Best Small Business Ideas for 13 Year Old Students

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Many self-employed entrepreneurs found business success in their teens and early twenties, and there are many more that found success in their thirties and beyond. If you’re a thirteen-year-old student and you’ve been considering a small business idea, you might not want to wait to start your entrepreneurial journey.


Here are some ideas that may work for you. Perhaps you’ve been noticing that most of the people in town are wearing the same style of clothing. That’s a business opportunity for you! You could design a line of clothing that offers something different. You could also offer your services as a freelance designer for other companies, or open up a retail store where you sell clothes.

We’re saying that you’ve chosen the right way. The best thing you can do is search for best ideas and start working on them. Physical age doesn’t really matter when it comes to ideas and business. We’ve seen CEOs under 20! So, if you’re looking for small business ideas for 13 year old, you’re on the right place! Let’s start with the very first idea for kids.

Pets Daycare / Dog Walking :

Grooming services business ideas

Image/ Cats grooming

Well, this is one of the best idea for those who love animals. You would need to mange your time and start this business as a part time. Yes, its gonna be a success. The busy people don’t have much time for their pets. You can help them with their pets for a fixed fee or an hourly rate!

Details of Pets Daycare business idea:

The following table shows the overall structure of investment and profit. You can also see the type of business and its competition in the below table.

Type of Job Business Competition Investment Expenses Profit Margin Remarks – FP
 Easy  Depends on Location!  Low  Low  Good  Great Business Idea for kids

Didn’t like the first one? Let’s move on!  The second one doesn’t have animal handling.

Aquariums Cleaning Idea :

Successful People work hard!

Image/ Success

This is very easy job though it requires a little experience. For kids who need to work for a few hours and get a generous salary, this idea is gonna work!

Details of Aquariums Cleaning Idea :

Type of Job Business Competition Investment Expenses Profit Margin Remarks – FP
Very Easy  Low / Medium  Nil  Low  Very High  Good Business Idea!

So, are you looking for more? Yes, more ideas are there!

Come on, let’s have an idea related to cooking! What about special food cooking for pets?

Making Special/Personalized Pet Dishes:

business ideas for home job!

Image/ Successful business ideas

Over $50 billion are spent on the special pet dishes. Isn’t it a good amount? You can earn a lot from it. What are you best at? If there is a yes for innovative ideas like this, you’re good to go! If you get .1 % of this total amount, you’re going to be a successful kid and business owner.

Details of the special cooking idea, small business ideas for kids is following!

Type of Job Business Competition Investment Expenses Net Profit Margin Remarks – FP
Cooking !  Low  Nil  Low  Good  Yes, do it!

The list is going to be updated on a monthly basis!

There are many ways for a 13 year old to start a business. One idea is to create a blog where other 13 year olds can comment and give advice on how to manage this difficult age. Another idea is to open a clothing store, but your 13 year old should always be present at the store and maintain a presence for their customers.

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