Are you starting a gift shop? This is one of the most attractive business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for a good breakthrough!

We all have someone who loves to give and receive unique gifts. Are you one of them? You must be looking for cool basket ideas and a beautiful name for a floral business. Before you start the legal documentations, location and list of ideas, the first step in opening your gift basket company is choosing a business name.

The Cutest Gift Shop Names

These are some names for gift baskets:

  • Artsy Wrap Corner
  • Divine Floral
  • Grandma’s Choice
  • Can Guess It?
  • High Five Gifts
  • Joy Inside
  • The Floral Boutique
  • Yours Love Box
  • Secret Gift Shop
  • Nile Gifts
  • Merry Treasures
  • That’s a Wrap
  • The Heart Shop
  • Vogue Floral Shop
  • Wrap & Go
  • Wrapped Heart

What are the rules for naming your business?

While choosing a name for your floral gift shop business ideas, stick to the following points.

  1. Keep it short, simple and memorable.
  2. Be creative, all it needs is a little brainstorming!
  3. State naming guidelines should be kept in mind.
  4. Is your name cute, and sweet enough?
  5. Does your business name have relevance to the services you offer?
  6. Make sure to check trademark availability to avoid trademark conflicts

Well, that’s all you need but don’t worry our inspiring ideas list is long!

Existing Gift Shop Businesses in the US

The following are some of the names being used in the market. You can pick a similar name or just get inspiration from these ideas.

These are some of the gift centers names:

  • Western Nut Company
  • The Popcorn Bag
  • The Flower Market
  • Provo Floral LLC
  • Olive & Cocoa LLC
  • Jensen Floral Inc.
  • Hillside Floral
  • Harry and David
  • Fernwood Candy Co.
  • Executive Baskets
  • Edible Arrangements
  • Delightful Deliveries
  • Campus Floral
  • Beyond Baskets
  • America Basket
  • Always Floral

floral ideas

Looking for attractive basket slogans like names? Let’s dwell on more ideas!

Creative Gift Basket Business Names

Everybody knows that gift-giving makes people smile doesn’t matter they had a rough day. Experience a happy mood with the beautiful world around you while making a passive income! Turn your talent for generosity into a creative business that will generate a good sum of cash for you.

Here are some of the unique names for gift shops:

  • Alpha Clap
  • Arpels Baskets
  • Artsy Antiques
  • Avenue 52 Gifts
  • Averren Baskets
  • Basket Ideas Co.
  • Be Charmed
  • Better Waves
  • Big Jade Florist
  • Black River Ideas
  • Crazy Fibers
  • Berry Bags
  • Blossom Presents
  • Blue cap Florist
  • Happy Strings
  • Boulevard Gifts
  • Brown Paper Packages
  • Charming Treasures
  • Memories Store
  • Clara’s Cupboard
  • Hearts of Gold
  • Heaven Sent
  • Hidden Gem
  • High Five Ideas
  • Holly’s Handmade
  • Hopscotch Toy Shop
  • Just Because Gifts
  • Kiddie Corner
  • Knick Knack Paddy Whack
  • Seashell Souvenirs
  • Lily Pad Homemade
  • Little Ducklings Shop
  • Log Cabin Keepsakes
  • Lots of Love
  • Lyssa’s Florist
  • Made for You
  • Made With Love
  • Magma Bags
  • Main Street Ideas
  • Posh Presents

Finally, you’ll need to choose a lively place with lots of roads and obviously the foot traffic. Ideas shops tend to thrive well in midtown areas, especially when those downtown neighborhoods often have festivities going on! Shopping malls or busy entertainment centers are also places to study. Once you have a cool place, it’s time to start considering gift shop names, if you haven’t already so far!

Vintage gift shop names

These are some of the vintage gift shop names:

  • Smiles for Miles
  • Sunset View Ideas
  • Market of Love
  • Surprises Inside
  • Terri’s Treasures
  • The Flower Pot
  • The Treasure Box
  • The Warm House
  • To You From Me
  • Townsend Bags
  • Treston Treasure
  • Trivia Square
  • Twinkle Trinkets
  • Hillside Watches
  • White Jasmine Boutique
  • Uptown Florist

Let us see the last but not the least ideas.

Gift wrapping business names

These are some of the gift wrapping business names:

  • Smiles and Wishes
  • Well Joy Ideas
  • Red Rose Bags
  • Solid Surprises
  • Jars and Treasures
  • The Coolest Pot
  • My Love Box
  • Heart for Heart
  • Badge of Honor
  • Box Lunch
  • Charming Treasures
  • Earthbound Trading
  • Edge of the Circle
  • Hands of the World
  • Inspire Yellow
  • Made to Inspire

What are your thoughts? Let us know!


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