Yarn Business Names: 600+ Amazing knitting Business Names

yarn business names

If you are looking for a name for your yarn business, you should be creative and look to create a name that will be memorable and reflects the type of product or service that you are providing. If you are more of a traditionalist, you may find inspiration in knitting terms to your yarn business names.


The name of your business is the first thing people will notice about you, and believe it or not, it can make or break your chances of success. The key to finding the right name for your business is to think about what you want your business to be.

There are many ways to come up with ideas for your yarn business. One great way is to be creative and think of something that has to do with yarn, the colors, the fibers, or the process of making the yarn. Let’s give you the best yarn business names.

Yarn Business Names

These are good yarn business names:

  • Purple Weaving
  • Sterne Yarn
  • White Wadmol
  • Cotton Candy
  • Garter Stitch
  • Bright Bead Pro
  • Draw Pro
  • The Wet
  • The Knitting Hen
  • Knotty Knitters
  • Knit N’ Bake
  • Knit-Kniff
  • Fusing Knit Stitch
  • Close Rumple
  • Double Crumple
  • The Tangled
  • Mighty Knits
  • Grey Textile
  • Warm Wadmol
  • Next Draw
  • Extra Weaving
  • The Synthetic Woolen
  • Stitches
  • Bright Woolen
  • Sip, Knit, And Soak
  • Firm Knit Stitch
  • Pink Knits
  • The Irish Yarn
  • Firm Knitwork
  • Loose Yarn
  • Blue Weaving
  • The Loose
  • Fusing Rumple
  • Spun Hair
  • Long Fabric
  • Screwy Knits
  • Torn Yarn
  • Foreign Weaving
  • Purple Yarn
  • Thick Carder
  • Heavy Basalt
  • Metallic Yarn
  • Cotton Weaving
  • Crochet Nation
  • Knitnations
  • Isabelle’s Jewelry
  • The Hand
  • Stitched Pro
  • Warm Basalt
  • The Ply
  • Elliot Knits
  • Knitting Needles
  • The Good Narrative
  • Knitters Anonymous
  • Persian Fabric
  • The Closely Stitched
  • Metallic Narrative
  • The Next Stitched
  • The Washed
  • Well Plain Pro
  • The Thick
  • The Elastic Thread
  • Knit-A-Dor
  • Pucker Pro
  • The Scarlett
  • Mixed Weaving
  • Double Entwine
  • The Knitting Shop
  • Knitting Patterns
  • Knitwitch
  • Yellow Yarn Dyed
  • Royal Fern Yarn
  • Irish Tale
  • The Merry
  • Pink Bead
  • Bited Knits
  • Sauterne Yarn
  • Knit Together
  • Forlorn Yarn
  • The Firm Plain Stitch
  • Liz’s Knits
  • The General Rumple
  • The Well Pucker
  • English Horn Yarn
  • Knitting Your Own
  • Tria’s Hugs

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yarn company names

Yarn Store Names

Here are yarn store names ideas:

  • Universal Stitched
  • Double Draw
  • French Horn Yarn
  • Fusing Knit Stitch Pro
  • The Filament Recital
  • Wrap with Love
  • Stitches and Hooks
  • Enough Story
  • Pure Wool
  • The Red Hair
  • Elizabeth’s Elixirs
  • The Next Rumple
  • Knitters Nook
  • The Closely
  • The Firm Pucker
  • Crochet Knits
  • Knitting Chicks
  • Stitches And Knits
  • The Universal Draw
  • Dry Wool
  • The White Narrative
  • Knitting Nook
  • Lamagis
  • The Long
  • Rainbow Knitting
  • Knitting City
  • Threaded
  • Yellow Fabric
  • Closely Pucker
  • Woolly Wonders
  • Knitting Plagiarist
  • Dark Shirt
  • Anthropologie
  • Sue Knits
  • The Gray Textile
  • Wellborn Yarn
  • Stitch Studio
  • The General
  • Stitch It Together
  • The Hand Crumple
  • Knitting Bar
  • Hooked Knits
  • Extra Narration
  • The Penelope Purls
  • Washed Shirt
  • The Universal Rumple
  • Knitting Dreams
  • All About Yarn
  • The Knitter’s Room
  • The Closely Pucker
  • Undyed Shirt
  • The Fusing Pucker
  • Yarn Creamery
  • Knitted Delights
  • English Fleece Pro
  • Close Pucker
  • The Sterile
  • Plain Pro
  • Knitted By Lucy
  • Glass Yarn
  • Grown Wool
  • Wet Shirt
  • Closely Knitwork Pro
  • Purl Primitives
  • The Plied Thread
  • Knitting Ventures
  • Gingerbread House
  • The Knit Wits
  • Textured Wool
  • Yellow Thread
  • Loose Fabric
  • Made Yarn
  • Entwine
  • The Raw
  • Lightweight Yarn
  • Loose Entwine
  • Close Entwine
  • Washed Woolgrower
  • Scarlet Hair
  • Mourn Yarn
  • Stitches N Scon
  • The Much
  • Wood Wave
  • Washed Woolfell
  • Garden Of Yarn
  • Laurence King

Knitting Names

Let’s see these beautiful knitting names:

  • Happy Knits
  • Dream Knitting
  • Stronger Bead
  • Loose Stitched Pro
  • The Lightweight
  • Well Plain Stitch Pro
  • Multifilament Textile
  • Merry Bead Pro
  • Cheap Wool
  • Raw Carder
  • Quill Quilts
  • The Fusing
  • The Double
  • Knitting and Purl
  • Firm Entwine
  • Domestic Wool
  • Closely Plain
  • The Stronger
  • Tooth Knitting
  • Grey Tale
  • Double Rumple
  • White Woolfell
  • Knit Biz
  • The Single Narrative
  • Dad Knits
  • Entwine Pro
  • Cheeky Knitting
  • Knitting On Pools
  • Loose Knit Stitch
  • Boot Camp Knits
  • Tangled Fabric
  • The Strieber
  • Well Stitched
  • Daffodil Knitting
  • Knitting Krafts
  • The Bulky Narrative
  • Knit To Please
  • Needlecraft
  • Soft Carder Pro
  • Purple Wool
  • Grandma’s Knitting Basket
  • Bulky Narration
  • The Damp

Knitting Brand Names

Choose from these knitting brand names:

  • Crazy Cat Knits
  • Fuzzy Mittens Knit Shop
  • Closely Entwine
  • Petit Knits
  • Knots and Needles
  • The Irish
  • Knits ‘N Licks
  • Elegant Knits
  • The Heavier
  • Next Knit Stitch
  • Knitsity Knits
  • Hand Pucker
  • Faux Knit
  • Kick Turn Yarn
  • Light Bead
  • Return Yarn
  • The Fusing Crumple
  • Stitch It Quick
  • Worsted Wool
  • The Pink
  • The Loose Hair
  • Knitting Inn
  • Knitshop
  • The Knitting Neophyte
  • Indian Wool
  • White Woolen
  • White Yarn
  • Close Knitwork
  • The Finer Shirt
  • Honeybear Knits
  • Count Thread Pro
  • Treasure Stitchery
  • English Fleece
  • Mixed Yarn
  • The Green
  • The Light Bead
  • The Foreign
  • The Synthetic
  • General Pucker
  • Firm Entwine Pro
  • Spun Wool
  • The Much Shirt
  • No Knit

Clever Knitting Names

Look at these clever knitting names:

  • Leather Knits
  • The Well Stitched
  • Soft Narrative
  • Knit Wits
  • Reborn Yarn
  • The Grown
  • Grown Shirt
  • The Universal
  • The Double Knit Stitch
  • Boom! Boom!
  • The Finer Narrative
  • Indian Yarn
  • Washed Wave
  • Wet Weaner
  • Purple Hues
  • Darn Good Yarn
  • The Hand Knit Stitch
  • Chestnut Hill Chunky
  • Thick Shirt
  • The Mixed
  • The General Knit Stitch
  • Knitting Addict
  • Verne Yarn
  • Firm Rumple
  • Knixtitude
  • Denial
  • Yellow Narration
  • The Red
  • Woolful
  • Next Rumple
  • Looping With Taps
  • Pretty Knits
  • The Spontoon
  • The Purple Woolen
  • Knitting Club
  • Plain Stitch
  • Green Weaving
  • Crazy Knitters
  • The Silky
  • Knitter Kouture
  • Dry Shirt Pro
  • Yarnopolis
  • Heavy Narrative

Knitting Business Names

You can see these knitting business names for ideas:

  • The Close Draw
  • Finer Weaving
  • The Knitters’ Corner
  • The Soft Recital
  • Heavy Yarn
  • The Closely Knit Stitch
  • Warm Wall
  • Knit Happens
  • Ginny’s Guiltless Glamour
  • Gray Thread
  • Knit Store
  • Crochet Always
  • Pink Story
  • Compass Knitting
  • Domestic Shirt
  • White Weaving Pro
  • The Twisted
  • Dangerously Double
  • Yarn And Soul
  • English
  • Tree Fern Yarn
  • The Greasy
  • Tangled Narration
  • The Scarlet
  • The Sufficient
  • Climbing Fern Yarn
  • Lavish Lace
  • Scoured Hair
  • Lena’s Lace
  • Walking Fern Yarn
  • Plied Bead
  • The Light
  • Fusing Pucker
  • Gray Yarn
  • English Woolen
  • The Plied
  • Good Narration
  • Alices Knitique
  • Fabric Pro
  • Thin Carder
  • Jolly Jades
  • Worsted Weaner
  • Loose Draw
  • Add More
  • The Wood
  • Wood Woolfell
  • English Woolen Pro
  • Well Plain Stitch
  • Yarn Stories
  • The Mingled
  • Firm Knitwork Pro
  • Knit-N-More
  • Unborn Yarn
  • Joys In Yarn
  • The Pure
  • Loose Rumple
  • Thread Pro
  • Washed Weaner
  • Dot Knitting
  • Yellow Yards
  • Light Narrative
  • The Heavier Thread
  • The White
  • Knittease
  • Thin Recital
  • The Domestic
  • Knitwits
  • Joint Return Yarn
  • Frayer Knits
  • Socks For Heroes
  • The Firm Crumple
  • Glitz & Glam
  • Dag Knits
  • Merry Yarn
  • Closely Draw
  • The Spun
  • Artificial Shirt
  • Modern Yarn
  • Artificial Fleece
  • Purple Purl
  • Loose Knit
  • Knitting Snowogle
  • Warn Yarn
  • Stem Turn Yarn
  • Loose Pucker
  • The Yellow Shirt

Catchy Knitting Names

Following are catchy knitting names:

  • Purple Knits
  • The Spun Woolen
  • A Stitch in Time
  • Stitch Therapy
  • Felted Hair Pro
  • Knit and Post
  • Light Narration
  • Hairpin Knits
  • Knit Stitch Pro
  • The Purple
  • Smooth Yarn
  • Knit-Twine
  • Kwikknit
  • Knit ‘Em
  • Jetts
  • The Hand Entwine
  • Knitknit
  • Stitchnthread
  • The Double Stitched
  • Hand Knitwork
  • Close Plain
  • The Warm
  • Knit Picks
  • Loose Plain
  • Lightweight Woolen
  • Beirns Design
  • The Novelty
  • The General Pucker
  • The Fine Story
  • Purl Up And Knit
  • Forknit
  • Pink Basalt
  • Wicked Knits
  • Hearth And Home
  • Kitten Knits
  • Native Yarn
  • Berryblue Knits
  • Whimsy
  • Fine Textile
  • The Grey
  • Sheep Knitters
  • Turn Yarn
  • Cheap Textile

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How to name your business?

Naming your business is more than a decision of preference or creative inspiration. There’s some strategy that goes into it to make sure that the name of your business reflects your brand, your products, and your goals. A good name is the result of strategic thinking and consideration.

Our branding experts will help you come up with the business names ideas to attract potential customers with right marketing and branding. Before you settle on a name, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Start with brainstorming names ideas.
  • Creativity is the key.
  • Make a list of business names.
  • Know the keywords.
  • Analyze different names for branding purpose.
  • Know the meaning of the name.
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Look at other businesses in the industry.
  • Know the searchability and popularity of the name.
  • Know the availability of the domain name.
  • The availability of the name on social networks.
  • Get feedback from friends and family.

How to Make Yarn Business Names?

Let’s give you the best step-by-step guide to name your knitting business.

Start with Brainstorming Ideas

The first step in making your next big brand is to think about it. Think about your market, target audience and potential clients. Make a list of names ideas.

Brainstorming ideas forces you to think of the most inventive ideas and make sure that you have memorable ideas that others will want to see. It also encourages you to pick keywords that are targeted towards specific industries, and to include those keywords in your drafts.

Finding the Gaps in Market

What are your competitors doing? Know them. Know their products and services. They must have weak spots and strong points. Provide something better than them.

Finding the gaps between your products and services can help you find traction in a marketplace full of other aspiring startups. You can use your product roadmap to find these gaps and provide non-intimidating alternatives for your customers.

Ask Branding Experts

If you are having a hard time with knitting business names, we are always there for premium support and help.

Branding experts are known for being brutally honest. They know that if they say something, they must make it stick. They’re serious about getting their message across.

Luckily, there’s a huge network of branding experts that can fill you in and give you advice when you get stuck (we know a lot of them personally!)

Arrange Brand Naming Contests

A popular marketing strategy that many startups use is naming contests. The purpose of a naming contest is to decide on a brand or product name. The key here is the important role that social media plays in deciding on the winner.

Creativity Matters

When creating a knitting business name, you must have creative flair. In order to make your business stand out, you need something memorable and unique.

Of course, this is an important thing, but aside from that there are many more things you need to remember before naming your company such as, the spelling of the company name, the spelling of the title of the business and like I said in the previous paragraph, which is little acronym you will end up with after these things are done.

Pay Attention to Keywords

Pay attention to keywords in your business name that people type into Google when they are looking for that kind of place. Choose a name that reflects the types of businesses that you operate, but make sure it isn’t too long, because shorter names can have the same results.

The name of your yarn business is what your Google Ads or AdWords will be tied to.

Check Domain Name Availability

Before you go into business, do some research on the domain name availability. Make sure that there are no problems such as expired registrars, dodgy third parties or over-exposed registrations.

Get Feedback for Knitting Business

Get feedback on your knitting business name to make sure it really is perfect. The earlier you get feedback on your business name the earlier you can watch your brand and business grow.

Your business name is how people find you online. Having an easy to say, memorable yarn business name helps customers and potential clients remember where they can find you.

Choosing a name that’s unique will also help you stand out from the competition. Get some opinions and feedback on your business name before you choose it.


Choosing the right name for your knitting business is an important decision. This would be the first asset that potential clients would see on your website, so it is crucial that it communicate your theme effectively.

A straightforward, professional kntting name might be a good choice for someone building their business, but if you are rebranding or want to create a brand new company, a more creative name would be a better option.

Yarn Business Names FAQs

These are frequently asked questions about yarn business names.

What are some unique knitting business names?

  • Purple Weaving
  • Sterne Yarn
  • White Wadmol
  • Cotton Candy
  • Garter Stitch
  • Bright Bead Pro
  • Draw Pro
  • The Wet
  • The Knitting Hen
  • Knotty Knitters
  • Knit N’ Bake
  • Knit-Kniff
  • Fusing Knit Stitch

What are some catchy knitting company names?

  • Mighty Knits
  • Grey Textile
  • Warm Wadmol
  • Next Draw
  • Extra Weaving
  • The Synthetic Woolen
  • Bright Woolen
  • Firm Knit Stitch
  • Pink Knits
  • The Irish Yarn
  • Firm Knitwork

What are some clever knitting names?

  • Heavy Basalt
  • Metallic Yarn
  • Cotton Weaving
  • Crochet Nation
  • Isabelle’s Jewelry
  • Warm Basalt
  • Knitting Needles
  • Persian Fabric
  • The Closely Stitched
  • Metallic Narrative
  • The Next Stitched

How do I choose a name for my knitting business?

Choosing a knitting business name can be difficult. If you plan on opening your own yarn shop or knitting business, you’ll need a name that’s both easy to pronounce and easy to remember.

What are some creative knitting shop names?

  • Knitters Nook
  • Crochet Knits
  • Knitting Chicks
  • Knitting Nook
  • Rainbow Knitting
  • Knitting City
  • Yellow Fabric
  • Closely Pucker
  • Woolly Wonders
  • Knitting Plagiarist
  • Dark Shirt

What are some knitting terms?

  • Wellborn Yarn
  • Stitch Studio
  • Stitch It Together
  • Knitting Bar
  • Hooked Knits
  • Extra Narration
  • Knitting Dreams
  • All About Yarn
  • The Knitter’s Room

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