Trading Names: 600+ Best Forex Trading Names + Availability

With thousands of forex traders around the world, it’s incredible how many trading names there are. And with a business name, you have a perfect brand which boosts your personality.

Forex trading, the foreign exchange business is global and of course, decentralized for traders. If you have the discipline, risk control, courage, and astuteness, you can do this business. Some forex traders love to play it safe and keep to names that are dull and predictable. Others like to go the opposite way and have entertaining trading names.

The perfect trader’s name reflects your knowledge, skillet, and dedication. Just like these investment companies names in the US, we are going to suggest entrepreneurs some cool ideas.

Trading Names

These are some creative trading names:

  • Advance Ideas Inc.
  • Affinity Group
  • Alex Forex Group
  • Alison Assets
  • All Asset Trading
  • Alpine Trade
  • American Forex Specialists
  • Assets Legacy
  • AZ Trading
  • Bargain Greenland
  • Bear Trade
  • Best Days Work
  • Bloom Trading
  • Blueberry Trading
  • Bright Future
  • Bright Trust
  • Brown Brothers
  • Capital Gains
  • Capital Link Inc.
  • Captain Express
  • Opus Fund Services
  • Subsonic Trading
  • Wanda Trading
  • Oceanic Trading
  • Miracle Trading
  • York Trading Inc
  • Ny Gold Silver Trading Inc
  • Watch Trading Company
  • Hudson River Trading
  • Big Bright Trading Inc.
  • Crystals Trading Inc
  • Ramallah Trading Co
  • SK Global Trading Inc
  • Chicago Trading Co
  • Gulf Trading Inc
  • Apparel Trading International Inc
  • Lita Trading Corporation
  • New Empire Trading Ny Inc
  • Again Trading
  • World Trading Wholesale Inc
  • Millennium Trading Co
  • Hop Chong Trading Co
  • Edible Oil Trading Co
  • Precious Metals Trading Corp
  • Gem Trading Corporation
  • Broadway Sun Ben Trading Inc
  • QB Trading Inc
  • Lofty Trading
  • Glory Gem Trading Inc
  • Matisse Trading Inc
  • Bora Trading Corporation
  • Essex Global Trading, Inc
  • 88 Trading Corporation
  • Ngala Trading Co.
  • Ideal Trading Co Division
  • Afghan American Trading Co Inc
  • Full Hing Trading INC.
  • Crossroads Trading
  • Electric Trading Company
  • Syndicate Trading Company
  • Ana Trading Corporation USA
  • Run Feng Trading Inc.
  • Forex Trading Ideas

With having a good business, it is very significant to pick a perfect name for your venture. Naming an exchange business won’t really be a big assignment when you see all the ideas here.

On a serious note, I could use light entertainment phrases in the branding process. What are your skillet and experience? Put them into the right witty words.

Trading Company Names

Some top trading company names are:

  • Vanguard Industries
  • Castle Harlan Inc.
  • Catch the Fish
  • Coast of Guinea
  • Comma Alert
  • Complex Coordinate
  • Comprehensive Sales
  • Constant Mitchell
  • Core Vision Group
  • Cosmos Investments LLC
  • Cross Water
  • Diamond Group
  • Dream Deal
  • Dutch Magnates
  • Earth Market
  • East London
  • Fast Investment Company
  • Finance Master
  • The Finance Nuts
  • First Analysis
  • 47 Division St Trading Inc.
  • Leader Trading
  • S K H Trading Co
  • K Y Trading Corporation
  • Du Monde Trading Inc
  • Fa Da Cheng Trading Inc
  • Montana Accessories
  • 99 Jewelry Trading Inc
  • Frankl Trading Corporation
  • Grand Power Trading
  • Celebration Trading Inc
  • SK Trading Ny Inc
  • Argaman Trading Co
  • Original Madras Trading Corp
  • Panda International Trading of NY, Inc.
  • Quinto Trading Corporation
  • Empire Handbag
  • Crown Wholesale Trading Inc
  • Aleks Paul-Essex Global Trading Inc.
  • AAA Trading Inc
  • Global Trade Bridge Corp
  • Perfect Choice Trading Inc
  • Ideal Trading USA Inc – Toy Wholesale
  • Everbright Trading Inc
  • Super City Trading
  • Success Trading Inc
  • Jo International Trading
  • River Trading International
  • 4 G’s Trading Corporation
  • Concord Global Trading Inc
  • Woodland Trading Inc
  • Rich Long Trading Inc
  • Kimmel Brokerage Trading Co

Best Trading Company Names

These are the best trading company names:

  • Maspeth Trading Inc
  • Bluefin Trading
  • Daiei Trading
  • EBS Trading Corporation
  • Ball Trading Corporation
  • Best Choice Trading Corporation
  • Diamond Trust Trading Corporation
  • First Lenox Trading Inc
  • Genesis Global Trading
  • ION Trading UK Limited
  • Bronx Trading Co
  • De Paola Trading Inc
  • Hats Wholesale – BJ Bao Trading Inc.
  • Elbaz Trading Corporation
  • Empress Designs Corporation
  • Fam Trading, Inc
  • Porto Rico Importing Co.
  • New Siam Trading Inc.
  • Black Stallion Trading
  • Young Shing Trading Co., Inc.
  • Eagle Trading Company
  • Penguin Trading Inc.
  • Trade Supply Group
  • Alta Trading Inc
  • Grand Prix Trading
  • Systems Trading Corporation
  • Greenpoint Trading
  • Sunshine 88 handbags
  • KSW Trading Corp.
  • 99 Jewelry Trading
  • Citadel Trading Corporation
  • Evergreen Trading
  • GKM Restaurant Supplies
  • Sakai Trading New York Inc
  • The Topps Company, Inc.
  • 7 Color Import And Wholesale
  • Double Dragon Trading USA
  • Matrix Trading
  • Timpson Trading Corporation
  • Mississippi Plastics Inc
  • New Tong Shen Trading Inc
  • Haselson International Trading
  • TMI Trading

Let’s see Infographic:

forex names lists

Stock Trading Company Names

These are some stock trading company names:

  • First Northwest Inc.
  • Galaxy Ventures
  • George Lucas
  • Global Ventures
  • Golden Inc.
  • Golden Scope
  • Grand Associates
  • Gravity Ventures
  • Great Chinese
  • Growth Affirm
  • Growth Edge
  • Happy Bear Group
  • Helping Hand
  • Horizon Investments
  • Idea Infinity
  • Lennox Investments
  • Link Enterprise
  • Magna Wealth Inc.
  • Marvelous Points
  • Mastermind Ventures
  • General Trading Co
  • Dynamex Trading LLC
  • Kravet Inc.
  • Greenhill Trading
  • Corporate Counsel
  • Landor & Fitch
  • Duluth Trading Company
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Longview Trading Inc
  • DiPietro Trading Co LLC
  • Saffron Trading Company
  • Millennium Management
  • Twin Marquis Inc.
  • Virtu Financial
  • Paragon Coffee Trading Co
  • Trans America Trading
  • Pepsi-Cola Co
  • Twin Marquis
  • Colony Trading
  • Peak Trading Corporation
  • Roast Coffee & Tea Trading Company
  • Kravet Inc
  • HDS Trading
  • Fort Schuyler Trading Company
  • Jordan Trading Inc
  • Hudson River Trading Co.
  • The Schenectady Trading Company

Remember these things while choosing a beautiful name.

  • Do some good brainstorming
  • Pick a dominant theme
  • Make sure it scales/sounds great
  • Ask your friends to give you some ideas

Trading Company Names Ideas

This is the trending list of the best trade names in America:

  • Merchants Views
  • Mission Investment
  • Money Haven
  • Moon Deals
  • Moon Ventures
  • Morningstar Inc.
  • Motion Ventures
  • New Land Ventures
  • Northwest Dealers
  • Orion Ventures
  • Pacific Oak Wealth
  • Product Palace
  • Real Capital LLC
  • Real source Forex
  • Rocks Table
  • Royal Investment
  • Ruby Investments
  • Sales Guru
  • Omega trading Company
  • The Phoenix Trading
  • Chicago Trading Company
  • Tri A Trading Company Ltd
  • General Trading Company
  • The Mahoe Trading Company
  • Eccentric Trading
  • Majestic Trading
  • United Trading Company
  • Channel Trading
  • Amber Trading
  • UK General Trading Co.
  • S F Trading Co Ltd
  • Red Hill Textile Trading
  • BTC Group Holdings
  • VIA Trading London
  • Metal Trading Company
  • The Cocktail Trading Co. Brick Lane
  • Crescent Trading
  • True Value Trading Ltd
  • Acorn Trading Co.
  • Crucial Trading [London]
  • Commodities Trading Corporation Ltd
  • ASKV trading ltd.
  • Piranha Trading Ltd
  • Koch Supply & Trading
  • Trading Technologies Ltd

“Rule number one: Don’t lose money. Rule number two: Don’t forget rule number one.” — Warren Buffett

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We have tried our best to come up with cool ideas that would help you choose a memorable and creative name.

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The forex market is an extraordinary platform that offers a range of opportunities for stockbrokers. The world of forex trading is buoyed by a host of unique names of people and brands that are popular in the financial world. Here are some names that are correlated with successful forex trading.

Catchy Forex Company Ideas

These are some modern and catchy forex company names:

  • Sam and Jan
  • Seal The Deal
  • Secret Trust
  • Secure Prime
  • Simon Management
  • Soren’s Signature
  • Southern Star
  • Spark Bridge
  • Sprout Group
  • Tech Ventures
  • The Capex Group
  • The Next Force
  • The Oasis Enterprise
  • The Platinum Company
  • The Queen Wealth
  • The Wisdom Company
  • Tycoons in Trade
  • Valley Investment
  • Wins Begin
  • Object Trading
  • Splendid Trading
  • Amin Traders
  • Otto Trading
  • Walton Street Trading Ltd
  • The Furniture Cave
  • Krishna Trading Corporation
  • Atlantic Trading Ltd
  • J K Traders Ltd
  • Petronas Energy Trading Ltd
  • Omnicom Trading LLP
  • Longulf Trading (UK) Ltd
  • Lion Energy Trading LTD
  • L&B Diamond Paradise Trading Co. LTD.
  • Tower Trading Group
  • Pulp Mill Trading
  • Travis Perkins Tottenham
  • The London Academy of Trading
  • Travis Perkins Woolwich
  • Trading & Consulting International, Inc.
  • Peregrine Trading Ltd.
  • Biz Trading Ltd
  • Amplify Trading
  • The Trading House
  • Pound Worth Trading Ltd
  • Nichiei Trading Ltd
  • Gift Centre London
  • Sound2Hire Ltd trading as Sack The DJ
  • Mercuria Group – London
  • Audacity Capital
  • Travis Perkins Vauxhall
  • The Media Trader
  • R A Trading Ltd
  • Travis Perkins Paddington
  • Alpha Trading Floor
  • BB Energy Trading
  • Samrat Trading Limited
  • Q & T Trading
  • Trading 212

Open Trading Company Names

These are the open trading company names:

  • Indian Ocean Open
  • The Actives Team Limited
  • All Season Trading
  • Travis Perkins Queens Park
  • Borough Cheese Co
  • Flint Hire & Supply
  • The Brotherhood Games
  • Saxo Markets
  • The Pure Gold Company
  • Direct Seafoods London
  • Caplin Systems
  • Lagoon Group Trading Company Ltd
  • Jane Street Europe
  • ION Group
  • Mako Europe Ltd
  • Trafigura
  • Plumb Center
  • Admiral Markets UK
  • Prestige Buyers
  • London Metals Ltd
  • Islington Plumbase
  • Bitcoin Exchange
  • The Luxury Hut Pawnbrokers London
  • Morplan London
  • Capital Office Ltd
  • Scott’s Travel Management
  • Metropolitan Police Trading Service
  • Travis Perkins Battersea Lombard Road
  • Daniels Silver & Marcasite Ltd
  • Gerald Group
  • Empire Textiles
  • James Smith & Sons Ltd
  • PL Trading Ltd London – Gates & Railings
  • Haines of Sloane Square
  • Millennium Capital Partners
  • Zeppelin Trading Co Ltd
  • Sumitomo Corporation Europe
  • Sister Ray
  • J McCarthy
  • Park Cameras London
  • Bright House
  • Axia Futures

Brokerage Company Names

Here are brokerage company names:

  • Cohen Arnold
  • Redmayne Bentley
  • Shell Bank Street
  • Parks Candles London Ltd
  • Financial Times
  • Westcon Communications
  • Blackstone London
  • Intercontinental Exchange
  • Samuel & Co Trading
  • Virtu Financial
  • Olam International UK Ltd.
  • The Immigration Advisory Service
  • Citadel Investment Group
  • Accountants for Traders
  • Nomura International Plc
  • The Worshipful Company of World Traders
  • Pioneer Trading Company Essex Ltd
  • British Gas
  • Spurway Foods Ltd
  • Kerry Foods
  • Aerogon Trading Co.
  • Assurant Shares & Market
  • City Index Trade
  • Fine Curves Shares & Market
  • Fino Good
  • Front Lender
  • Nero Lend Broking
  • North Way Trading Co.
  • Signix Broking
  • Star More Broking
  • True Quest Shares & Market
  • Clifford Trading
  • Daily Trading Co.
  • Direct Trading Co.
  • Empire Trading Co.
  • Honest Trading Co.
  • Open Trading Company
  • Regional Trading
  • The Electronic Trading Company
  • The Forward Trading Company
  • The Income Trading
  • The Peaceful Trading Company
  • Trading Coastal
  • Trading Enterprises
  • Trading Extensive
  • Trading Fleet

Rules for Naming Your Forex Company

We all need some ideas to get smart and unique names for naming our new startup venture. All you need is a little inspiration to choose your brand theme.

Forex trading has top competition in the business industry, and you need a winning name to stand out from others in the field. You need to follow these steps:

  1. Avoid complicated and hard-to-spell words
  2. Don’t pick words limiting your business growth
  3. Carry out an out-and-out Internet search!
  4. Choose a short and meaningful brand words
  5. Check for copyrights or trademark conflicts
  6. Test if the names are catchy, short, meaningful, and relevant
  7. Get feedback on the experts and friends, and of course us.
  8. Make sure you like it.

Most of the time, people use the following strategy for creating cool names:

  1. Use your own favorite names
  2. You can use light humor words
  3. Rhyming words are too good!
  4. Keep it simple and cool
  5. Use your skills and common sense
  6. Brand it after your accessories and tools.

In Conclusion:

We hope you have found your desired trading business name from the above ideas list. Being an expert, what are your thoughts on this? Let’s know in the comments section so that other people could get benefited! 

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