The Six Big Signs of US Economic Collapse

US Economic Collapse in 2017

We’ve been hearing stories about US economic collapse since 2008 and in fact, the stories are never going to end. What makes a country’s economy collapse? There are certain factors such as business firms and establishment, the GDP growth, and new startups which determine the economy of a country.


One of the first (sign of danger!) indications of US economic collapse is the fast growing countries are switching away from the US dollar and making new agreements to trade in each other’s currency. This is why President Obama encourages new startups to be based in the US by giving them “startup visas” No doubt, this is an indication of feeble and the collapsing us economy.

Why is US economy collapsing?

Most of the businessmen and analysts still fail to understand the “ROOT CAUSE” of the debt increase in the United States and the collapsing American economy. The public debt of the US has increased way too much this year!

Alerts! US Economic Collapse - Federal Debit is increasing

Signs of US Economic Collapse Federal Debit!

Reasons of US Economic Collapse

There are a lot of reasons for the collapsing us economy. In a recent blog of Business Insider, Bob Bryan wrote about this decrease in economic growth. According to the blog, there are four major reasons of US economic collapse.

  • Tighter credit conditions in United States lead to US Economic Collapse.
  • Uncertainty shock – Political and economic battles is collapsing us economy
  • Technology disruptions in US lead to depression.
  • Aging economy and population is affecting the growth.

Do you know? When consumers saves too much money, it is the economy real drag!

Details: Firms Establishment Entry rates in US

The following table shows the data from 1990 to 2014 about the firms and businesses establishment entries in Bank of America Merrill Lynch. 2008 seemed to be the year of disasters for the collapsing us market. The United States economy almost collapsed in 2008. The overall situation is tabulated here.

Serial No. Year Firms Entry % (Firms) Firms Established! % Remarks
1 1990 11.3 11 Good!
2 1993 10.5 10 Satisfactory
3 1996 10.8 10.7 Stable
4 1999 11 11.5 Good
5 2002 9.8 10.3 OK
6 2005 10.4 10.4 Stable
7 2008 8 8 Alerts!
8 2011 8.2 8.2 Warnings!
9 2014 8.3 8.3 Warnings!


Signs of Collapsing American economy

There is a list of the most important signs for growing economy, the US economy is going in the reverse! Let’s have a look at the following factors affecting collapsing us economy.

  • Total business sales have been declining for years, the public debit is increasing every second. Table shows details:
Year Federal Debit – Collapsing US Economy
2010 10.5 Trillion
2015 19.2 Trillions
  • The inventory to sales are decreasing in spite of strongest technology
  • Corporate earnings have declined in the last four quarters. This is why people moving towards Middle East.
  • Net Profits for established companies listed on the S&P 500 were down 7.1 percent during the first quarter of 2016 when compared to the statistics of the last year.
  • Increasing bankruptcy is increasing every month.
  • S rail traffic has been decreasing since last year. Approx. 292 Union Pacific engines sitting idle in the middle of the Arizona, where they’re just useless.
  • The U.S. economy has lost an astounding more 100K mining jobs since September 2014.
  • The unemployment is increasing in the United States Confirming the danger ahead!
  • United States GDP grew at just a 0.5 percent annual rate during the first quarter of 2016. This shows the growth and the collapsing American economy as well!
  • The Washington Post says that the US economic collapse is due to the fact that US consumers are saving too much money!

The unemployment is increasing in the United States confirming the danger ahead!

How to Survive through Economic Collapse?

You will probably need the following daily life things in order to survive if the US economic collapse is devastating this time. We hope this doesn’t happen, but you need to know that you’ll need the following things.

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • An axe
  • Warm Clothing
  • Lighters or Match boxes
  • Hiking Boots
  • Radio or communication equipment

And the pretty much everything that you’ll need to live in a jungle or hilly areas for an unknown period of time. Suggested Book: American Meltdown,  Author Mark Goodwin, says a lot about US economic collapse.

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