The Best Pest Control Companies In The United States

pest control

During the warm months, insects and other pests could be a major nuisance to many people and their homes. During these times, the best option is contacting a pest control company to handle the situation. The pest control industry is very crowded, as many companies have made an impact and established themselves. However, there are a few pest control companies that stand out from the rest. Here is a look at the best pest control companies in the industry.


Brody Brothers Pest Control of Maryland

For over 30 years, Brody Brothers Pest Control has worked hard to keep the Baltimore area pest free. Brody Brothers is a top rated family owned business that has earned the reputation of being one of the most trusted pest control companies in Maryland. Brody Brothers Pest Control has won numerous awards, including being named by Baltimore Magazine as Baltimore’s Best Exterminator. Brody Brothers Pest Control not only removes the pests from your property, they will also get rid of the conditions that initially caused the pests to appear.

Turner Pest Control

Turner Pest Control is considered one of the fastest rising companies in the South. Turner Pest Control has been designated as a Quality Pro Certified Company. Customers have noted that Turner Pest Control always provides prompt service. The treatments are eco-friendly and affordable for everyone. One of Turner Pest Control’s most popular packages is their Turner Guard package, which gives customers a chance to purchase an all in one program with a lifetime termite damage guarantee. Turner Pest Control also supports local charities such as The DONNA Foundation and Homes for Troops.


Trutech stands out among their peers for their commitment to being eco-friendly. Trutech is also unique because they primarily specialize in helping homeowners deal with larger pests, such as birds and mammals. Trutech uses an integrated pest management strategy to deal with pest issues. Trutech tries to use the minimum amount of pesticides and poisons to treat the issue. Trutech offers their services in over 20 states throughout The Midwest, Southwest, and East Coast.


For over 50 years, Ehrlich has provided pest control services to the East Coast and Midwest. Ehrlich has earned a Green Pro certification from the Foundation For Professional Pest Management. Ehrlich has an innovative bed bug detection program where dogs help detect the pests. All of Ehrlich’s technicians must pass a rigorous training program in order to become certified.

Arrow Exterminators

Arrow Exterminators has received high grades for its attention to detail and customer service. Arrow has earned a Green Pro Certification from the National Pest Control Association. Arrow’s STEPS pest control system is designed to help the company treat the issue in the least harmful way possible. In addition to the 3 step process, Arrow also uses eco-friendly treatments to treat each issue.

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