7 Personality Traits of a Great Leader

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Leaders are not born, they are made. Anybody can be a leader if they are willing to be. Every successful business and entrepreneurship requires a leader that takes a team of ordinary people and helps them elevate their skills and qualities. A leader is one that is responsible for the success as well as failure of its team. If you are determined to be a leader, then you might learn a thing or two for these traits we gathered from people that are providing a strong leadership to their organization.


1.  Be bold, not a bully

To achieve greatness you must learn to be bold. Leaders are required to be bold. They should be able to take charge are make bold decisions. To must prepare yourself to face all the hardships that come in the way. If you are ready to take all the credit of the success, then be bold enough to take the fall of the failure.

2.Be strong, not impolite

It is good to be strong and headfast. You should be able to be strong enough to get people to listen to you. Your personality should reflect confidence and boldness. If you have teams working under you then conduct yourself in a manner that they are influenced by you. Being strong is good but being rude will set you on a disadvantage. Always keep your tone in-check that your strong attitude is not turned in rude attitude.

3.Be proud, not arrogant

The key to success is that you should be able to take pride in your work. Whatever you do, do it with pride. Take pride in your ambitions, in your capabilities and your goals. If you present yourself with pride, then others will also see you for what you are. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to come off as an arrogant person. People generally despise arrogance and do not respect such people.

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4.Be kind, not weak

People often think kindness is weakness. Well, the truth is that it isn’t. Be kind always, it represents who you are. People tend to trust people who are kind, be patient enough to listen your team’s problems. Show them empathy and humanity. Play it the right way and you will be on your way to be that inspiring leader that you want to be.

5.Develop your humor without folly

Being humorous and lighthearted is good. People tend to open up with you more comfortably. In leadership it is considered good to have a funny bone as if reflect confidence. Be witty not silly. Just don’t let go of balance as some people may start to not take you seriously.

6.Be realistic

Be as close to reality as you can. It will save you from future consequences. The more you have a realistic idea of your capabilities and skills the more realistic goals you will set for yourself. Delusion will only hinder your growth of success. Being a leader requires you set realistic future goals as it will help it more achievable. Realistically accept things as they are and make the best of it.

7.Be humble, not timid

If being a good leader is your goal then also remember this. People respect those who respect them. In any scenario, it’s a give and take relation. If you want that your teams looks up to you and respects you, then take extra effort to give them respect in return. Whether your employees are younger than you or elder, they deserve respect. Be compassionate towards them. Do not treat them as your servants instead treat them as a part of your team. Make them feel important and a valuable asset of your organization.

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