Non Profit Organizations List, Examples and Ideas

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A non-profit, also known as non-governmental organizations (NGOs), or charitable organization is a startup body aimed at helping society to achieve a common goal, which leaves a great lasting positive impact on this beautiful planet earth and its inhabitants. Look at this non profit organizations list below. So, all non-profits are not supposed to be in business to make money. People together, help other people, animals, and the environment.

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Let’s know some NGOs.

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Why Start a Non-Profit Organization?

It provides the best platform for likeminded people to get together and do something good for humanity. Over the past few years, the social media craze has been very high. Reaching your like-minded people is straightforward. What would be the primary responsibilities of a charitable organization? A business model for revenue generation, management body, are the fundamental parts of any non profit organization. As we all know a non-profit organization differs from a profitable business in several ways. The first thing is an NGO, or a non profit organization usually has no owner, but an individual or a group can own a for-profit business. Also, non-profits are funded by contributions from people. No direct investments are there.

If you are looking forward to starting a non-profit organization to have a positive change that no one has brought about, you can achieve that goal by joining hands with some other people thinking the same way. However, you must keep in mind that a non-profit business or startup offers no return on investment. All you get is the happiness inside you. We call this eternal happiness food for the soul.

Let's see the swot analysis worksheet for NGOs

Starting a non profit organization or charitable organizations is pretty much similar to any business venture. You need the following things for a non-profit.

  1. Your commitment
  2. A clear objective and well-defined goals
  3. A particular field or niche
  4. a communicable business plan

In addition to your strong commitment, you need to be a visionary leader who leads by example. Let’s know about non profit organization ideas and the fields in which you may get started. Let’s discuss non profit organizations list which is also known as charitable organizations list. Following is the list of charitable organizations.

  1. Human Rights Watch (HRC)

  2.  MoMA (Museum of Modern Arts)


  4.  American Museum of Natural History

  5. Doctors Without Borders

  6. Rotary International

  7.  Human Rights Campaign’s

  8.  Do Something’s

  9. Sierra Club

  10. Planned Parenthood 

non profit organization list and their advantages

Best Non-Profit Business Ideas for Charitable Organizations

These are the best ideas to work on. However, it is advised to work on your field on interests and skills. Following are the things to look at while starting a non-profit.

  • It should help all living things to live better.
  • Make sure it doesn’t hurt society.
  • The idea should be clear and well organized so that you get people together with you.
  • The business model should be there if you are targeting investors.

Go Green Idea – Trees Plantation

We human beings have raised the temperature of the world. The earth has undergone so many changes over the past years due to various environment unfriendly social activities such as massive industrialization, deforestation, carbon emissions and so on.

So, local go green projects, and non profits are needed to keep producing more oxygen.

Health care projects in Poor Countries

Starting health care projects in underdeveloped areas such as Africa are very very important for human lives. As responsible inhabitants of this beautiful planet, we need to be caring for those who are needy.

This idea can save thousands of lives. Even providing clean water would change the lives of many in North Africa.

The list of ideas is big. We are listing all the plans for starting an NGO.

Elderly Care Centers:

This is one of the most needed welfare work in a lot of cities in the world.

Build Homes for Homeless


Want to see someone smile because of you? Build a homeless a home and watch the smile on their face!

Save Precious animals from going extinct

Life is important whether it’s human life or the life of a tiny creature. So, this is an excellent idea on local areas scale.

Encourage preservation

You need to know that there are people who are not as good as you. It is you who needs to tell them to save for others. You motivate them; they join you!

Spreading Education for the poor

Same education for all without any discrimination of cast and creed! Yes, one hell of an idea which this planet badly needs!

Helping Disabled & Special people

These people make our society beautiful. You own things which they and desire and sometimes deserve too, but they are unable to get them. You have to speak to them.

Social Campaign against vices

Violence, racism, child abuse, and other vices are rife in many societies. You can start a non-profit that campaigns against any of these and support people who have fallen victim to such vices.

These are some of the best ideas for charitable organizations:

  • Distributing First-Aid Kits and Training people to help people
  • Fundraising Consultant for Social Causes
  • Graffiti Removal Campaigns
  • Refitting Houses for the Disabled
  • Free Stress Management Courses
  • Used Furniture Retailer
  • Opening a thrift store
  • Opening animal adoption organization
  • Creating a television inner Master Chef
  • Hosting sales for Charity events
  • Scholarships for Talent
  • Organizing a Give it up to show
  • Arranging Art Shows.
  • Start a Homeless Shelter Project

In conclusion, nonprofit organizations, aka non-governmental organizations, are significant. This is where you can show the world that you can also contribute to making this world a beautiful place.

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