If you want to start a roofing business, you must understand that managing a successful roofing company is not only knowing how to find a leak or repair a roof.  Being a thriving roofing business owner requires planning, expertise, persistence, determination, people-skills, and several other attributes.  Many people in this business fail, not because they weren’t skilled in their craft, but because they were not skilled in managing a business. Naming your business is also important that is why we have created a list of roofing company names for you.

What are the things to look at while deciding a roofing company name? Well, that’s important. We have to look at a few things such as

  1. The name should be short
  2. Memorable
  3. Meaningful
  4. Relevant to Roofing.

The business name is a fundamental phase of expressing your stardom, goals, preferences, expertise, and being stand out from others– seems like a lot, right? Let us help you with some cool roofing business names!

top 10 roofing companies

Roofing Business Names Ideas

Now, that you have decided to look for ideas to name your venture, here are some smart suggestions on picking your roofing company’s name:

  • Choose a roofing name that attracts your ideal customers.
  • Pick a curative or well-known name that charms up pleasant memories, so customers respond to your business on an emotional level.
  • Avoid names that are very long or complex.
  • You need to avoid jargon that the ordinary consumer wouldn’t know.

Whatever name you prefer, make sure it’s meaningful to you, your customers, and the roofing business industry. Because you name your company only once, that is why you need to do complete working before picking any name!

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Roofing Company Name Ideas

24/7 RoofingLodger RoofsCeiling Masters
Camp Out RoofersFix it NowSafeguard Roofs
Cover Up Roof ServicesPerfect Fix NowScreen Cleared Roofs
Fixing CoversPlaster And Beam RooferSecure The Shelter
Covering Bases RoofsProtect Your TentsShelter And Shield
Domes and RoofsProviding Safety RoofingStoneroofs
Golden RoofersRobo Ceiling RepairsThe Ceiling Experts
Hammer AwayRoof Defense ServicesTop Up Covering
High Point RoofingRoof HavenToppers Roofers
Home Fixing ServicesRoofing Done RightFix Shelters
Home ImprovementsCeiling UmbrellasWard Off Winter Roofing
House ToppersThe Roof WinnersWe Fix Rooftops
Crown RepairsCeiling ProsWe Fix Ceiling
Fix the DomeYour Ceiling MattersWinter Roofing Easy
Make sure you choose the best names that are short, memorable, meaningful and relevant to rooftops.

Are you starting the process of founding your own roofing company? Let’s look at some of the biggest roof contractors in the US. These are giants in the industry. They have done thousands of famous projects all over the United States. Some of them are big enough that they don’t even take residential projects!

Top 10 Roofing Contractors in the United States

1CentiMark CorporationCanonsburg, PA
2Tecta America CorporationRosemont, IL
3Flynn Group of Cos.Many in U.S. & Canada
4Baker Roofing Co.Raleigh, N.C.
5Nations RoofMobile, Ala.
6North American Roofing Services, Inc.Tampa, FL
7Empire RoofingFt. Worth, Texas
8Mr. Roof / Able RoofColumbus, Ohio
9BEST Contracting Services Inc.Gardena, CA
10Kalkreuth Roofing and Sheet MetalWheeling, WV
Check out their names and pick a similar one that you like. Naming your company isn't an easy task!

To get the complete picture, let see some more ideas!

150+ Roofing Company Names ideas

United Front RoofingMatrix ConstructionWide Worthy Co.
Mettle Leaf ConstructionCross Eagle ConstructionFix Roof Contractors
Simple Ray Roofing Co.Best Move CorporationFix Joist Co
Stex ConstructionShelter Mac ConstructionFix and Assemble
North bay Roofing Co.Proserv RoofscapesThink and Fix
Steel Smith Roofing Co.Catastro ConstructionPrecision Shelters
Urban Move Roofing Co.Pro Roof CorporationVelocity Workers
Heubern ConstructionAll Build ConstructionFix Precisely co
True Safe Co.Orbett CorporationFix Shelters Solution
Dynamo LandscapingMagma RoofingBlocks and Covers
Super eva CorporationPrudex LandscapingA+ Ceilings Work
Tag Roof Roofing Co.Frontier CoversAeon Plex Co.
Kronexx CorporationFrontline House WorksAlpha Plus Construction
Aertona ConstructionFix your HouseAlpha X Construction
Zrexx RoofscapesFix the CoverApex Constructions
Black Spade Roofing Co.Reliable RoofingAvant-garde Roofing
ZipGrip ConstructionAll Fixed CeilingsBlueline Works
Hybron ConstructionFrom The PeakCastle top Repair
Skobiss Roofing Co.From The RooftopsCenturion Repair
Falcon Roofing Co.House And CeilingsChromatic Roofing
Red Great Co.Leak Free RoofingDurable RoofWork
RoofoWave ConstructionOverhead HealersDynoroofing
Aeronex Fix Co.Overhead OccasionEagleview Workers
Top Pros ConstructionPeak PerfectExcellent Roof Works
Sensitech RoofscapesPeak PerfectionExceptional Rooftops
Yugo Fixing WorksPeak CeilingsFlamingo Corporations
Brettbex RoofixingPerfect Peak CoversIndigo Rooftops
Hedgex Rootops RepairProof In The RoofJohn’S Quality Work
TotemPro RoofingReady RooftopJupiter Repair Services
Roofocus CorporationRecommended CeilingsLakeside Landscaping
Top Man RoofingRefresh Roof & CeilingsMars Ceilings Work
Servostent CorporationRegal Ceilings WorkPolygon Shelter Repair
Proswox LandscapingRequisite CeilingsPrecise Shelters Services
Home Crew ConstructionRoof And PeakTop base Roof Construction
StormXpert RoofscapesRooftop GeniusTopnotch Shelter Services
Best Build LandscapingRooftop ReadyFortress Work
Big Top CorporationRooftop RequirementsSuccess Work
Bull Dog ConstructionCeilings TeamWorkaholic Services
FutuShield LandscapingFix Cover ViewsGranite Work Co.
Qbikor ConstructionRoyal ShelterFix Blocks Co.
Urban Arc LandscapingShingle RepairsRight Proof Services
Hobert CorporationSolid Repairs IncWorking Shelters
Wide Move RoofscapesSolid ShinglesWorkable Ideas Co.
Black Dot LandscapingWe Know RoofsRoof Craftsman
These are some of the unique ideas for naming your first company.

How to Start a Roofing Company?

If you want to start your own company, these are the ten basic steps to know! A business plan doesn’t need to be a professionally-formatted excellent paper with graphs and charts—and you don’t even require a professional to write one because we are giving you the idea! Create a unique business plan that clearly and precisely represents your business goals as well as your strategies for reaching them.

How to Start a Business? 10 Steps Guide for Entrepreneurs

1. Plan your business. A clear plan is essential for success as an entrepreneur.
2. Form a legal entity. This will prevent you from being personally sued by someone.
3. Register for taxes. There are a variety of state and federal taxes to pay!
4. Open a business bank account. Keep your finances organized and more professional.
5. Set up business accounting. Recording your expenses and sources of income is critical.
6. Obtain necessary permits and licenses. Failure to get permits can result in hefty fines.
7. Get business insurance. Insurance is highly recommended for all business owners.
8. Define your brand. Your brand is what your company stands for.
9. Make a Website. A business website allows customers to learn more about your products.
10. Say ‘Please and Thank you’ & Never Give Up. That's the crux of the matter.
These are the 10 steps involved in starting a business venture. If you are able to stick to the basics, you will be successful in your business venture.

Now, that we already discussed what kind of business plan you need to start your own roofing company, let’s make a clear plan.

1. Executive Summary
             1.1 Objectives
             1.2 Key to Success
             1.3 Mission
2. Company Summary
             2.1 Company Ownership
             2.2 Start-up Summary
             2.3 Company Locations and Facilities
3. Products
             3.1 Product Description
             3.2 Sales Literature
4. Market Analysis Summary
             4.1 Market Segmentation
             4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy
                       4.2.1 Market needs
             4.3 Industry analysis
                       4.3.1 Competition and Buying Patterns
                     Buying Pattern
5. Strategy and Implementation Summary
             5.1 Competitive Edge
             5.2 Sales Strategy
                      5.2.1 Sales Forecast
6. Management Summary
            6.1 Management Team
            6.2 Management Team Gaps
            6.3 Personnel Plan
7. Financial Plan
            7.1 Important Assumptions
            7.2 Projected Cash Flow
            7.3 Key Financial Indicators
            7.4 Break-even Analysis
            7.5 Projected Profit and Loss
            7.6 Projected Balance Sheet
            7.7 Business Ratios

Yes, these seven steps are critical for your roofing business!

What are your thoughts? Let’s know if you have any suggestions and views.


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