The Best Resignation Letter Template and Samples


How did you feel while resigning from your first ever job? These resignation letters were the best ones out there on social media. You might fall in love with their job resignation letter. You don’t need to copy them just because we’re here to tell you how to write the best ever letter of resignation.


Resignation letter

I don’t think we need to define what kind of letter this is. Do we? It’s a formal letter in which you demand freedom and tell the boss that you are leaving. Why do we call it freedom? We want you to step into the business world and start something for yourself. If you are doing a 9 to 5 job, it means that you are just wasting your time! You need to know that there are 100 small business ideas listed on our website. So, here we are talking on a very important topic which is leaving your job and resigning!

Why do people resign from jobs? There are a lot of reasons, but the most known reasons leading to immediate resignation letter are the following.

  • People resign because they don’t like their boss. Time to be your own boss? Yes!
  • They resign when they don’t see good opportunities for promotions in the company they’re working in.
  • Sometimes, other firms offer big pay, so your employ leave you!

Research by a Washington-based insight and Tech Company has revealed that people leave the company when they don’t find themselves satisfied with their growth. People love to compare things, when the results are not favorable, writing a letter of resignation is better. But wait, how and to what they compare themselves? They compare their position with their friends with same qualifications and skills. And also with the dreams, they had for life. HBR has a detailed discussion on it. Letter of resignation is an alarm for the CEO who is either not good at his job or he is too bossy.

According to research, big companies keep an eye on the activities of their employees. They even stalk them on the social media to know how they are feeling and doing their job. Don’t you think it’s bad? Good or bad but it is a very intelligent step to ensure that employees don’t leave their job. They are either stopped by early contracts or rise in the pay. So, you know that the good boss goes for the second option. When you get a higher pay, you get good feelings.

What are the best times for the best resignation letter? Another research by a data Analytics Company shows that the best time for leaving your job is the ‘Work or Rank Anniversaries.’ New job haunting activities rise by 6 to 9% during the work anniversaries. Also, new job haunting on birthdays rise to 12% which shows that people asses their careers on such occasions. To avoid seeing a good worker leave the job, you need to surprise them before their birthdays otherwise they will surprise you with their best resignation letters. That’s how things work.

Best Resignation letters

Data analytics form Google shows that 650 thousand people search on the web about writing their resignation letter which they call best resignation letter for boss. This is something interesting. Most of the people search for resignation letter before writing one. Why is it so? It is just because they want to make sure to write the best letter.

Now that you have decided to write your resignation letter, you want to see a resignation letter template or an example resignation letter. Let’s know how to write one! Make sure your resignation letter touches your boss!

How to write a letter of resignation

After a through comparison and assessment, now you have decided to leave the job. The last thing is writing to your boss why you leaving. If you are a part of a big company, your boss would probably know that you’re leaving before you put up a resignation. So, be prepared and get a good letter.

There are two type of news. One is bad news, and one is good news. Interestingly, when people leave, they write a bad news in a good news pattern. This way of writing is called an indirect method for bad news. So, the first thing is to start with good things first. So, here are the tips.

  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Explain the fact that you’re leaving and the last work as well.
  • Say thanks to them and assure any needed help in the transition process.

Try your best to avoid negative comments about the company, fellow employees, and the boss. But why? Just because your letter of resignation is kept in your work profile and may be shared with the next company you hoping to join. That is why we told you to give an indirect bad news.

Resignation letter template

There are plenty of templates and examples available on the internet, but we’ve tried to come up with some unique and interesting resignation letters from social media. Mainly the template is divided into the following major categories, and hence we have a different letter for each.

  • Simple resignation letter
  • Two weeks’ notice
  • Personal Reasons Resignation
  • Professional Resignation Letter

These all letters just confirm that you are leaving. Let’s look at real-life resignation letters from workers.

Top Ten Resignation Letters for You!

The first letter is the personal reason resignation letter template.

resignation letter from subramanibala79

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The second letter is from this lady on Instagram.

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Funny resignation letter


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