400+ Catchy Greeting Card Company Names Ideas of All Time

Greeting Card Company Names Ideas

Greeting cards are a great way to convey your feelings to someone who is important to you. However, sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect name for your greeting card company. If you are looking for a greeting card business names that will show how much you care or if you are looking for a greeting card that matches the recipient’s personality, then you are in luck. We have plenty of greeting cards business names ideas for you.


Greeting cards are one of the most popular gifts in the world. They are used to send greetings to friends and family members. There are many types of greeting cards available in the market. Some of them include birthday cards, anniversary cards, wedding cards, sympathy cards, thank you cards, etc.

There are many companies that manufacture greeting cards. These companies use various techniques to design the card. Some of these companies use computer software to design the card while others use hand drawn designs.

Some of the companies that produce greeting cards are Hallmark Cards, American Greetings Corporation, Stamps.com, Card Factory, etc.

Greeting Cards Names

These are cool and catchy greeting cards names to inspire you:

  • Bright Side Greetings
  • Cards For All Occasions
  • Greeting Card Expressions
  • Budget Greeting Cards
  • Cards 4 Everyone
  • Dazzled Creations
  • Fortune Cookie Cards
  • Gigantic Hellos
  • Lovely Daisy Designs
  • Glitzy Greetings
  • Reindeer Vibes
  • Special Occasions Cards
  • Card Nation
  • Card Moments
  • Starship Card Shop
  • Clear Lines Collection
  • Featured Fun Cards
  • Frankly Speaking Greetings
  • The Shop Of Interest
  • Prosperity Cheers
  • Scribbled Train
  • Heart’s Touch Greetings
  • Smiles For Miles
  • Gentle Goodwill
  • Paper Skyscraper
  • Cards From The Heart
  • Presents Of Mind
  • Always Express Yourself
  • Gifts & Greetings Review
  • Made With Love Gift Shop
  • Yard Card Guys
  • Gentle Mornings Inc.
  • Stock Well Greetings
  • Emily Mcdowell & Friends
  • Amore Cards
  • The Gentle Salute
  • Card Palette
  • Word Toasts

Greeting Card Company Names

Here are some cute and cool greeting card company names of all time:

  • Awesome Cards
  • Special Greetings Card & Gift Shop
  • Misleading Greeting
  • Awesome Greetings Cards
  • Perfect Greeting Cards
  • Humongous Greetings
  • Felicitations Cards & Gifts
  • Color Me Happy
  • Verbal Howdy
  • Greeting Card Advisors
  • Card Zone
  • Celebrations Greetings
  • My Paper Crafting
  • Cards & Gifts
  • Previous Memo Spot
  • Send Out Cards
  • Noble Works
  • Lots Of Love Gifts
  • Sentimental Expressions
  • Paper Craft By International Greetings
  • Warm Phrases
  • Celebrate The Happy Times
  • New Wings Designs
  • The Great Birthday Co
  • Wishes Cockermouth
  • Diamond Jubilee Card
  • Arts & Letters
  • Weepy Words
  • Seaside Gifts
  • Popular Greetings
  • The Social Type
  • Green Field Paper
  • Tapes Design Shop
  • House Of Cards
  • Lovely Messages
  • Blake’s Cards
  • Tipsy Towers Greetings Cards
  • 3rd Coast Cards
  • Cardamom Creations
  • Wonder Day Cards
  • Card And Gift World
  • Greeting Card Warehouse
  • Sandy Hills Souvenir Shop
  • Pucker Up Gifts
  • Gold Leaf Stationers
  • The Ordinary Postcard
  • Ordinary Sheets Place
  • Making Greeting Cards
  • Marvelous Christmas Cheer
  • Greetings From Hoboken
  • Fleeting Thoughts
  • Flowery Images
  • Best Holiday Wishes

Greeting Card Company Names Ideas

Below are unique greeting card company names ideas to get inspiration from:

  • Open Greeting Card House
  • Counting Candles Greetings
  • Amazing Greetings Cards
  • Johnsons Greetings Cards
  • Paper Plane
  • Our Handmade Collective
  • Beautiful Gestures
  • Present Day Memory
  • Coast Cards
  • Huckleberry Letterpress Co.
  • Cranky Cards
  • Miracle Days
  • Calypso Cards
  • Cheers!
  • Yellow Umbrella Gift Shop
  • Carry On Greetings
  • Gingerbread Designs
  • Card Connection
  • Ace Greetings
  • The Paper Empire
  • Log Cabin Keepsakes
  • Trendy Words Co.
  • Yard Care
  • Cards To Art
  • Survivor Greeting Cards
  • Greenwich Letterpress
  • Beautiful Depicted
  • Illustration Trading Co
  • The Living Edge Greetings
  • Word Poppers
  • S. Greetings, Inc.
  • Fine Papers
  • Main Street Gifts
  • Word Festival Designs
  • Giant Invitations
  • Blissful Holiday Designs
  • Shiny Gift Shop
  • Just Cards Direct

Greeting Card Company Names Ideas

Greeting Card Shop Names

These are good greeting card shop names:

  • A Thousand Words Greeting Cards
  • Sunshine Greetings Cards Shop
  • Well Drawn Cards Shop
  • Smart Sheets Place
  • Cheerful Reception
  • Kasia’s Cards & Gifts
  • Witty & Fey Card Co
  • Pressing Events
  • The Card Shop
  • The Greeting Card Association
  • Glorious Gifts
  • Pop Up Greeting Cards
  • American Greetings
  • A Sweet Tooth
  • Sentiments And More
  • Letters Pro
  • Mercifully Greetings
  • Birthday Banners
  • Roots Greeting Cards
  • Birthday Moments
  • Playtime Gift Store
  • Loud Hellos
  • Joyous Holiday Designs
  • Minute Crest Card Company
  • Beautiful Giga Gift Card Shop
  • Blue Mountain Arts
  • Sky High Gift Shop
  • Personalized Christmas Cards
  • This And That Gifts
  • Grandma’s Gift Shop
  • Perfect Greetings
  • The Mincing Mockingbird
  • In My Book
  • Giant Greetings

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Popular Greeting Card Company Names

Below are the popular greeting card company names:

  • Chimney Surprises
  • Pippa’s Prints And Cards
  • New Highlighted Cards
  • Secret Admirer Florist & Gifts
  • Festive Streamers Designs
  • Cute As A Button
  • Aloha Card
  • Celebrations
  • Tickles And More
  • Successful Greetings
  • Just Because Gifts
  • Birthday Card Place
  • The Wireless
  • Welcome Home
  • Greetings From The Heart
  • Sandra’s Designs
  • High Five Gifts
  • Sav-Half Greeting Cards & Gifts
  • Hugs And Kisses
  • Ridiculous Greeting Cards
  • Seltzer Goods
  • Sweet Memories Inc.
  • Paper Pastries
  • Out Of The Box Cards
  • The Customary
  • Extraordinary Joys
  • The Birthday Guy
  • Joyful Bells Designs
  • Level Up Designs
  • Beautiful New Years
  • Evidenced Spot
  • Heaven Sent Gift Delivery
  • Paper Ribbons
  • Archway Cards Ltd
  • Customary Welcome
  • Furry Friends Gift Spawt
  • Speak Your Mind
  • Celebration Store
  • Cards 4 You
  • Fantastic Days Greeting Cards
  • Love Buddy Greeting Industry
  • Charmed Cards
  • Precious Christmas Cheer
  • Wonderful Holiday Creations
  • Solitaire Greeting Cards
  • Blue Zap Greeting Cards Com.
  • Word Power Inc.
  • Elegant Cards And Stationery

Greeting Card Company Names in USA

Following are the unique and attractive greeting card company names in USA:

  • Unexpected Welcome Group
  • Prince Greeting Cards
  • Sunlight Greeting Cards
  • Whitewash Greeting Cards
  • Hipster Cards
  • Bright Lights
  • Pink Greetings
  • Brighter Days Designs
  • Made For You Personalized Gifts
  • The Lowercase
  • Hallmark Cards
  • Congratulation Place
  • The Cumquat Tree
  • Colossal Greetings
  • Big Words
  • The Gift Fairy
  • Joyful Greeting Cards
  • Baby And Child Cards And Gifts
  • Urbanic Paper Boutique
  • Greetings Galore
  • Heart’s Desires
  • Winter Dreams Designs
  • The Enthusiastic
  • Village Card Shop
  • Be Charmed
  • Gracious Welcome Place
  • Piccadilly Greetings Group
  • Greetings Warehouse
  • Doozy Cards
  • Adventurous Art Cards

How To Choose Greeting Cards Names?

Here are the tips to choose a brand name greeting cards business:

Choose An Appropriate Name.

The first thing you need to do is choosing an appropriate name for your company, and this will be reflected in all of your marketing materials such as website address, email addresses, social media handles etc.. You can use any word or phrase that best describes what you offer. For example, if you sell custom made wedding invitations, then “Wedding Invitations” would be a good choice.

Find Something Unique.

Once you decide on the type of product that you will be offering, you must come up with a creative idea for your company’s name. A great place to look for inspiration is at other businesses that offer similar services. If you have ever shopped online before, you may know how difficult it is to find unique products when shopping from different websites.

Make Sure That Your Name Has Meaning.

When naming your company, you should take into consideration how well-known your chosen name is. It is important that your company name has meaning so people understand exactly what they are getting themselves into by purchasing their goods or services. This means that you cannot just pick out anything off the shelf because there might already be another company using that exact same name.

If you want to make sure that your domain name is available, you should purchase it right away. However, if you don’t plan on selling items through your site, you could always register a free.com

Avoid Common Words.

Common words such as “the” and “and”, “a,” “an” and “of” are generally considered bad choices for a business name. Your goal here is to create a name that stands out and grabs attention. The more common your name sounds, the less likely someone will remember it.

Use Alliteration.

Alliteration refers to repeating sounds within a word. When creating a name for your company, try to incorporate some form of alliteration. Using alliterative phrases like “all about love” or “all about fun” makes your company sound interesting and memorable.

Be A Brand, Be Original.

Don’t just copy someone else’s name. Instead, try coming up with a name that reflects who you are and what you stand for. Make sure that your company name doesn’t contain too many syllables. Longer names tend to get lost in cyberspace, which is why shorter ones work better.

Keep Things Short.

Remember that most people won’t read more than three letters before deciding whether or not to buy your goods. Therefore, you shouldn’t spend too much time trying to come up with a clever name.

Think About Spelling.

It can sometimes help to spell out your brand name. Some companies choose to include their full legal name while others opt for something simpler. Either way, spelling things correctly helps customers feel confident that they are buying from a legitimate source.

Consider Punctuation.

Punctuation marks play an important role in helping us understand written text. They also add emphasis to specific sections of our writing. This means that when we use punctuation correctly, it makes our message easier to comprehend.

The best way to choose a good logo is to think about what kind of image you would like to portray. For example, do you prefer a simple design? Or perhaps you’d rather go for something bold and eye catching? Whatever style you choose, keep in mind that logos need to convey information quickly and effectively.

Create A Catchy Slogan.

A great slogan will always catch the eye of anyone looking through your website. But remember keep it simple! Try to avoid long slogans because many people tend to skip past these types of ads. Keep them short and sweet.

Make Sure You Have Good SEO.

Search engine optimization plays a huge part in making sure that your website ranks high on search engines. If you have a catchy slogan but no one knows where to find you online, then chances are you’re going to lose potential clients. To ensure this never happens, make sure that you have strong SEO practices in place.

While choosing a name for your company is certainly exciting, you never really know until after you’ve made your decision. You can change your name later on if you realize that it’s not working for you.

Greeting Card Company Names FAQs

These are the frequently asked questions:

What are some catchy greeting card business name ideas?

  • Abundance Greeting Cards
  • Illustrations Spot
  • Precious Moments
  • Enchanted Press
  • Cozy Corner Keepsakes
  • Glamorous Greetings Cards
  • Gene’s Custom Cards
  • Mutual Greeting
  • The Giggle Works

What are some unique greeting card company names?

  • New Day New Year Designs
  • Sugarcane Greetings
  • Greetings 4 U
  • Just To Say Greetings Cards & Gifts
  • International Cards & Gifts
  • Fine Flowers
  • Jolly Happy Cards
  • Just Fabulous Palm Springs
  • Merlyn Creations

What are some Christmas card business names?

  • Apocalyptic Cards
  • Highlighted Place
  • The Flower Petal Florist & Gift Shop
  • Cards A Plenty
  • Your House Of Cards
  • Three Squares Greetings
  • Wonderful Phrases
  • Big Reception
  • Cards For Everyone
  • Just Cards

What are some memorable card shop names?

  • Going Nuts Gourmet Gifts
  • A Bit Of Fun
  • Loud And Proud Cards
  • Hidden Gem Gift Shoppe
  • Once Upon A Trinket
  • Manor Card Shop
  • Artful Expressions
  • Letter Perfect
  • Festive Designs

What are some fun card shop name ideas?

  • Groovy Expressions
  • Stardust Greeting Cards
  • Head In The Clouds
  • Pressing Events Cards
  • The Card Shop
  • The Greeting Card Association
  • Glorious Gifts
  • Pop Up Greeting Cards
  • American Greetings

How can I come up with some greeting card Company names?

When you’re starting a business it’s important to come up with a great company name. How does your business fit in? What makes your brand unique? It’s important to think about these things before you start out.

Following are the tips for naming your Greeting Card Company:

  • Brainstorm Greeting Card Company names.
  • Keep it short and simple.
  • The selected name should tell about your business.
  • Catchy and memorable.
  • Avoid hard to spell words.
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Get feedback.

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