Home Inspection: 600+ Home Inspection Company Names

Coming up with an effective home inspection company name can be difficult. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming trying to find a good one. Sometimes companies are part of franchising organizations which restrict the names that they can use. Here are some helpful tips for coming up with an effective and memorable name for your home inspection business.

Why is it important to get your home inspected? When it comes to your home, you deserve nothing but the most thorough and accurate inspection to be safe. Let’s help home inspectors with modern, unique and creative home inspection company names.

Your business name is often one of the first things that people will encounter, so it’s important to come up with a fantastic name. Of course, coming up with a fantastic name for your business might seem difficult! But let’s try it here.

Home Inspection Company Names

These are some of the inspiring home inspection company names:

  • The House Guardians
  • The Supervisors
  • Domain Doctors
  • Verified Value
  • The Property Sleuth
  • The Building Clear
  • Sherlock Homes Reviews
  • The Quality Air
  • Delmarva Houses
  • American Banner
  • Real E-Check
  • Building Testers
  • Crevice and Nook
  • Trusted Palace
  • American Buildings Safety
  • 360 Safe Zone
  • Across Atlanta Inspection
  • Act Home Inspection
  • Acuity Inspection Assoc Inc
  • Acumen Home Inspections
  • Acura Engineering Inc
  • Acute Engineering Inc
  • Adams & Assoc
  • Advanced Environmental Inc
  • Advanced Innovations
  • The Advanced Inspections
  • Advanced Lead Svc
  • Advanced Mold Testing
  • Advanced Property Inspection
  • Advance-Tech Inspections
  • Compliance Specialists
  • Core Home Inspectors
  • Country Home
  • Daystar Inspections
  • Diamond Property
  • Eagle Eye Home
  • Elite Group Inspections
  • Eye Spy Home Inspections
  • First Choice Inspectors
  • Full House Check
  • Global Building
  • Gold Medal Tester
  • Guiding Light Services
  • Hartman Home Inspection
  • Hawkeye Home Inspections
  • Hidden Valley Property
  • High Desert Home
  • Home Boss Certify
  • Home Cert
  • Home Certify LLC
  • Home Check Services
  • Home Pride
  • The Home Team
  • Home Trust
  • Homestead Strong

The American Society of Home Inspectors suggests that a home should be inspected every 10 years, to include the procuring of a new house. The popular theory is that a home inspection is not required if other code inspections or assessments are occurring on a house. However, each of these probes and reviews serves a particular purpose.

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Is it required to have a home inspection? No, home inspections are not mandatory but it is good for your home!

 inspection company names

Among the many other advanced tools used during a home inspection, sometimes, inspectors also incorporate infrared cameras for assessments. (sometimes called thermal imaging)

How to start home inspection business? So, let’s give you a quick idea to start home inspection company. It can be started with:

  • Startup Costs and Investments: $2,000 – $10,000
  • Is it Market Based?: Can be operated from residence.
  • Can it be Part-Time?: Can be operated part-time.
  • Are franchises Available? No
  • Online Operation? No

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Home Inspection Names

These are some of the smart home inspection names ideas:

  • Quality Control Team
  • Home Inspection Company
  • Site Inspector
  • Leading Provider
  • Property Inspections
  • Comprehensive Guide
  • Inspection Reports
  • Home Pro Inspection
  • Critical Part
  • Air Quality Inc.
  • Home Cert
  • Inspection Fundamentals
  • Professional Home Inspection
  • Home Structure
  • Post Professional
  • Value Inspector
  • Honest Opinion
  • Network Solutions
  • Informed Decisions
  • Special Skills
  • Total Home Inspection
  • Comprehensive Understanding
  • Report Form Pro
  • The Viewpoint
  • Network Solutions
  • Upstate Inspection Services
  • Home General
  • Structure Guardians
  • Building Inspection
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Commercial Inspections
  • Professional Group
  • Building Materials
  • Real Estate Decisions
  • House Investigator
  • DEAL KILLER Inspection Services
  • Major Life Decision
  • Florida Inspections
  • Safe Home
  • Homestead
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Insurance Policy Inspection
  • Stud Lines
  • House Dick
  • Pro Engineer Team
  • The Probe Squad
  • Red Shutter
  • Spotlight Probes
  • Patriot Analysis
  • Top to Bottom
  • The Best Explorer
  • Probe The Palace
  • Apex Probes
  • Venue Guardians
  • Prism Probe
  • S. Analysis
  • Safe Hands Inc
  • Safe Mover
  • Property Paramedics
  • Inspector
  • Clear path Quality
  • House Review
  • Prestige Reviews
  • House Frisk
  • American Fortitude
  • We Do It All
  • Inspector Generals
  • Healthy Residence
  • All Clear Buildings
  • American Assessments
  • Sagestone Review
  • White-Glove Reviews
  • Basic House Concepts
  • Gold Key Probes
  • Executive Review
  • Excelsior Estates
  • Total Access
  • Patriot Consulting
  • See In Detail
  • US Avow Experts
  • See Task Force
  • The Elite Review
  • The House Experts
  • The Proper Probe
  • Solid Ghar

These are some home inspection logos:

home inspection logos

If you have building or renovation experience and you like diagnosing house infrastructure issues, then you can give the buyer-friendly opinions –or at least let him know what he’s up against–as a home inspector. This is the last list of some cool and clever names for your company!

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Home Inspectors Names

These are some of the unique and creative names for home inspectors:

  • My Inspectors Team
  • Safe Sanctuary
  • In specialist
  • The Inspection Master
  • Tech Inspect
  • Detail Investigators
  • Solaced Buildings
  • The Safe Lives Company
  • Home Sleuth
  • Pointe Residential
  • Lyra  Explorers
  • Inspex 360
  • Homeperative
  • USA Safe Builds
  • USA Secure House
  • Oracle Inspect
  • Inner Specs
  • Probe with Confidence
  • Inspect Bright
  • The Sherlock Ideas
  • Inspection Might
  • Crevice Analytics
  • Safe House Project
  • Dwell Excel
  • Palace Cert
  • Property Periscope
  • Desert Palace Reviews
  • Speedy Spectate
  • Inspect-It First
  • Crevice Buddy
  • Joyner Property Probes
  • Ghar Summary
  • Pro Elements Check
  • Build-Zone
  • Certispect
  • Inside & Out Details
  • Excellent Estate
  • Reliable  Services
  • Asset Guard 360
  • Total Explorers

inspection company names ideas for you

What are the types of home inspections? When we say home inspection, we generally refer to the standard home inspection which includes electrical, plumbing, HVAC and roofing. Insurance companies are most likely to demand a 4-point inspection before they issue insurance policies for older homes. (theinspectorscompany)

Inspection Company Names

These are some of the brand names for home inspections:

  • Creative Inspection Service
  • America Inspect
  • Archer Inspectors
  • Castle Ins
  • Color Home Inspectors
  • First Choice Checks
  • Hilltop Home Inspections
  • Precision Inspections Team
  • My Property Inspectors
  • Signature Inspections
  • The Palace Inspectors
  • Blue Home Inspections Inc.
  • Arcadian Inspectors
  • A Plus Inspections Team
  • All Seasons Home Inspection
  • Quality Control Team
  • Brand Awareness
  • Clear Expectations
  • Home Inspection Company
  • Site Inspector
  • Leading Provider
  • Home Inspection Business
  • Home Inspector
  • Property Inspections
  • Comprehensive Guide
  • Inspection Reports
  • Home Pro Inspection
  • Inspection Fundamentals
  • Professional Home Inspection

names for home inspections

The home inspection is always a demanded service, even when the real estate market is full of uncertainties. As a part-time business, a home inspector can make solid additional income, which can lead you to become a full-time business owner in a short time!

What does the home inspector do?

Home inspectors are an elite group of skilled specialists who offer precious reviews about residential apartments. Their experiences in testing and assessing the status of residence are crucial for new buyers to find the potential costly repairs, and these services are essential for most of the mortgage approvals.


A great way to come up with a great name for your business is by using the first couple words of the company name and putting them together in a phrase. One of the first steps to selecting the ideal name for your home inspection contractor business is to download a large online list of prospective company names and analyze what people choose.

We hope that you have found your home inspection company names from our list. If you want ideas from our community people, lets know in the comments section.

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