The Perfect Guide for Starting a Fencing Company

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Starting a fencing business could be your best venture this year. The construction industry is one of the most profitable industry in today’s world. The return on investment in fencing business is great. Let’s discuss in details about all the requirements for starting a fencing company.


You might think why starting a fencing company is important. There are so many reasons for that. The competition in this field isn’t much when compared with other businesses in the area. There are several types of fences each of which is distinct based on the type of metals used, the level of difficulty in developing it and the manpower utilized. You can also put your fencing business for sale if you don’t have time to manage it. The success of this business depends on the skills set and the investment.

How Does Fencing Business work?

It is simpler than you might think. A typical day in fence installation will include making fences, fixing fences, conducting interviews to hire laborers, marketing your fencing business, obtaining licenses, obtaining permits, preparing bids and estimates. People who will need fences are farmers, homeowners, businesses and many more.

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How Big Is The Fencing Industry?

The fencing industry brings in $8 billion per year in revenue from the services of over 48,918 fencing businesses in this sector. The number of businesses has grown by 0.8% in 2018. If you look at fence company profits, you would definitely work on a fencing company.

fence company profits stats

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If we look into the fence builder wages, this is good business to start this year. The average hourly earnings for a fence installer is $14.15 per hour which isn’t bad at all.

Fencing Trends — What are the types of fences?

Following are the types of trending fences.

  1. Metal Fences
  2. Wood Fences
  3. Plastic fences
  4. Concrete Fences

These trends have been growing since last year and this is representing a potential opportunity for the industry. In order to run a fencing business successfully, one would need physical strength first of all, except you don’t intend to do the direct labor yourself. But if you intend to do the work yourself, even with the help of others, you need to have dexterity when it comes to manual labor, because it involves the lifting of heavy equipment and working long hours even in harsh weather. The fence company profits make things look perfectly alright as it pays off!

Starting a Fencing Company – A Complete Guide

This section will help you understand the working!

fencing activities

Where do these products are sold? See the list below:

Markets for fence business

Who are the leaders in the fencing industry?

These companies are top trending.

leading startup in fencing

The levels of investment in new housing construction and housing improvement expenditure drive demand for fence construction. The major markets include;

  1. Nonresidential Commercial Building
  2. Nonbuilding Market
  3. Agricultural Market

Demographics of Fencing Industry …

As long as people are making buildings, there would be a need for fences, especially these days where crime is on the rise. When considering going into the fence installation business, one must start to see those who will need the services he wants to provide.

The first customers who will require the services of fence installers would be the construction companies. One can ask construction company to outsource all their fence installation to them. This will give an opportunity for the construction company to focus on other aspects of the structure. It helps them save time, effort and manpower as every business is already looking for a way to ease their workload.

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Competition in the Fencing Industry:

The level of competition in this kind of business is high, however, if you build a reputation for yourself in the areas of excellence in service delivery, then you would stand out from the crowd.

[table id=FencingBrands /]

Different designs could help in standing out in the crowd!

fence business ideas

8 Steps to Start a Fencing Business Company:

If you want to start working on this idea, earn these things.

  1. Industry Overview (Economic, legal, and market status of the idea)

  2. Market research and feasibility report

  3. Fence business plan for beginners

  4. Owning a fence company (fencing business for sale?)

  5. Licenses and Permits

  6. Marketing plan and how to execute it

  7. Cost of starting a fencing company

  8. Marketing ideas & Strategies for successful business in this field

This is it! Want to know more? Watch this video.

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