If you are starting a book club, the most important thing to consider is the coolest book club name to attract people.

It is the first opportunity to make your club a brand. A perfect brand should tell people about your expertise, capabilities, and reliability! 

Most of the time, people look for short, memorable, and evergreen titles for book club names. Make sure you pick the right name for your club. 

Just like those bookkeeping business ideas we are going to suggest some of the coolest book club description ideas for your new startup. Let’s do it.

These are some of the coolest book club names:

  • The Wise Words
  • Innovations to Read
  • Classical Literary Circle
  • Lovers of Riddles
  • Magnificent Pages
  • The Page Turners
  • Poetry Buffs
  • Prose for Pros
  • The Artistic Society
  • Your Fantasy Realm
  • The Lady Club
  • Sources for Critics
  • Power of Words
  • The Phantom
  • Link to Fantasy
  • Read and Write

Naming a reading area isn’t really an easy task when you see inspiring ideas everywhere. What is your theme for it? Book reading is kind of old fashioned now. So, there must be good research on it.

Jokes apart, light humor could be utilized in your startup branding!

Inspiring Book Club Names

Some of the inspiring book club names are as follows:

  • A Book a Month
  • Ancient Pages
  • Before Time
  • Best Bounded
  • Between The Lines
  • Bookmarked
  • Bookworms
  • Bounce Back
  • Bound to Read
  • Bountiful Reads
  • Breathtaking Read
  • Chapter One

Remember these things while choosing a beautiful name!

  1. Do some good brainstorming
  2. Pick a great theme
  3. Make sure it scales
  4. Ask your friends to give you ideas!

Let’s continue with more branded matches.

Feminist Book Club Names

Some of the feminist book club names are as follows:

  • Hermione’s Army
  • Ladies Corner
  • Literary Ladies
  • Between the Covers
  • Black Dots
  • Crazy Eight
  • Deadly Divas
  • Enveloped Dickinson
  • Flaming Desire
  • Flattery Words
  • Happy Bookers
  • Maggie Magic Books
  • Magical Coleridge
  • Paradise of Pursuit
  • Party Girls
  • Peppy Ladies
  • Raging Readers
  • Readers Delight
  • Readers Dozen
  • Red Hat Readers
  • Rustic Frost
  • Soccer Moms
  • Soul Sistas

Book club names suggestions

Catchy Names for Reading Programs

These are some of the most catchy names for reading programs around:

  • Chapters Galore
  • Creative Minds
  • Crown Readers
  • The Dim Pages
  • Smart & Enthusiasts
  • Fabulous Seven
  • Fairy Words
  • Fiction Fanatics
  • The Fiction Fiends
  • Fiction Freaks
  • Fireside Chats
  • Frequent Readers
  • Gather ‘Round
  • Gents Who Read
  • Gifted eyes
  • Grateful Gatherings
  • Great minds
  • Group of Scholars
  • Happy Readers

Apart from all these activities, you wish that your newly started library develops a connection that is associated with the members of your group, which means coming up with a precise club name for your idea.

Library Book Club Names

These are the most charming and inspiring library book club names ever created.

  • The Horizon Library
  • Ideal Words
  • The Readers Club
  • Library Liftoff
  • Literary Legends
  • Millennial Palace
  • Monthly Readers
  • Next Chapter
  • Novel Devotees Club
  • Novel Enthusiasts
  • Obsessed Readers
  • Rational Thinkers Lab
  • Read to Live
  • Read Together
  • Reading Rabbits
  • Soul Readers

Ernest Hemingway once said, “There is no friend as loyal as a book.”

We have tried our best to come up with solid library book club ideas that would help you choose a good name! Choose the best, choose from these handpicked ideas.

Modern Library Names

These are modern library book club names for entrepreneurs:

  • Uncut Diamonds
  • Divine Eyes
  • Dare to Dream
  • The Discussion Table
  • The Gossip Room
  • The Reading Crew
  • The Reading Pals
  • The Scholarly Collective
  • Word Magicians
  • Words that Bleeds
  • Work Nerds
  • Young Readers
  • Zeal Thoughts Club
  • Zeal Readers
  • Bubbies with Covers
  • Cranial Crunch

How to Name Your Book Club?

Usually, people use the below strategy for creating book club business names:

  • Use your favorite names
  • You can use light humor that puts a smile on the face.
  • Rhyming words are too good!
  • Keep it simple and cool
  • Use your skills and common sense
  • Brand it after your books.

To withstand such high competition in the bookstores market, it would take some good business planning and serious marketing strategies. The first and most important step is to name your book club in the right way. Here are some tips to name your books shop:

1. Define your niche

What kind of books will be there? What will your prices be? Why should people choose your book center, not your competitors?

Make a book club plan and name your company according to these terms and conditions.

If you already know what your target market is, you need to find a catchy name for it. This leads you to more specific customers.

2. Keep it short, simple, and creative.

Short and simple names tend to become brands within a short period of time. There is not only logic to back up this statement, but also the examples. Check out the most popular bookstores that have made millions.

So you need to make the name of your bookstore a little creative, but keep it short and simple.

3. Keep your future goals in mind.

You have to keep in mind the expansion opportunities. Be specific at the start but there must be room for ideas and expansions.

So always make a list of your goals and to do’s and never choose a company name that will limit your business. Otherwise, you may need to change it in the future. So why choose at all?

4. Get a domain name.

A domain name is required to create a website—for online presence. It is very important to have an online presence in order to attract more customers. In addition to your social media pages, it is also important to reach some customers through search engines like Google.

5. Finalize your business name.

Make sure to check the availability of your book club name before finalizing it.


Book club names have very high competition in the industry and you need an excellent name to stand out in the heavy crowd. Follow these tips.

  • Avoid complicated and hard-to-spell words
  • Don’t pick a word that could be limiting your market growth
  • Conduct an out-and-out Internet search, read all our ideas
  • Choose a short and meaningful brand words
  • Check for copy or trademark conflicts
  • Evaluate if the names are catchy, short, memorable, meaningful, and relevant
  • Get feedback on the desired words from experts and friends
  • Make sure you personally like the idea.

We hope you find your desired library name from the above ideas list. What are your thoughts on this? Let’s know in the comments!