10 Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine

High Emotional Intelligence and morning routine

If you are not a morning person and end up being the most unproductive in the morning then read on, you might get some helpful tips to get through the morning flawlessly. Being productive in the morning is not as difficult as it seems to you. Just by changing your perspective and a few little habits, you may be able to use that time more productively.


 1: Start your morning the night before

Prepare yourself the night before. If you have to go to office, pick your clothes and prep them. Do necessary chores like preparing the breakfast or getting the coffee on. By dividing the work the night before you are saving your time and energy. This way you will have less work to do and more time to relax.

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 2: Work out

Experts all over the world advice to work out in the morning. It makes you get in the positive mindset. Working out gets the blood flowing and makes you healthier. Take out some time from your morning routine it can be anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour. Exercise and you will feel its benefits throughout the day.

3: Take protein instead of dairy

A very big mistake we all unconsciously commit is that we take cereals and dairy for breakfast. It makes us lethargic and lazy. It might also make you hungry quickly. Instead of dairy or carbs you should take protein as a breakfast. It makes you active and stay sharper. It takes more time to digest and keeps you full for longer.

4: Drink more water

Waking up with a dry mouth is not a very pleasant feeling. By increasing your water intake in the morning you will revitalize your organs and muscles. Researches prove that increasing water intake makes you fresher throughout the day.

5: Stretch

You might have noticed that toddlers and kids do long stretch after they wake up. If it works for them you should try it too. Stretching in the morning will relax your body and mind.

 6: Get in the positive mindset

Attitude is everything. Just focus on making your attitude positive and you will notice a very big difference in your overall outlook. Positive attitude does not only help you but it will also reflect on people around you. They will enjoy your company more.

 7: Light up your morning

When waking up make extra effort to light up your room. By bringing light in the room you are uplifting all the energy. Brightness is a unconscious signal to your whole body that it’s time to get up.

8:  Be pleasant

Make extra effort to be pleasant in the morning. Put on some pleasant sounding alarm music that makes your mood good. Remember, only you can uplift your mood. Just focus your energy on positives of the life and be thankful for little things.

 9: Boycott the snooze button

Pressing snooze button many times will only make you cranky and you will end up in a bad mood too. The night before, when setting up your alarm. Give yourself some margin in time.

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10: Use technology for help

Admit it; technology has made our life much easier. If it is available to you then make full use of it. Make breakfast or kids lunches in the night and microwave them to safe time. Dry your hair with an electric hairdryer and save time. Catch up on world and current affairs by getting on the web.

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