Waxing Company Names: 600+ Best Waxing Business Names

waxing company names for you

There are many qualities that come to mind when you think of a perfect waxing company name; fun, catchy, attractive, others-centric, professional, and more. In order to come to a list of possible names for your company, there are many things to know.


Find a word that has an association with the product or service you provide. Consider the target market for your business and choose a name that will be appropriate for them. Look for a word with a positive meaning and attach it to your company’s name.

If you find yourself struggling with coming up with a name, brainstorm different words or phrases and try combining them to see what you get. Let’s help you with the best waxing company names.

Pain: You need a company name that tells people what you do and what your values are.
Agitate: You’ve tried and tried but you can’t come up with a name that suits you.
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Waxing Company Names

These are waxing company names:

  • The Bare Peach
  • Primp Perfect
  • Wax Season
  • Personal Touch
  • Smooth as Silk
  • Glow Bare
  • Eve’s Pick
  • Stars Face
  • Carla Crave
  • Bare Essentials
  • MakeUp
  • Gorgeous Bare
  • WaxingGlobal
  • FacialWax
  • BrowBare
  • Waxing Solutions
  • BodyWax
  • EternalLines
  • MeltingEye
  • Cheeky
  • BareWax
  • PoreFreeze
  • HairOn Fire Waxing Company
  • Wax Worx
  • Perfectly Smooth
  • BeautyBrow
  • Waxaddiction
  • TouchPerfect
  • Waxing Bee
  • Face Tribe
  • Gorilla Salad
  • Eden Aesthetics
  • DelightfulWaxing
  • RealHair
  • Sweet Cheeks
  • Njoy Wax
  • Tender Touch
  • Center of Skin
  • LipWow
  • Waxresort
  • CloseUp
  • Pelleon
  • Sunrise
  • WaxWay
  • WaxFix
  • PrimeWax
  • Pelle
  • Eden
  • Flawless Facials
  • Wax On
  • SkinFix
  • Beauty Corner
  • WaxingCo
  • Hairdown
  • Styles
  • Art of Wax
  • WaxingLocal
  • Daringly Beautiful
  • Waxing
  • Calm
  • Essentially Waxed
  • Mont Rouge
  • Smooth Lines
  • Maximum Wax
  • My Waxing Guys
  • WaxHouse
  • Haute
  • Max Out Wax
  • Momma’s Salon
  • Studio Beaute
  • Eye Bleach
  • CocoRskin
  • Belle and Brow
  • HoneeWax
  • Venus Beauty Centre
  • WaxZ
  • Soles
  • Surreal Esthetics
  • Wax Away
  • Naked Face
  • Bare Inspiration
  • One Skin
  • BeeWax
  • Wax Work
  • Fleek by Kourtney
  • Supreme Smooth

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Waxing Business Names

Here are some good waxing business names:

  • Tan Perfection
  • Aloe Peel
  • Charm Wax
  • Wax Pros
  • Bare Beauty
  • Wax Boutique
  • Bare Bull
  • Tulip Spa
  • Whitestone
  • Naturally Brazilian
  • Facial Fanatic
  • Doves Spa
  • Mad Wax
  • Cleanskin
  • Naturale Beauty Spot
  • Cosmetic Wax
  • Glow and Tell
  • Honey Wax
  • LumeWax
  • Silhouette
  • Wax in the City
  • Eden Wax
  • Stylely
  • The Brazil Room
  • Harry Styles
  • Wax Off
  • WaxBloom
  • EyeStyles
  • Entice Studio
  • Alabaster Wax
  • Artisan Waxing
  • Blush
  • MakeupGone
  • Max Wax
  • Refined Removal
  • Smooth Move
  • MakeupLash
  • Embrace Esthetics
  • Belle Beauty Wax
  • WaxShave
  • BikiniBelle
  • Brazilian Glow
  • SkinTouch
  • To The Wax
  • Shine
  • WaxWing
  • Bare Solutions
  • Reveal Esthetics
  • Bare Necessities Waxing
  • Skinclear
  • Hard Wax
  • WaxBarre
  • Smooth Salutations
  • Lasting Polish
  • Tiko
  • Silk Impressions
  • LavaWax
  • Sleek on Fleek
  • Poreless
  • The Waxographer
  • Big City Waxing
  • Golden Arch
  • Lashes
  • Skintika
  • Removal Magic
  • Worldwide Wax
  • PocketWax
  • Waxfanatic
  • Brow for Brow
  • Wax Harmony
  • FaceWax
  • Elegantly Smooth
  • Body Glow Studio
  • Regulated Removal
  • Wax Works
  • PrimeLines
  • Artful Skin
  • Removal Boutique
  • Blessed Body
  • Body Line
  • Refresh Beauty
  • Raising Eyebrows
  • MakeOver
  • Get Smooth
  • Waxing Galore
  • Waxeria

waxing room ideas

Waxing Professional Names

Let’s see these waxing professional names:

  • Beauty Bar
  • Extra Care
  • Honey Do
  • Wax Pro
  • Soft Kitty
  • Hairtiful
  • Redefine Her
  • Brow Gals
  • Chic Face
  • All Shave
  • Super Smooth
  • SkinLayers
  • Willow Facials
  • WaxingPal
  • Scrub
  • Glow
  • Expression Bar
  • Tame
  • Expose
  • The Wiser
  • Hair in the Face
  • Elite Faces
  • Sugary
  • SmoothSkin
  • PeaceEn
  • Wax Company
  • Bare Hands
  • Twinkle
  • Wax Solutions
  • Smooth Secrets
  • Smooth
  • Clean Impressions
  • Dream Esthetics
  • Skincare
  • Bold And Bare
  • Ravishing Removal
  • NoHair
  • PerfectHair
  • Thread
  • Beauty Boutique
  • Bare Removal
  • Fade
  • Wipeout
  • BodyBotanicals
  • Face Sugar
  • Bare Wax Room
  • HomeWax
  • Rosy Retreat
  • Madame Wax
  • Waxing Lounge
  • Waxington
  • Liquid Wax
  • Adamo Luxe
  • Waxatique
  • Discovery Waxing
  • Ready Removal
  • Artistic Arch
  • Cheeks
  • MakeMeOver
  • Bare Base
  • Beauty Studio
  • Skinny
  • Stay Beautiful
  • Waxit
  • WaxSideDown
  • Secrets Of Smooth
  • Smooth and Clean
  • Get Waxed
  • Shimmer
  • KissMe
  • Persian
  • Comfy Wax
  • Cocoon
  • Queen Skin
  • Spa Of Smooth
  • Wax Lite
  • Waxguru
  • Sole
  • SignatureClinics
  • Flaunt
  • Smooth Criminal
  • Smoothie Wax
  • Candle Wax
  • Prettify Me
  • Angelic Virtue
  • Maestro’s Wax

Waxing Salon Names

Choose from these waxing salon names:

  • Body Brilliance
  • Wax Hero
  • Modern Godiva
  • Relax Salon
  • Glam Wax
  • Clean Eden
  • Venus Loft
  • Skinny Bare
  • Extra Removal
  • PerfectLook
  • Peel
  • Beautifully Bare
  • Body Mind
  • SkinnyPoll
  • VIP Radiance
  • My Bar Buzz
  • Manicured Brow
  • Beeswax
  • Reveal Gorgeous
  • Smooth Basis
  • Skinentropy
  • Bare Brazilian
  • Bare And Beautiful
  • Moisture
  • Studio Glow
  • Silky Serenity
  • Lirene
  • Lippy Wax
  • Bare Body
  • Queen Esther’s
  • Chic Wax
  • Pretty Wax
  • Wax Kings
  • Peaceful Me
  • Hairline
  • Soul Potion
  • Something Smooth
  • TouchUp
  • Vanish
  • MakeupWax
  • WaxOn
  • Strapping
  • Brazilian Swank
  • Skintransent
  • Lovely Locks
  • Miracle Wax
  • Soul to Surface
  • Foxy Beauty Lounge
  • The Wax Works
  • NewSkin
  • Smooth and Posh
  • Bliss Incorporated
  • Tender Trust
  • NailMaze
  • WaxVine
  • Beauty Esthetics
  • Wax-It
  • Club
  • Comfort
  • Buff Skin Studio
  • Desire
  • Watertouch
  • Blue
  • Degrees Studio
  • Breezywax Lounge
  • The Honey Hut
  • StripSlim
  • LipWax
  • Maxed out Waxing
  • Beautiful Brow
  • Clean Swan
  • Haireez
  • KleanSkin
  • Zen
  • SkinCandy
  • Waxed on You
  • Charmaxx
  • Rosé Wax
  • BrowBar
  • Shavome
  • The Bare Edge
  • WaxingInc
  • Elated Facials
  • HairMatters

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Hair Removal Names

Following are some hair removal names:

  • Arch of Eden
  • Silky Secrets
  • Bounty Esthetics
  • Esthetics Studio
  • Girl Perfect
  • Eve’s Eden
  • Warm Skin
  • Malewax
  • Silky
  • Muria
  • Electrolysis
  • SkinWax
  • Facetastic
  • Achieve
  • Shine On Wax
  • Shapely Arches
  • Sapphire Gate
  • Pink
  • Waxsterminds
  • Beaty
  • Studio Wax
  • WaxChild
  • Flawless
  • Salon Click
  • Waxify
  • Lume
  • Lips
  • TheSkincare
  • TheseFrankly
  • WaxMore
  • Waxie
  • WaxPray
  • Effulgence
  • Luxury Wax
  • Smooth Spa
  • SmoothFeel
  • Skinglow
  • Removal Experts
  • Lilywell
  • Removology
  • Hair Melt
  • Simply Wax
  • Renew Refresh
  • Temptation
  • Youth Revisited
  • Skin Perfection
  • Glamorous Removal
  • Select Studios
  • HighClassWaxing
  • MoonWax
  • Bottoms & Brows
  • Ornamented
  • Trusted Removal
  • Ageless Expressions
  • Ladybug
  • Honey Waxing
  • MeltingParlor
  • Looks LikeNew Waxing
  • Wildflower Studio
  • Smooth Skin
  • Wonderful Wax
  • The Hair Drop
  • Smoothface
  • Smooth Talker
  • Hair Away
  • Face Down
  • StayFresh
  • Shape
  • My Waxing Lady
  • Hairsine
  • SmoothSkins
  • Refreshing Wax
  • SkillWax
  • Pucker Up
  • Small is Beautiful
  • Blacklotus
  • Bronze
  • Wax Masters
  • Hair Menagerie
  • Arch of Venus
  • BeWaxed
  • One Room
  • Remedy
  • Color Waxing
  • WaxAway
  • Ultimate Wax

How to Create Waxing Company Names?

Hey, aspiring waxing salon owner! What’s your greatest challenge when it comes to branding your business? Let’s talk branding! The brand is the voice of your business. It should be easy to understand, memorable, and convey what your business is all about. Developing your brand is the first step to creating a brand strategy and ultimately finding success.

You might be thinking: “I’m starting this new salon, and this is a one-person operation. I don’t need a brand.” A lot of people think that, but I want to tell you that your brand will evolve with time. Developing your brand helps you think about the future of your business and how you want it to look. Let’s help you.

Try to Be Relevant

The best way to be relevant to your waxing niche is to start with the niche’s demographic information. What are the professions or interests of the people that are a part of the niche? What are the interests that these people have? You need to cordon off your information to topics that apply to your niche. This will help you with online marketing because you will be offering products that are relevant.

Learn from Your Competitors

The most powerful way to increase market share is by learning from competitors how to do the right marketing. Put your competitors experiences to good use by learning from their best and worst planning in the waxing niche.

There are plenty of tools to spy on your competitors.

Make A Tagline

A brand tagline is a slogan that describes your business. It should perfectly describe what your brand or company does. Your tagline is your introduction; it must get your potential clients interested in you and determine if they want to read more about you.

What’s your tagline? Make one of the best tags for your waxing company names.  Such as, “The perfect face” or “Classic saloon

Choose Simple Yet Attractive Name

Short, simple, and memorable names are great for waxing company names. I usually go for the simplest names, the one that pops into my head when I first think of it. I am not one of those people that keeps going over and over the options.

Easy to pronounce names are remembered while hard to spell words are hated. Go with rhymes.

Consider Local SEO

Good local SEO is very important for businesses that rely on people finding their products and services in the area. Good US-based local SEO includes sales, overall ranking of sites, and site maintenance to ensure good Google results in the SERPs for location and specific names of locations where you offer products or services.

Get A Domain Name

It’s always important to get the right domain name for your wax company, but it’s even more important now than ever. A well-chosen domain name can help you stand apart from the crowd and establish a stronger online presence.

You will need a good domain name and online presence with a good portfolio to attract people. Get a branded domain name to get potential customers and grow your business online.

Try Waxing Company Names Generator

The waxing company name generator is a great tool for those that are deliberating what to call their new waxing company. The generator is straightforward—you simply enter the product category you want store for; the generator will provide you with 10 random waxing company names.


Naming your company is an important part of what you do. It shouldn’t be something you do without a lot of consideration. The way you name your company sends a message and needs to have the personality and message you want to portray.  If you are still undecided, we can help.

I'm a digital marketer who loves technology, design, marketing and online businesses. I've created brand names for thousands of businesses. I've pretty good experience of digital marketing. I can help you to manage and build brands on the web.

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