What is the equine massage therapy salary?

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Equine massage is the remedial application of massage procedures developed and used by human professionals, applied to horses to reduce and relieve muscle tension. According to the international federation of equine massage therapists, it is a relatively new and growing field in the equine industry.


Purpose of Equine massage:

The basic purpose of the equine massage is to prevent draining muscular injuries and speed up injury recovery time. A key advantage of massage therapy is an immediate recognition of injuries which, if left untreated, could become a much bigger issue needing veterinary interventions and expensive treatments.

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Benefits of Equine Massage Therapy:

Let’s know about the benefits of this therapy, it has the following advantages,

  1. Develop movement within the muscular structures
  2. Improve circulation and the transportation of necessary nutrients to the horses’ system
  3. Enhance elasticity and pliability within the soft tissues
  4. Support a maximum range of movement within the horse by using passive stretches
  5. Improve drainage of toxins
  6. Encourages the breakdown of adhesions and scar tissue following muscular injuries
  7. To help warm up and prepare the muscles pre-exercise
  8. Promote relaxation
  9. Reduce muscle fatigue

Equine massage therapy salary:

How much does an equine therapist make a year? Let’s know some facts and figures about the earnings and salaries of the therapist working on this idea!

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According to Jane Meggitt, equine physical therapists conduct private practices while those on salaries can make good money as the annual starting salary is approximately $29,500, with the average annual salary about $38,000 which increase with qualification and experience of the therapists.

There are some legal requirements in the United States and some other countries. Make sure you know which types of permits and education is required for this business idea. Many schools offer certification programs in the areas of animal and companion massage. Some of these schools are approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB)

Equine massage therapists are growing in demand because horse owners are beginning to notice the benefits of this type of therapy. Owners have seen the unfriendly effects on horses from surgery and constant drug/ medication use and are seeking alternative, non-invasive approaches to the health problems experienced by their animals

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