600+ Conference Room Names Ideas for Your Meeting Room

conference room names at apple are similar to these places

Conference room names should be simple, catchy, and memorable. They should reflect what the brand is about. What are you waiting for? Let’s give you some of the best conference room name ideas.


Conference rooms are essential to running many different types of businesses whether it’s a real estate business, an advertising agency, or a law firm. Therefore, it’s important that the company’s conference room reflects its goals and values.

Conference room names should be short, simple, and easy to pronounce. This is because they don’t get much space on the conference room walls, so it’s better to go for short names.

Fortunately, we’ve created a list of conference room names that will help you make a good impression. Take a look at the list below and find the perfect name for your company’s conference room.

So, without more ado, let’s begin.

Conference Room Names​

  • Ideas Hall
  • Decisions HQ
  • The Conference Space
  • Kickstart Meetings
  • Leaders Think Space
  • Banding Together
  • The Capital City
  • Chromatic Commons
  • Collective IQ
  • Convening Space
  • Cranium Focus
  • Creative Arena
  • Crowd Pleaser
  • Crucial Conference
  • Edge Conference
  • Energy Boost
  • Engagement Center
  • Fellowship Hall
  • Gathering Place
  • Gig Gallery
  • The Steam Room
  • Alpha Room
  • All Arrears
  • Assembly Hall
  • Away Bleachers
  • Banding Together
  • The Batcave
  • Be Biggie
  • Boardroom Bebop
  • Bookworm badge
  • Bored Room
  • Break Up Room
  • Bromance Chamber
  • Carnegie Room
  • Chromatic Commons
  • Collective IQ Room
  • Community Spot
  • Convening Space
  • Cranium Focus
  • Creative Arena
  • Crowd Pleaser
  • Crown Down
  • Dakota Room
  • Dam Square
  • Death Star
  • Decision Accelerator
  • Disappointment Beach
  • Dragonstone
  • Engagement Center
  • Executive Playground
  • Fellowship Hall
  • First World Problems
  • Flatiron Room
  • Gathering Field
  • Gathering Place
  • Germination Potential
  • Gig Gallery
  • Classic Talk
  • Designated Area
  • Organizational Space
  • Local Landmarks
  • Digital Signage
  • Amber
  • Entire Company
  • Strategic Thought
  • Traditional Approach
  • Meeting Spaces
  • Office Space
  • Ginsberg
  • City Hall
  • City Lights
  • Fourth Floor
  • Office Culture
  • Core Values
  • Learning Space
  • Art Director
  • Page One
  • Modern Workspace
  • Interactive Wayfinding
  • Potential Themes
  • Space Utilization
  • Space Travel
  • Tech Leaders

You must know that a business name is important for successful marketing and brand making. Hence, you should take your time and search for appealing, creative, and unique leadership office names.

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conference room names ideas

SpaceX Themes Names

  • John Glenn
  • Neil Armstrong
  • Buzz Aldrin
  • Johannes Kepler
  • Hermann Julius
  • Sergei Pavlovich Korolev

Conference room names at Apple

As you’d expect, Apple Headquarters has a number of very cool, tech-heavy meeting rooms. They have glass-enclosed Meeting Spots. Know more about it here in Apple Gazzite

Inspirational Conference Room Names

  • Hall of Justice
  • Harmony Place
  • Heroes Square
  • Hospitality Hub
  • Harmony Studio
  • Mind Mansion
  • Inspiration Station
  • Motivational Space
  • Huddle Up
  • Ideas Pressure
  • Jammin’ Junction
  • Learning Loft
  • Meet Up & Coffee
  • Harmony Palace
  • Melody Chamber
  • National Lodges
  • Noggin Chamber
  • Noodlin’ Space
  • Options Chamber
  • Romping Room
  • Ronaldo
  • Room for Jello
  • Social Sphere
  • Socialite badge
  • Soul Station
  • Spider Skull Island
  • Swarm badge
  • Team Territory
  • Tempo Territory
  • The Fountain from ‘Friends’
  • The Kitchen Sync
  • The Link
  • The Meet & Greet
  • The Sync
  • This Used To Be a Forest
  • Thunderdome
  • Tiger Woods
  • Tiny House for Big Ideas
  • Toe Tapping Territory
  • Tune Arena
  • Tupac
  • Unavailable
  • Unite Site
  • Unlimited Salad and Breadsticks
  • Vaudeville
  • Vibrato Valley
  • Facilitated Learning Space
  • Vocal Arena
  • Golden Gate
  • Little Things
  • The Earth
  • Red Velvet
  • London
  • Einstein
  • Popular Items
  • Famous Squares
  • Batcave
  • Creative Conference
  • Craft Beer
  • Outlook
  • Davinci
  • Fortune
  • Creative Ideas
  • Space Travel
  • Stark
  • United Nations
  • Food Network
  • Meeting Room
  • Peak Performance
  • Ostrich
  • Bluebird
  • Famous People
  • Small Detail
  • Dumbledore
  • Work Culture
  • Weather Formations
  • Central Park
  • Oakland
  • Popular Cities
  • Wizard
  • Giant
  • John Glenn
  • Cheese

“A true dreamer is one who knows how to navigate in the dark.”
― John Paul Warren

We have tried our best to come up with solid ideas that would help you choose a good name for your firm. Choose the best, choose from these handpicked ideas.

Meeting Room Names

  • Potential Space
  • Torque Meeting Room
  • Equilibrium Space
  • Soul Station
  • Specialist Meetings
  • Pitch Place Toe
  • Pop In
  • Prefrontal Engagement
  • Que Conference
  • Rally Scope
  • Picture Sessions
  • Rappin’ Range
  • Revolution Studio
  • Rockin’ Rocks
  • Social Sphere
  • The Springfield
  • Stars Vault
  • Huddle Up
  • Ideation Zone
  • Indoctrination Location
  • Inspiration Station
  • Jamming Junction
  • John McEnroe
  • King’s Landing
  • King’s Landing
  • Lafayette Square
  • Learning Loft
  • Liberty Square
  • Meet Up
  • Melody Chamber
  • Michael Jordan
  • Mind Expansion Mansion
  • Mos Eisley Cantina
  • My Place or Yours
  • No Diggity
  • Noggin Chamber
  • Noodlin’ Space
  • Ol’ Dirty Bastard
  • Orion Room
  • Photogenic
  • Pitch Place
  • Pontification Station
  • Pop In
  • Prefrontal Engagement
  • Pressure Cooker
  • Rally Room
  • Rapping Range
  • Riverrun
  • Riverrun
  • Rocking Room
  • Meeting Experience
  • Bay Area
  • Bonus Points
  • Potential Client
  • Glen Canyon
  • Grace Hopper
  • Filing Cabinet
  • Slater Tow
  • Secret Weapon
  • Robin
  • Magic Dragon
  • Simpsons
  • Log Cabin
  • Ground Floor
  • Dragonstone
  • Barcelona
  • Famous Astronauts
  • Terminator
  • Buzz Aldrin
  • Washington Heights
  • Easy Orientation
  • Red Velvet
  • Better Meetings

Airbnb’s San Francisco headquarters is among the most unique offices in the world, with conference rooms and meeting spaces meticulously designed to mirror some of the site’s most impressive listings worldwide. (qz)

Motivational Meeting Names

  • Thinking Arena
  • Thinking Space
  • Space Creativity
  • Space Imagined
  • Timely Meetings
  • Tune Arena
  • Unite Site
  • Vaudeville
  • Visionary Vista
  • Vocal Arena
  • Wise Watch
  • Space Creative
  • Space Power
  • The Space Motive
  • Space Critique
  • Chuck Norris
  • Dancy Baby
  • Why Fail
  • Keyboard Cat
  • Leeroy Jenkins
  • Peanut Butter Jelly
  • New York
  • Radio City
  • Chris Rushing
  • Incredible Number
  • Galaxy
  • Business Insider
  • Roman Hall
  • The Sandcastle
  • Seinfeld
  • New Office Space
  • Neil Armstrong
  • Office Filing Cabinet
  • Steve Jobs
  • Fortress of Solitude
  • Albert Einstein
  • David Lee Broth
  • Dothraki Sea
  • Bromance Chamber
  • Elon Musk
  • Tatooine
  • Magma
  • Peach
  • Kerouac

Cool Conference Rooms

  • The Coord Room
  • The Gateway
  • The Ops Room
  • Team Territory
  • Tempo Territory
  • The Kitchen Sync
  • The Link
  • The Meet & Greet
  • The Syncs
  • Employee Happiness
  • John Travolta
  • Call of Duty
  • Hipster Babies
  • Chuck Norris
  • Lannister
  • Larry
  • Canary
  • Foursquare
  • Magic Drag
  • Ada Lovelace
  • Star Wars
  • Oktoberfest
  • Mojito
  • Fleetwood Mac
  • Death Star
  • Simple Survey
  • Venus
  • Life Sciences
  • Winterfell
  • Comic Books
  • Westeros
  • Positive Work
  • Lifesize
  • Austin
  • Raven
  • Ryan Gosling
  • Penguin
  • Empanada
  • Potter

Rules for Naming Your Conference Room

We all need some rules and tools to get smart and unique ideas for our new firms’ conference room. All you need is a little inspiration to choose your brand name!

Remember these things.

  1. Create Guardrails for Brainstorming
  2. Pick a Theme
  3. Make Sure It Scales
  4. Ask Your Colleagues & Employees

Conference tables and place naming have very high competition in the tech industry and you need an excellent name to stand out from others. Follow these tips.

  1. Avoid complex and hard-to-spell words
  2. Don’t pick a word that could be restricting your business growth
  3. Conduct an out-and-out Internet search, read all our ideas
  4. Choose short and meaningful brand words
  5. Check for  Copy or Trademark conflicts
  6. Evaluate if the names are catchy, short, memorable, meaningful, and relevant
  7. Get feedback on the desired words from experts and friends
  8. Make sure you individually like the word is chosen, it should sound great and represent your venture.

Most of the time, people use the following strategy for naming meeting rooms:

  1. Use your own favorite personality and names
  2. You can use light humor words
  3. Rhyming words are good!
  4. Keep it simple and cool
  5. Use your skills and common sense
  6. Brand it after your accessories and tools.

We hope you find your desired names from the above ideas list. What are your thoughts on this? Let’s know in the comments.

How To Choose An Epic Name For Your Conference Room?

The conference room is the most important part of any office, and it’s also one of the hardest to name. It needs to be a great name that will make people remember it for years to come, but not so long that you have to explain it every time someone asks what it is. So how do you choose an epic name for your conference room?

There are many different ways to choose a conference room name. You could use a specific theme or color palette, create a memorable acronym, or give every meeting room a unique nickname. But what do you do when you want to make sure that everyone knows exactly where to go? Do you really need to spell it out?

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common options for naming conference rooms, including how to choose an epic room name for your next conference.

Why Room Naming Is Important

Room naming helps eliminate confusion among multiple areas in an office. In addition, it can be used to make workspaces feel cohesive and inviting. For example, you could use a room name like “The Kitchen,” “The Conference Room,” or “The Breakroom.” This way, people know where to go to find what they’re looking for.

A good room name should evoke positive feelings and emotions. You want to inspire creativity and collaboration. If you think about it, most rooms are named after people. Think about how much better it feels to work in a space named after someone you admire or respect.

Contributes To Company Culture

Your room names should reflect your brand’s culture. If you want to attract employees who are passionate about your product, it helps to make sure that everyone feels like they belong to a family. When we work together, we become part of something bigger than ourselves. Room names are one way to do this. They should include words that describe what the space does, such as “kitchen,” “conference room,” and “meeting room.” These words tell us how the space fits into the larger picture.

A creative name makes people feel as though they belong to a team, which leads to greater productivity. This is especially important for remote teams where people don’t interact face-to-face. In addition to making people feel like they’re a part of something bigger, room names should also communicate a sense of fun. People love to laugh, so having silly names will encourage them to come up with ideas and play around. Think of the best room names you’ve ever heard. What did they say? Did they sound like they belonged to a team?

Creative room naming will help build stronger company cultures. By creating unique names for each room, you’ll give your employees a chance to show off their creativity. You might even find yourself coming up with some great names yourself.

Helps Build An Inclusive Workplace

Room names aren’t just about making sure everybody feels included; they’re also about building an inclusive workplace. “We want to make sure we are creating a culture where people feel comfortable,” says Sarah Houghton, director of diversity and inclusion at Microsoft. “If you come into a room and there are no pictures of women or people of color, it makes it harder for someone to identify themselves.”

When people don’t understand what something means, they won’t participate in its creation. “I think it’s important to start with the basics,” says Houghton. “You might say ‘This is our meeting space,’ and then add things like ‘and we call it the conference room.’ But if I’m in the room and I ask myself ‘What does this mean?’ I’ll probably ask questions like ‘Why do we use the word conference?'”

Guidelines For Effective Room Naming

Room naming is one of those things that seems like it shouldn’t matter too much, but actually does. If you’re looking to make sure that people are able to find what they want quickly and easily, you’ll want to follow some basic guidelines.

The best way to do this is to think about the purpose of each room in your hotel. In most cases, there’s probably a reason why it exists. You might have a restaurant, a bar, a conference center, etc. And while you don’t necessarily need to name rooms based on their function, it helps to keep things organized.

If you’re having trouble coming up with names, try thinking about how people talk about the room itself. Is it called “the lobby”? Or maybe “the ballroom”. Maybe “the dining area.” Whatever you come up with, stick to that throughout your entire property.

And remember, you don’t always need to use words. Sometimes, numbers work just fine. So if you’re trying to differentiate between different meeting spaces, consider something like “Meeting Room Alpha”, “Meeting Room Bravo”, etc.

Pick A Theme

Theme selection is one of those things that seems like it shouldn’t matter much, but really does. When you pick a theme, you are essentially picking out a color scheme for your entire hotel experience. You want to make sure that everything matches — whether that’s the colors of your walls, furniture, bedding, etc. — because consistency is key.

If you choose a theme that isn’t fitting for your property, guests might feel confused about where they are staying. And even worse, some guests may find themselves feeling uncomfortable.

So, it’s important to know what themes work best for different types of properties. Here are our favorite picks for each type of property.

Hotels With Kids In Mind

If you have kids in mind while choosing a theme, think about how you can incorporate kid-friendly elements into your design without making the space too busy. For example, if you plan to have a pool area, consider adding fun toys and games to give the space a playful vibe.

If you plan to offer activities such as arts & crafts, music lessons, or sports leagues, think about incorporating bright colors and patterns to keep the space lighthearted.

Hotels Designed To Be Social

Social spaces tend to be lively, vibrant places. They often feature lots of natural lighting and plenty of seating options. Think about ways you can add social elements to your space, such as having a bar stocked with snacks or drinks, or offering free Wi-Fi access. This way, guests can connect with friends and family while enjoying their stay.

Business Travelers Needing Quiet Space

When selecting a theme for your quiet space, try to avoid anything that could distract guests from their work. Avoid loud colors and patterns, as well as loud sounds. Instead, opt for muted tones and calming designs. Also, don’t forget to include a comfortable chair or couch. These items will help guests relax and focus during their stay.

Ensure Scalability

Choosing a theme is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when building a WordPress site. Choosing the wrong theme could mean losing visitors, customers, and money. In fact, choosing the wrong theme could cost you up to 50% of your profits. But what makes a good theme? What do you look for? And how do you know whether it’s worth spending $100+ on a premium theme? Let’s answer those questions.

Choose themes that are scalable. If you’re starting out, you don’t want to invest in a theme that won’t scale well. You might think “I’m just getting started, I can afford to spend $100.” Well, yes, you can afford to spend $50. Or even $20. But if you start off investing in a theme that doesn’t scale well, you’ll end up having to pay for upgrades every single month. This isn’t sustainable over the long term. So choose a theme that’s scalable.

Make sure there aren’t too many limitations. Most people go into a theme selection process thinking that they’ll find a free theme that does everything they need. Don’t fall into this trap. There are plenty of great free themes out there, but they usually come with limitations.

Ask For Employee Input

Employees are often overlooked when it comes to making important decisions. In fact, many companies don’t even ask them what they think about certain topics. This is why you must include your employees in the decision-making process.

They know your business better than anyone else and could offer some great insight into how things should be done. By asking for employee input, you’ll be able to make smarter decisions and improve your bottom line.

Get Creative With Your Room Naming

Room naming is one of those things that seems like it should be easy, but turns out to be quite difficult. You want something unique that people remember, but you don’t want to use a keyword because you’ll end up getting penalized by Google. And you certainly don’t want a generic term like “room” or “guest bedroom” because nobody wants to book rooms named “the guest bedroom.” So what do you do?

The answer is simple: mix themes. There are tons of different ways to combine themes into a single room name, including matching colors, patterns, textures, and even animals.

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