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A Guide to Starting a Solar Panel Business

Why do you need to start a solar panel installation business? Just because it is attainable, sustainable and profitable. This is one of the best lucrative startup ideas to start working on with a little investment.

Solar Photovoltaics recorded a massive growth of 40% in overall power generation in the last year and is well on track to meet it’s Sustainable Development Scenario (SDS) target, which predicts an average yearly increase of 17% till 2030. SDS outlines a significant transformation of the global energy system.

Growth is expected till 2030

Starting a Solar Panel Installation Business

What are the steps to start a solar panel business? We have a great visual which sums up the essential points from start to marketing and making a brand. Let’s discuss step by step guide to a startup in the solar power generation. It is one of the best business ideas to work on just because of its sustainability!

solar sales business has a great scope in future

Who should start Solar Panel Business?

A self-motivated person with excellent business management skills, understanding of electrical contract work, a little background or experience in construction businesses should start solar energy company in the United States for a handsome earning.

What would be the solar panel business model? Let’s start from average days work. Day-to-day operational activities at a solar panel franchise include fitting solar panels, backing-up battery systems, connections to the main power grid, and maintenance and repair for existing solar panels. That makes our solar panel business model, consisting of the following points.

  1. Fitting of New Solar System (How to install solar panels?)
  2. Batteries and Backups
  3. Wiring and Connections
  4. Maintenance and Repair of Existing System

Solar Panel Business Opportunities and Target Market

There is a huge market for renewable and sustainable energy resources such as Solar PV. The IEA’s Sustainable Development Scenario (SDS) describes a significant transformation of the global energy system to solar panels and renewable resources in the future. There are three types of customers apart from Tenders.

  • Commercial Customers – They need the ROI model of Solar Benefits
  • Domestic Customers – They need financial assistance likely to ask for subsidies too.
  • Farmers – They need subsidy and long term sustainable projects

Now your business model must show you how to incorporate your skills and experience to create your own space in the market! How to become a millionaire this year?

Solar panel business profit depends on the three types of customers which are, commercial, domestic, and farmers. You have to plan something catchy for each of the categories.

What is the growth potential for a solar panel business?

Well, as already discussed, the annual growth in the solar power industry is up to 17%. This is a huge increment if you consider the shift towards renewable energy. The growth is expected to continue for the next few decades as more and more industries are switching to Solar PVs.

So, let’s know about the best solar panel companies in the solar industry.

Top Solar Panel Companies:

A big part of assessing solar panel quality is knowing the metrics and factors that determine it such as module efficiency and performance. These companies know how to install solar panels. Based on these two factors, the following are the leaders in the solar panel companies.

Top Ten Solar Panel Manufacturers in the World

Top Solar Panel Companies 
1. JinkoSolar - China6. Hanwha Q-CELLS - South Korea
2. JA Solar - China7. Risen Energy - China
3. Trina Solar - China8. GCL-SI - Hong Kong
4. LONGi Solar - China9. Talesun - China
5. Canadian Solar -Canada10. First Solar - USA
You need to know that a large majority of solar manufacturers companies import their equipment from southeast Asia.

Company Name Ideas for Solar Panel Business

Think of a catchy business name for your solar company and file it with the county as a fictitious business name or “doing business as.” While this step is not necessary, it will allow you to write checks, manage financial matters and promote the company using the name of the firm.

How to Name your Solar Company? 200+ Naming Ideas!

Creative Solar Company Names   
Alfie GreenSustain TechMater Tellus EnergyA+ Energy Brave
Solar MassClean Queen PowerEnergydoBest Possible Energy
North Dex Solar CoHigh Bar SolarStar Solar SystemsEnergy Acclaimed
GoPower CoSure SustainSuntree Green SystemsEnergy Enigma
Right PowerSustain techVitalis SystemsEnergy Fury
Nexa SolarNo Substitute SolarNexa SolarEnergy Insight
Lex Electric CoOur PowerInflux EnergyEnergy Intrepid
Dailite CoSolar EnergizersInflux EnergyEnergy Lane
Ample EnergySolar Systems Sun DropsEnergy Module
Opera Solar CoEnergizer SolarSun BeatEnergy National
Edision EelectricClean EnergyVitalis SystemsEnergy Savvy
PicoVolt Co.Solar StepsSuntasticEnergy Whole
North Power CorpNext Notch SolarSolis Solar SystemsEnergyfluent
Bignay SolarSolar SureSolwaveEnergygenics
Onyx SolarHigh-Power EnergySolwaveEnergytap
PowetterTech TrendsUnisolarEnergyvio
Blue BrightPolar SolarGreenlight SolarMy Energy Bro
Power PlusStep Up To SolarTerra LightOne Energy
Green wattSolve For SolarGolden RaySocial Energy Inc
Edler EnergySolar CleanSuntasticSolar Bulk
Power MovesSteps To SolarGreen System SolarSolar Command
ElexcellenceSo SolarEvergreen EnergySolar Disk
Solar DirectPosition Of PowerEnergy ButterflySolar Drill
SquippaSolar FindingsSolar NestSolar Electric
Mega sphere SolarSolar For AllMater Tellus EnergySolar Energize
HecattisSolar SolutionUnisolarSolar Energy Heart
Elite EdgeSustain GameTerra LightSolar Fix
Icon electroThe Power PalaceEvergreen EnergySolar Fodder
Kepco GreenPower HourGreenlight SolarSolar Fresh
Decron GreenGreen EnergySolis Solar SystemsSolar Future
MaxVoltePower For AllLuminus SystemsSolar Heracle
Sun & Shine CoSolar SearchSolar HyperSolar Hilltop
Fama GreenSustain SystemsNexa SolarSolar Lane
EmeraldSolar GainEmerald Ray SolutionsSolar Ranger
Helioss GreenPowered PlaceRay Solar SolutionsSolar Wired
Power PorchSolarVentureSunSharpSolarability
Radiant EnergySolar TechMy VitaLight CoSolardo
Eirene Solar WorldSo Far SolarVitaLight SolutionsSolarhaven
SkylaOutside EnergySolar WhiteboardSolario
GempereSustainable SolutionsLuminus SystemsSolarly
Ellinza PowersSustainable SolarStar Solar SystemsSolarshack
Soul SolarCamp Clean PowerSolarzoidSolarwind
Orbaze Elctric CoStart Your EnergySun DropsSolarya
Influx sun EnergyPower Up SolarGolden RayThe Energy Flagship
Arby WindowSystemized SolarWarm Sun SolarThy Energy Chrome
Robeco SolarPerformance SolarWarm Love CoTop Energy Crave
SkyteccOutdoor PoweredSolar Bang CoWe Explore Energy
Scatch CoOff-The-Grid SolarEnergyshackYour Energy Course
Arise electricSure SolarSun Beat CoYour Solar Energy
Is the name simple and easy to remember? Make sure that you choose a meaningful, short and memorable name for your solar panel business. This helps in the brand making!

Business Plan for Solar Panel Business

Let’s make an outline of a perfect business plan for your startup so that you have a clear picture of the steps in the business plan!
1. Executive Summary
             1.1 Objectives
             1.2 Key to Success
             1.3 Mission
2. Company Summary
             2.1 Company Ownership
             2.2 Start-up Summary
             2.3 Company Locations and Facilities
3. Products
             3.1 Product Description
             3.2 Sales Literature
4. Market Analysis Summary
             4.1 Market Segmentation
             4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy
                       4.2.1 Market needs
             4.3 Industry analysis
                       4.3.1 Competition and Buying Patterns
                     Buying Pattern
5. Strategy and Implementation Summary
             5.1 Competitive Edge
             5.2 Sales Strategy
                      5.2.1 Sales Forecast
6. Management Summary
            6.1 Management Team
            6.2 Management Team Gaps
            6.3 Personnel Plan
7. Financial Plan
            7.1 Important Assumptions
            7.2 Projected Cash Flow
            7.3 Key Financial Indicators
            7.4 Break-even Analysis
            7.5 Projected Profit and Loss
            7.6 Projected Balance Sheet
            7.7 Business Ratios

Marketing and Advertising of Solar Business:

Build a relationship with commercial suppliers of solar panels, batteries and different equipment needed for solar panel installation. Be sure to distinguish yourself as a contractor so that you get wholesale discount prices. Visit home shows as a vendor, purchase on-air and print ads, and join your local chamber of commerce to get your name out in the community.

You need to advertise your solar panel services in local newspapers and real estate magazines. Why not post flyers at local lumberyards and in supermarkets? Work on innovative ideas for marketing. Once your business starts, you’ll be able to cut back on advertising as more and more of your clients begin coming through referrals.

The other most important thing is digital marketing. Make sure you have an online presence. A good website with social media pages that are updated regularly will help in the growth of your business.

Licensing and Certification

You need to thoroughly research the licensing you need in your state to conduct solar installations as there are many limitations in different states. Certain state permits may be needed to operate a solar panel business. Learn more about licensing requirements in your state by visiting SBA’s reference to state licenses and permits.


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