Small Business Success Advice From Michael Bloomberg (Mike)

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With a net worth of around 51 billion dollars (according to forbes), Mike the CEO of bloomberg shares small business success story with people and he has a special advice for the young entrepreneurs who want to have their own business.


Bloomberg special six key pieces of advice for young entrepreneurs is the following! Let’s learn how to be successful in life!

1)     Keep perspective – Success is yours

You need to handle every situation, things are not bad they just need your firm determination. Bloomberg said, “I’ve never had a bad job. I’ve only ever had two bad days in my life — when my mother died and when my father died. Apart from that, how bad can it be?”

2)     Work hard and consistently

According to the most successful people in the world, there is just one key to success. It is the hard work and smart work. Do it whatever you want but do it in such a way that speaks about you! You simply have to work hard, there is no alternative for the hard work.

3)     Have realistic goals – Key to Success

It is really important to be real and know the reality. Expectations must be positive and great but as a matter of fact, you need to be very realistic while working on your small business.

Bloomberg said, “None of you are going to be Mark Zuckerbergs. It’s just not going to happen.”

What you need to learn from this quote is that you should manage your expectations and don’t compare yourself with anyone!

4)     Love what you do – You won’t get tired!

What else can be worst that getting up daily for a job that you hate the most? Life becomes miserable for such people! One should go for one’s goals and keep working hard. If you are following your interests, you won’t get tired. And that is the most important thing you need to live for!

5)      Thrive in adversity – Multi-tasking? Yes!

If you’re not interested in more than one thing, it’s likely that you will end up hating your repeated work. What about trying a few things in parallel?  Write a novel, start a small business and go to community services. These things are part of a happy life of billionaires who have great small business ideas.

6)     Be genuine and Be Real –A great Business

We are humans, we have feelings. Sometimes, it’s said that businessmen have very less to do with other things. It wrong perception. Businessmen are the people who do everything. The work on great ideas, they spend time and manage it in a very productive way. They are genuine! Are you genuine?

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