400+ Creative Socks Business Names to Boost Sale

sock business names for your company

Ideally, you want your brand to differ from everybody else’s. How should the name of your sock business be? You need it to be short enough to distinguish it from others, but not so short that it can confuse people. Let’s make some socks business names.


Before we can answer this question, we first need to make sure that we’re all on the same page about what makes up a good brand name. To make a sock business work, you need to choose a very memorable and eye-catching name.

First, you need to come up with a main brand name. It’s important to have a memorable name, so it sticks in the mind of your potential customers. Perhaps consider names which are related to your field, for example, if you work in SEO or in art, then these are great areas to choose for your main brand name.

Sock Names

These are some great sock names:

  • Love Mist
  • Soft Slippers
  • Sweaty Bop
  • The Dope Sock
  • Old Shoes Pro
  • Footies
  • Sweaty Slippers
  • Sweat Slippers
  • Lowdown Apparel
  • Knee Whap
  • Unwashed Bash
  • Light Boots
  • Thermal Windsock
  • Soft Sweaters
  • Unmatched Bop
  • Mash Up Sox
  • Long
  • Toe Trends
  • Nirvana Socks
  • Gold Toe Socks
  • Slip-In Socks
  • Heel To Toe
  • The Loose
  • The Gentleman Sock
  • The Darned Bash
  • The Plain
  • Save Our Soles
  • Urban Feet
  • Woolly
  • Dark Bash
  • Dew Shades
  • Whap Pro
  • White Wind Sleeve
  • Sock Dreams
  • The Light Shoes
  • The Damp
  • Comfy Secret
  • Find Your Footing
  • Heavy Boots
  • Point6
  • Foot Besties
  • Loose Bop
  • Green Bop
  • Darn Tough
  • Footprints
  • New Socks
  • The Nice Bonk
  • Solely Socks
  • Friendly Feet
  • Planet Socks
  • Purple Drogue
  • Sock Universe
  • Limelight Socks
  • Toed Bop
  • Comfy Feet
  • On Your Toes
  • By Foot
  • Brown
  • The Damp Bop
  • Orange
  • Fancy Whap Pro
  • Rock Soft
  • Thick Drogue
  • Dewsocks
  • Foot Favorite
  • Shops Socks
  • Thearse
  • Vixensocks
  • Collateral Socks
  • Best Foot Forward
  • Best Socks
  • Sock Solutions
  • ThermalSocks
  • The Red Boots
  • Frewbon
  • Holey Drogue
  • Comfy Socks
  • Kiss My Socks
  • OldSocks
  • Feet First
  • Top Drawer Socks
  • Wear Whap
  • Sweat
  • Swaps Socks
  • Sock Drawer
  • Love Your Socks

How much does it cost to start a sock business? You will be able to get started with a small investment from crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. You can even start with a $1,000 investment and scale up as you grow.

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The initial costs involved in starting a sock business are relatively modest: buying some yarn and patterns, paying an extra for shipping, and investing money in tools to produce the socks, like a sewing machine. The initial setup costs aside, running a sock business is relatively inexpensive.

Sock Company Names

These are suggestions for socks company names:

  • Socks Rocks
  • Foot By Foot
  • Soiled Sandals
  • Warm Feet Socks
  • Public Appeal Socks
  • Only Footprints
  • The Darn Shoes
  • The Clean Boots
  • The Smelly
  • Crock of Socks
  • Tops Socks
  • Sock Panda
  • Tiny
  • Top Notch Toes
  • Cheap Windsock
  • The Brown Bop
  • Thermal
  • The Sweat Bonk
  • Sweaty Shots
  • Wear Drogue
  • Weheartsocks
  • Planet Vibe
  • Happy Toes
  • Physix Gear
  • Sock Prints
  • Sock Sense
  • Sock Talk
  • Tristar Socks
  • Color Feet
  • The Knit Sock Masters
  • Square Foot
  • The Soft Wind Sleeve
  • Squishy Socks
  • Spare Bash
  • Feet Suite
  • Comfort Sense
  • Green Whap
  • Odd Windsock
  • Yellow Socks
  • The Ankle
  • The Tight Windsock
  • Knit Windsock
  • Spare Bop Pro
  • Foot Cardigan
  • Punch Paste Socks
  • Nice Bash
  • The Striped
  • The Bed Bop
  • Sock Club
  • Wet Wind Sleeve
  • Sweat Shoes
  • Soft Sweatpants
  • Sporty Socks
  • Walk Line
  • Windup Apparel
  • The Darned Drogue
  • The Light
  • Well Healed
  • The Knitted
  • Shoes Pro
  • Nice Bop
  • Fox in Socks
  • Well Heeled
  • The Nice
  • Invisible Socks
  • The Sweaty
  • The Orange
  • The Toed Bash
  • Unique Socks
  • Striped Shots
  • The Knee Bash
  • Sock Quest
  • Striped Bop
  • London Sock.
  • Sock Clock
  • Gray Wind Sleeve
  • Plugged Socks
  • The Dry
  • The Toed
  • Soft Shots
  • The Woolly
  • Blue Cloud
  • The Torn
  • Old Windsock
  • The Worsted

socks business names list for your new business

Sock Business Names

Look at these socks business names:

  • Wright sock
  • Misty Socks
  • Super Socks
  • The Knit
  • Sensational Socks
  • Feet Motion
  • Soiled Sweaters
  • Worsted Bonk
  • Warm Socks
  • Put a Sock On
  • Hype Socks
  • Rolled Boots Pro
  • Light
  • The Soiled
  • Light Wind Sleeve
  • The Blue Wind Sleeve
  • Feet Stone
  • WoollySocks
  • Chops Socks
  • Feet meet
  • The Knit Bonk
  • Pop Socks
  • OddSocks
  • Foot First
  • Joy Feet
  • Half Calf Socks
  • Loose Whap
  • All Socks
  • Cozy Feet
  • The Thermal Bash
  • Spare Sneakers
  • Sweaty Sweatpants
  • Next Sock
  • Spare Shots
  • Socks Saver
  • Ankles to Thighs
  • Sock Doc
  • Holey Windsock
  • Hot Foot
  • The Mismatched Bash
  • The Old Windsock
  • Out of Print
  • Damp Wind Sleeve
  • For Your Feet
  • Synthetic
  • Dry Wind Sleeve
  • The Fitting
  • Short Slippers
  • Say It With a Sock
  • Gray Boots
  • Farm To Feet
  • Morning Sock Studios.
  • Happy Feet
  • The Wool
  • The Foot Doctor
  • The Lucky Bop
  • The Soiled Shoes
  • Stance Sock
  • WoolSocks
  • The Enough Wind Sleeve
  • Rock Sock
  • The Knitted Whap
  • Footed Folly
  • Soiled Slippers
  • Smelly Sneakers
  • The Rolled
  • The Darned Bonk
  • Drogue
  • The Purple Bash
  • ThickSocks
  • Favorite Feet
  • Striped Shirts
  • Buzzle Socks
  • Wool Wind Sleeve
  • Trufeet
  • The Thin Drogue
  • Uprose Sock.
  • Wind Sleeve Pro
  • Pops Socks
  • Therapeutic Socks
  • Good Quest
  • Wigwam
  • The Thick
  • The Long
  • The Synthetic
  • Damp Boots

How big is the sock industry? The sock industry is a multi-billion dollar business that has always been dominated by large brands and retailers. The sock and hosiery industry generated over $9 billion in sales in 2014, which included $6.5 billion in retail and $2.5 billion wholesale.

Socks Brand Names

Here are some socks brand names:

  • The Thermal
  • Mismatched
  • Fancy Socks
  • Holey Socks
  • Unwashed Socks
  • Soiled Whap
  • My Left Foot
  • Dapper Classics
  • Short Sneakers
  • Sweaty Bonk
  • Happy Heels
  • Sock Block
  • The Sweaty Bash
  • Feet Up
  • Short Boots
  • Filthy Bash Pro
  • Rolled
  • Sweaty Sandals
  • Blue Q Socks
  • The Darn
  • Foot care
  • Tiny Windsock
  • Tiny Wind Sleeve
  • Save On Socks
  • Foot Support
  • Rain Socks
  • Whole Socks
  • Spare Sweatpants
  • Toe To Ankle
  • White Boots
  • Meet Socks
  • FEAT Socks
  • Smelly Shoes
  • Sock Walk
  • Soft Sandals
  • Comfort Socks
  • Synthetic Bop
  • Fooled Out Socks
  • Short Shots
  • The Knee Boots
  • Pretty Knit
  • Real Monsters Socks
  • First Feet
  • Splendid Socks
  • Way Socks
  • Color Pop Socks
  • Socks Box
  • Short Sandals
  • Black Socks
  • Length Socks
  • Hard-Rock Socks
  • Front Feet
  • Length Whap
  • The Thin Bop
  • Striped Slippers
  • Flops Socks
  • Plain Shoes
  • Smack Sockets
  • Dive Grid
  • Rolled Bop
  • Old Bonk
  • Creative Socks
  • Random Socks
  • The Spare
  • Vivid Esse
  • Pul Up Your Socks
  • The Enough
  • The Thin
  • The Plain Boots
  • Travelon
  • Socks Rock
  • Unwashed
  • Rock Your Socks
  • Old Bash
  • Satisfeet
  • Happy Socks
  • Socks On
  • Sweaty
  • Heavy Shoes
  • Long Boots
  • The Soft Bop
  • The Fancy
  • Calling All Feet
  • The Toed Bop
  • Foot Tender
  • Browns Shoes

Is selling socks a good business? At first glance, you’d think that sock selling isn’t a great business idea. But it is a very easy business to sell. And that’s why people who sell it are always after you trying to lure you into buying from them.

Sock Name Idea

Following are socks name ideas to see:

  • Stay Adorn
  • Locked in Socks
  • Paradise Socks
  • The Tight
  • The Wet Bash
  • Gray Windsock
  • Loose Shoes Pro
  • Just Socks
  • Tiny Socks
  • The Heavy
  • Blue Shoes
  • Wind Sleeve
  • Sweatshirts
  • The Foot God
  • Darn
  • Gray
  • Toed Bash
  • Old Shoes
  • The Warm Windsock
  • Questsocks
  • Under Foot
  • The Nice Boots
  • The Smelly Shoes
  • Tight
  • The Brown
  • Thermal Shoes
  • The Tiny
  • OrangeSocks
  • The Riding Sock.
  • Fox River Mills
  • The Length Bonk
  • Tiny Shoes
  • Blockhead Socks
  • Foot Savers
  • Mark’s Socks
  • Ozone Socks
  • Spare Sandals
  • Green
  • Boots
  • Vivasoles
  • Cheap
  • Feet Revive
  • Coarse Boots
  • The Odd
  • Sock Dock
  • Sock Lock
  • Play Day
  • Soft Socks
  • The Knee
  • Punchline Socks
  • The Pink Drogue
  • Sweaty Shirts
  • Great Bliss
  • The Grey
  • Bubbly Sock.
  • Long Pro
  • Foot Joy
  • PinkSocks
  • Sweaty Sneakers
  • The Unmatched
  • Clean
  • The Odd Drogue
  • Thin Bonk
  • Spare Windsock
  • Dobby’s Socks
  • Gold Toe Brands
  • Smash It Socks
  • Soft Sneakers
  • Heavy
  • The Unwashed Shoes
  • The Red Wind Sleeve
  • UrFeel
  • Profeet
  • Brown Bash
  • The Real Deal Apparel
  • The Short
  • Props Socks
  • The Sweat Boots
  • The Filthy
  • Drogue Pro
  • Love Your Feet
  • The Extra Boots
  • Drops Socks
  • Stockings Pro
  • Urban Sock Masters
  • Sweat Sneakers

How do I come up with a catchy business name for socks business names? You can come up with the perfect business names for socks by brainstorming and playing with different word combinations. When you come up with good business names for your company, try to incorporate unconventional verbs and adjectives into your business name. Whenever you are looking for a good business name, remember that choosing a unique business name will help your business stand out from the competition.

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Socks are an essential thing to have. They keep your feet warm, whereas if you go barefoot, well, your feet will be cold and could even get frostbite. Whether you’re stepping outside for a jog or just going out on a cold winter’s day, they’re an essential part of keeping your feet healthy.


A business name is crucial for every company. People trust brands. It’s vital that you pick a name that people will identify with and recognize, so that you can build trust in you as a brand right off the bat. It is important to stay away from using slick brochure language when naming a company.

I'm a digital marketer who loves technology, design, marketing and online businesses. I've created brand names for thousands of businesses. I've pretty good experience of digital marketing. I can help you to manage and build brands on the web.

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