Similar Business Names and Trademark Issues

What are the impacts of similar business names? Is it really a good idea to choose a business name that sounds similar to another trademark business name? In today’s article, we are going to analyze the impacts of similar company titles and names!

A good name for your startup must be short, memorable, meaningful and relevant. Getting a trademark business name for your startup idea, in the beginning, is really worth it! It avoids conflicts at later stages. How to avoid such situations? Trademark search for company names would certainly help in this matter.

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How similar can two business names be?

It depends, the trademarks should always be compared visually, phonetically and conceptually. If they are similar at least in two criteria, presumably, the business names are similar overall and cannot be registered.

Visual Comparison for Similar Business Names

In this case, both the names would look like the same. See the example below.

Names read like same

Phonetically similar marks would be the following!

same sounding business names

Sometimes it is crystal clear, that the two business marks are similar. But in some cases, even the judgments of the highest courts differ. So, similar business names are usually avoided.

What does similar business names law say?

trademark law

And also,

name rule

In the US, it is possible for two firms names to be very similar without any trademark issues. However, the development of something called “anti-dilution” law means that the owner of a “famous” trademark (it means pretty much what it sounds like) can prevent you from using it even in an unrelated industry.

Traditionally, the law also allowed multiple businesses to use a given name in different geographic areas of the country, but the emergence of the Internet breaks down the significance of terrestrial isolation and makes it more likely that an Internet use of a name or trademark could be troubling regardless of where the businesses or companies are actually located. Thus, you reasonably want to steer clear of a name that is the same or similar to a name used by someone else in your field, even if that person or company is located far away from you.

Vowel Team – Similar Business Names

Look at these similar sounding words that can confuse you! The process of naming your business and securing trademark rights can be affected by these names!

[table id=SimilarWords /]

These names are usually having,

  • Beginning sound
  • Middle sound
  • Ending sound
  • High-frequency words
  • Analogy
  • Takes words apart flexibly.
  • Prefixes/suffixes
  • Inflectional Endings

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