Pressure Washing Business Idea that Actually Works!

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Why to start pressure washing business? The first thing about pressure washing business is to know the benefits and working procedure. You should ask yourself these questions.

  • Is pressure washing business a profitable venture?
  • How to start pressure washing business?
  • Do you have the required skills and fitness?

Let’s know about the idea. The first thing is this business is profitable. It’s very easy to operate the pressure washer. All you need to have is physical fitness referred as hard work stamina. Initial training would be really a good thing to have. You will also have to read and practice the precautionary and safety measure.

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The second question is how to start it? As it is kind of business which needs some safety measures, that’s why in some states, you will need to obtain a ‘pressure washing business contractor license’. What is it all about? Don’t worry about it. It is very easy to get pressure washing license.

The third thing is about your skills set. Do you have a good physique or someone who will operate the washer? If yes, you are good to go. It requires mechanical effort.

Pressure Washing Business Plan:

Create a perfect business plan for your pressure washing venture. How to make a great business plan? The plan does not necessarily need to have a highly professional appearance, but should detail all the aspects of your pressure washing business.

What to include in the business plan for this venture?

  • The location for the business, start-up investment and business concept
  • Financial features and calculations for pressure washing business and financial requirements.
  • Major goals and achievements
  • Market Opportunity and Competition

If you need help regarding these things, we’d love to help you with this. You also need to apply for a ‘local business permit’ at your county clerk office, another thing is your state tax registration and contracting license at your state department of revenue and business regulatory offices, if applicable in your state.

What else you need for the smooth running of your business?

  • Obtain business liability insurance.
  • Purchase a suitable vehicle
  • Good pressure washing supplies and equipment
  • Do some marketing for your business i.e business cards and social media marketing.

How to name your business?

Do you have Pressure washing business names ideas? Give your business a good name. It should be short, memorable and optimistic. Names tells a lot about the idea of business.

Start Small and Grow Big!

There is no short-cut to great success. You must know that you should build a brand first and then start expanding your business i.e create some new branches at different locations. Consider specializing in one filed first and then start learning and experimenting new things.

Be very proactive with your business marketing and advertising program! Learn how to advertise on social media and internet. Make some good connections with people. Get feedback from people you know. And hire some great experts for these things if you don’t understand these marketing things.

Commercial pressure washer usage complete guide!

Pressure washing business idea

Commercial pressure washer usage complete guide!

The above pictorial table has all the required information about power washer and their price list. Pressure cleaning business idea requires low upfront investment as you can see the washers price list above.

Pressure (PSI), Water Flow (GPM) and Horsepower (HP) of Power Washers:

These are the important things listed above, typical PSI range is 1000 to 5000 for different Power washers. While the GPM may be from 1 to 7 for Pressure washers. Horsepower is the power of a machine. Typically, the more horsepower, the more pressures or volumes or a combination of both! Pressure washing companies love the high horsepower machines.

How to Pick the Perfect Professional Pressure Washer?

There are mainly three types of washer classified on the basis of fuel type.

  • Electric Power Washers
  • Gas Pressure Cleaning Machines
  • Vehicle/Trailer Mounted Washing Machines

While looking to purchase a power washer for pressure cleaning, know the following things;

  • Your Budget, as it is one of the defining factor.
  • High Horsepower washers (Usually expensive), the higher the power, the better the machine!
  • GPM and PSI of course!
  • User Manual and Operating Procedure Sometimes.

Pressure Washing Business in Pictures:

Pressure Washer Rig

Pressure Washer

Here is electric power washing machine.

electric power washer

Pressure Cleaner

Here we go! a Good picture …

Power Washer Image

That’s nice!

Go through these small business ideas!

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