10 Qualities of People with High Emotional Intelligence

Almost all successful businessmen who are successful in their professional as well as personal life have a higher emotional intelligence. They have all their priorities in order and very well organized.

According to Psychology Today “Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others.”

People with who posses higher emotional intelligence have greater chances of success then people with low levels of emotional intelligence. The secret to achieve higher EI is not as complex as one might think. Just keep reading on for some habits of people with high EI and get some pointers from this. Teach yourself these habits and be on the road to a successful life.

1. Emotionally Intelligent people embrace the change!

Emotionally intelligent people know that change is a part of life. They accept change with an open heart and a positive attitude. They are not afraid of change, they embrace it.

They are open to changes in life and adapt to them comfortably. Just remember change is in-evitable you have just got to accept it and make the best of it.

Come over your fear of unknown and discover new possibilities.

2. They know their strengths and weaknesses

Another great quality that people with high emotional intelligence have is that they are realist. They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They accept their qualities and make them work in their favor. They don’t just venture into things they are not comfortable with.
Select a field you are an expert of, play your strengths in your favor.

3. They are not perfectionist

Being a perfectionist and having a particular way of doing things can often effect on our productivity. It can slow us down and hinder the process of achieving our goals.

Emotional intelligent people realize that perfection doesn’t exists and make the best of their abilities and situations.

4. They don’t get easily distracted

You can easily get distracted while everyday life. Wandering off from your tasks and losing your determination is sign of lower emotional intelligence.

You better get yourself focused be able to put your attention to tasks in hand. Perform meditation and yoga exercises to keep yourself centered. Always complete the task on hand and then move to another.

5. They focus on positives

Emotionally intelligent people have a positive outlook of life. Instead of wasting time and energy on things on which do not have any control over, they remain optimist and enthusiast. They analyze the situations and make the best of it.

6. They know how to balance work and play

Working around the clock will only add the pressure and stress. It is not recommended nor advised by the experts. People having high EI tend to divide their time equally in work and in leisure.

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Apart from work they take up hobbies and take some time to unwind. Spending time with family or reading a good book, whatever helps you relax, start doing it.

7. They are empathetic

Being empathetic, kind and humane towards others is not only good for others, but it will help you also. It will help you grow emotionally. Being sensitive of your surroundings and people surrounding you makes you more compassionate.
Be aware for others needs and try your best to meet them. Be there for the ones you love.

8. They are self motivated

Getting motivated from within and being able to find inspiration of your own will make you more emotionally intelligent.
Just be adventurous and go with the flow. Find inner peace and be self centered. Motivate yourself, and don’t rely on others for any kind of emotional support.

9. They set boundaries

People with high emotional intelligence are kind and compassionate, but they also know when to say no.
This is essential because you should be able to realize your potential and do not bite off more then you chew. Do not make commitments that you cannot complete.

10. They don’t dwell in the past

Instead of wasting time dwelling in the past mistakes and failures, move on. Accept your mistakes and learn from them. Take them as experiences and teaching lessons.
People having higher emotional intelligence are known for their ability to move forward and upward.

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