Truck Quotes: 200+ Best Quotes About Truck Drivers

Finding a good truck quote is hard, but we’ve got the collection you need. This unique gallery of truck quotes includes funny one liners and slogans.

If you’re the proud owner of a pickup truck, make sure your signal light is working, and that it is kept clean. It is also important to run a check on your truck’s brakes and tyres regularly.

The truck has become a symbol of American tradition or way of life, as well as a metaphor for the rugged individualism of the country.

Truck Quotes

Here are the coolest truck quotes and captions:

  • Stories from the road.
  • We are the Truck driver.
  • Trucking across America.
  • American Truckload Shipping.
  • The truck I’m selling is the standout star of the show ????
  • A lifestyle that never stops.
  • We drive the highways.
  • Get big trucking jobs.
  • Don’t be a pilot, be a driver
  • Some of us grew playing with tractors and trucks. The lucky ones still do.
  • The truck is a hunk of wood.
  • Seeing a catering truck feels like home. ― Dakota Johnson
  • Tuck love into your truck.
  • Haul your passion.
  • Trucking the way it should be.
  • Drive for a living.
  • My truck is such a pretty green! Also, it drives without a trailer. ✨
  • Because truck drivers matter.
  • Simple, yet whimsical and gorgeous. Love the two-tone pink and green! ✨ ✨
  • Where trucking meets the road.
  • The best drivers are the most beautiful — Pablo Neruda
  • We deliver.
  • We drive the road!
  • Basket running red.
  • We ship your freight.

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Truck Sayings and Quotes

Look at these truck sayings and quotes:

  • I’m a truck driver!
  • Drive for your family
  • He’s got a huge long tail.
  • He beeps the horn and waves.
  • Every kiss does not begin with k.
  • We like to ride.
  • Feel the road beneath you.
  • It’s a good life.
  • We drive the big trucks.
  • It begins with, i drive a lifted truck.
  • Truck driver’s dreams.
  • Find your turn
  • Some driving, some riding.
  • Find your kick.
  • Haul it!
  • Truck driver magazine.
  • We’re on the move.
  • Belton beauty pageant
  • We love to drive.
  • Truck drivers are people too.
  • Come on, you can’t name a truck after a chick.
  • If you can park and not look back as you walk away. You bought the wrong truck.
  • Who else is in love with these trucks? ✨

Inspirational Truck Quotes

These are inspirational truck quotes:

  • Love trucks? You’ll love us!
  • Find good food on the road
  • The truck driver with the ultimate truck.
  • The best truck driver in the world.
  • California fire! This truck had it going on.
  • Keep your money close
  • True love is when a girl loves a guy as much as her truck.
  • When one’s motor is reutilized. ✨ truck ✨
  • Tell ’em where you’re from.
  • Truck drivers in love.
  • Haul the load.
  • You can give your truck a set of classy wheels
  • I love trucking.
  • Truck drivers for life!
  • We are the first to arrive and the last to leave.
  • Truck, truck, truck!
  • Feel the speed.
  • Truck driving is life.
  • Where the ride is a journey.
  • Truck drivers are loyal
  • Do what you love in what you drive.
  • Truck drivers do it in big trucks.
  • Keep calm and keep on trucking’.
  • We drive the road for you.

Old Truck Quotes

Look at these old truck quotes:

  • Truck drivers come back when it’s light
  • Truck driver will make you drive
  • The ultimate travel lover’s truck.
  • We move America.
  • It’s time to get back on the road.
  • Boys never actually grow up, their toys just get bigger and more expensive.
  • Fire truck with back end on fire drives really fast in circles. ― Demetri martin
  • We’re on the road, are you?
  • We’re on the road to success.
  • More truck than usual!
  • Truck driver – take a ride with us.
  • Truck drivers come back every day
  • Get the best out of your vehicle with these tools
  • Truck drivers, we get it done!
  • We deliver big.
  • Hold on tight.
  • I’d rather ride in a diesel truck than in a Ferrari.
  • Built for adventure.
  • Off the road and into gear.
  • Trucking since 1954.
  • If you think this truck’s smoking’. You should see the driver!
  • These roads were made for driving.
  • Truck drivers with love in their wheels.
  • We drive from dusk till dawn.
  • Real people, real stories, real trucks.
  • You drive our trucks.
  • Trucks for the road.
  • You don’t have to follow the road.
  • When you start enjoying a hobby.
  • All types of trucks.
  • It’s bigger than you think.
  • We drive.

Funny Truck Quotes

Here are some funny truck quotes:

  • Truck drivers come back when it’s dark
  • The ride of your life.
  • It’s a truck driver kind of life.
  • Drive to succeed.
  • I see religion more as a truck stop on your way to figuring out who you are.
  • The truck driver network.
  • If it isn’t covered in mud, it isn’t a real truck.
  • I often conduct interviews in my truck. ― William Shatner
  • Trucking the USA one state at a time!
  • Our newly decorated truck. ✨
  • Sign up for the ride of your life!
  • We drive the roads. We love the roads.
  • We work hard, we play hard. Thanks for you support ????
  • We love our trucks just as much as you do.
  • Truck drivers drive America.
  • Product for drivers with a soul.
  • It’s a family affair.

Funny Sayings About Trucks

These are funny sayings about trucks:

  • Truck drivers are the first line of defense.
  • The road is our home.
  • Wheels are our strength.
  • We drive, you relax.
  • Take the wheel!
  • I wanted to be a truck driver. I love driving long distances!!! ― Karen Mason
  • Look at those wheels!
  • The truck of your dreams, with a cello. And a rainbow bow. And a llama. And clouds. (
  • Get to work, get through life.
  • Things to love when you’re behind the wheel.
  • I do talk like a truck driver sometimes, or I curse. What can I say? ― Penny Marshall
  • They’re on the road
  • Give me more than just your truck.
  • The truck drivers club.
  • Nobody knows trucks like truck drivers.
  • If you need it, we’re there.
  • I may be biased but, I think this truck is pretty dope.
  • Where truck drivers come home.
  • The truck driver
  • We don’t just drive trucks.
  • Where I come from your truck reflects who you are.
  • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
  • That’s my little truck.
  • For that roll of the dice.
  • Get Trucking.
  • We live in an emotional moment. We never forget.
  • The truck driver.
  • We drive the world.
  • We haul anything.
  • The toughest job in the world.

Truck Quotes and Sayings

Look at these truck quotes and sayings:

  • The road is our highway.
  • You don’t need a driving license to hop in.
  • We go the distance.
  • We’re your first stop for trucking fun!
  • Truck drivers make the world go round.
  • I didn’t wait for luck. I tore after it with a truck. ― a. A. Bell
  • Truck drivers for America.
  • A lovely little car inside
  • This truck looks big and the people look small.
  • Truck drivers come back when it’s warm
  • Because your job is awesome.
  • Truck driver the way it should be.
  • Freedom on wheels.
  • That’s a heavy load.
  • Big trucks with big personalities.
  • Truck driver, he’s a man, a truck driver, he’s the one!
  • America’s truck driver.
  • We drive. You relax.
  • Truck driving is a way of life.
  • We keep America moving.
  • If you like sweet things you’re going to love this
  • Dump your date

Truck Driver Quotes and Sayings

You might like these truck driver quotes and sayings:

  • One mile at a time.
  • America’s favorite truck driver.
  • I’m a truck driver with big road experience.
  • We move the world.
  • Truck drivers do it in a big way.
  • We love truck driving.
  • The ultimate truck driving experience
  • We drive trucks.
  • Truck drivers come together.
  • Truck drivers have the best job.
  • We love to drive!
  • He’s driving a truck!
  • Yay for trucks, I like ’em, I love ’em !
  • Truck drivers come back when it’s cold
  • Drive fast, get paid.
  • You’re in good hands with.
  • Truck driver dot com
  • We’re the road you take.
  • Bigger than life. Smaller than a phone.
  • I love trucking!

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Truck Driver Quotes

Here are the truck driver quotes:

  • The right truck for every load!
  • Drivers wanted.
  • It’s your turn to drive.
  • Drive with your heart.
  • The ultimate road trip experience.
  • I love truck driving.
  • We drive to serve you.
  • The big truck driver in you.
  • Can’t drive all night.
  • Our trucks drive our dreams.
  • The truck driver television channel.
  • A shot of daddy’s truck that he misses since he’s at work.
  • A love of vehicles and road trips should be celebrated with a photo.
  • While others drive, we drive big trucks.
  • Move with style.
  • The truck driver experience.

quotes about trucks

Instagram Truck Captions

Here are Instagram truck captions:

  • Get a good truck and drive away.
  • Driving the nation.
  • Truck drivers, driven to deliver.
  • Designed to upgrade your style
  • We’re always on the road.
  • Life on the road.
  • Truck driver—life on the road.
  • Truck drivers want to drive.
  • We haul anything anywhere.
  • Brighter colors are in order.
  • Big trucks, big fun.
  • City boys got pickup lines. Country boys got pickup trucks.
  • Take the wheel.
  • Wherever you go, we go.
  • Be it truck or ford, these features shot will capture you in awe. ????
  • You know you’re cool when your truck is cool ►
  • We cruise the roads.
  • Drive because you love to.
  • America’s truckers.
  • The best way to get around.
  • You’ll be addicted once you try it.
  • Come and take a ride in our little Ford!
  • It’s a truck thing.
  • A duck is driving a truck.

The best truck quotes and sayings come from the hearts and minds of the drivers on the road.

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