Kids Play town Big Wave
The Children’s Patch Junior Genius
The Learning Forest Happy Town
Kid’s Corner Steamers & Screamers
Monkey Joe’s Kids Ink
Birthday Wise Kiddie Oasis
Smarty Eden Stay And Play
Lollipop Labs Partly Smarty


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Catchy Kids Events Names Ideas

  • Happy Birthday
  • Blow The Roof Off
  • Bark My Bark
  • Kids’ Cabaret
  • The Giggles
  • We’ll Throw It!
  • I Dream In Celebration
  • The Party Fairy
  • Party Planet
  • Slice of Fun
  • Kiddie Carnival
  • The Party Keepers
  • Star Wars Galaxy Party
  • Magical Kiddy Carts
  • Chillin’ Props
  • Beach Bums
  • Party Time
  • Kids Party Inc.
  • HalfPrice Fri
  • Tots in Tents
  • The Party Odyssey
  • Toy Town
Minds of Imagination Go Fish Doodle Dots
Mom Dot Calm Gr8 Escape Eat Play Learn
My Play Town Gulches Of Fun Emerald City
Nifty Noggin Hoopla Fancy That
Nurturing Nook In The Clouds Feel the Fun
Paradise Adventure Indigo Play Fun And You
Paradise Celebration Jabberwocky Place Fun Forest
Paradise Portal Java Jollies Fun N’ Games
Party Encounters Java Junction Fun Zone
Boys in Jungle Just Imagine FUNATICS
Play Pals Keen Kids Garden & Patches
Playing Grounds Kid Kanteen Kids Konection
Playing Paradise Kiddo Play Palace Kids Spot
Playing Place Kids & Company Kids Wonderland
Rupert’s Kid’s Dreams Land of Awes
Smarty Kids Patch Kids Involved Lattes Of Fun
Smarty Patch Blossom Kids Kingdom Lazy Daze
Space for Pace Little Genius Cafe Learning Garden


Fun Kids Party Name Ideas Business

  • The Party Machine
  • Party Crew
  • The Party Crew
  • Parties Unlimited
  • Rockstar Garden Party
  • A Party Place
  • The Kids Party Place
  • Crazy Kids
  • The Party People
  • Party Animals
  • Party Rites
  • Fairies and Unicorns Dream Party
  • Egg Sculptures
  • Hype Party
  • Todd’s Baby’s
  • Jim’s Party People
  • Party Ideas
  • Pick a Party
  • Monsters Inc.
  • Let’s Party
  • Let’s Celebrate!
  • Celebrate It

How to Create Unique Kid-Friendly Business Names?

A great name is like an elevator speech. You don’t have much time to sell yourself and your product or service. So think about how you’d introduce yourself in one sentence. If you’re selling a product, make it clear what it does and why people should buy it. If you’re offering a service, tell potential customers what problem you’ll solve for them. Then choose a unique name that describes your brand.

You can use tools such as Nameberry to find inspiration. Or simply brainstorm ideas with friends and family. Don’t worry too much about spelling or grammar. Just focus on making the name sound catchy.

Once you’ve settled on a name, write down the word(s) that come to mind when you hear it. This will help you avoid naming conflicts later on. And always check with trademark holders before launching a new business.

1. Choose an Easy Understand Kid-Friendly Business Names

If you are looking for a kid-friendly business name that is easy for kids to pronounce and spell, here are some tips to help you choose one. You want to make it simple for children to remember. And you don’t want your business name to be too long either. So how do you pick a good kid-friendly business name?

Think about what your child might say about your business name out loud. For Example, “The Pizza Place,” “The Ice Cream Shop,” “The Toy Store.” Now, look at those words again. Do they sound like something your child could easily repeat over and over again? If yes, then you’ve got yourself a winner. But if not, keep reading.

Consider the spelling of your business name. Kids love learning how to read, so having a name that reads well is important. This means choosing a name that spells correctly. For instance, if you chose “the pizza place,” chances are your customers won’t know how to spell it. They’ll just see “pizza place”.

Consider the pronunciation of your business name. Children learn quickly, so making sure your business name sounds correct is key. If you’re naming a toy store called “toy shop”, your customers might not realize that it’s pronounced differently than the word “shop.”

Consider the meaning of your business name. Is there anything special about your business that makes it stand out from others? If so, use that information to build into your business name. For example, if your business sells toys, maybe you could call it “Toys ‘R’ Us.” Or if you sell ice cream, maybe you could call your business “Ice Cream World.”

2. Make It Short and Simple

Businesses often spend thousands of dollars on professional logo design, brand identity, and marketing materials. But what happens when you want to change something about your business? Or maybe you just want to update some information on your website. If you’re like most small businesses, you probably don’t have a lot of money to spare on graphic design projects. So how do you make your business look great without breaking the bank?

The answer is simple: You use free tools online. There are dozens of sites where you can find free logos, icons, illustrations, fonts, and even templates for social media posts.

3. Don’t Go for a Funny Name

You shouldn’t go for a funny name because it could hurt your brand. However, there are some exceptions. If you’re just starting out, don’t worry too much about picking a funny name. You’ll probably change it later anyway. But if you already have a product or service that people know, don’t pick a funny name. There are many reasons why you might want to do this, including:

  • People won’t remember your brand.
  • Your customers won’t like your brand.
  • You’ll lose money.
  • You’ll look silly.
  • You’ll end up changing your name.
  • You’ll become known for something else entirely.

4. Try Business Name Generators

There are many business name generators online that offer different kinds of business name suggestions. These tools are designed to help people find the perfect business name for their brand. If you want to come up with a unique business name, there are several options available.

Some of these name generators even let you generate hundreds or thousands of potential business names. They are simple to use and free to experiment with. You don’t need to register to use some of them. However, others require registration because they are paid services. Once registered, you can start generating business names without having to pay anything extra.

5. Finalize Your Business Name

Your business name is one of the most important parts of your brand identity. But it’s easy to overlook the importance of choosing the perfect name for your business. Not only does it reflect what type of business you are, but it also helps customers find you online. If you don’t choose something memorable, people might forget about your business altogether. And that could mean losing out on potential clients.

You might think that naming your business is just a fun exercise. After all, everyone likes to play around with words.

The internet is full of inspiration for business names. Start by searching for similar businesses. You can use tools like Buzzsumo to see how successful companies got their names. For example, HubSpot got its name because it wanted to connect marketers with customers.

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