So you’ve got what it takes to open a unique coffee shop: cool barista skills, recipes for a bunch of awesome beverages, and the know how to prepare some great eats. Let’s give you some inspiring café names for it.

That’s all great and significant, but what’s your café name? Let’s suggest you some great coffee shop name ideas right away.

Coffee Shop Names

Here are some catchy, cool, and creative coffee shop names to inspire your ideas:

  • Aroma Mocha
  • Baristas
  • Beans ‘n Cream Cafe
  • Beany Business
  • Boston Barista
  • Club Coffee
  • Coffee Express
  • Coffee House
  • Coffee Time
  • Cup o’ Joe
  • Dream Bean Coffee Shop
  • Espresso Cafe
  • Grinders Cafe
  • Ground Up Cafe
  • Hug a Mug Café
  • Backstage Coffee
  • Let’s Brew
  • Analog Coffee
  • Brew Culture Coffee
  • Cafe Grumpy
  • Cherry Bean Coffee
  • Common Coffee
  • Cuppa Coffee
  • Daily Grind
  • Elemental Coffee
  • Elm Coffee Roasters
  • Eternity Coffee Roasters
  • Even Better Cafe
  • Flour Bakery & Cafe
  • Fuel Coffee
  • Gypsy Place Coffee
  • Jack’s Warm Buns Coffee Shop
  • King’s Row Coffee
  • Land of a Thousand Hills

Coffee Shop Names Ideas

Following are modern, unique and cute coffee shop name ideas:

  • Jumpin’ Beans
  • Jumpstart Coffee Shop
  • Lava Java
  • Manhattan Mocha
  • Mugs Coffee
  • No Doze Cafe
  • Screamin’ Beans
  • Steamy Beans Coffee
  • Tatiana’s Cafe
  • Busy Bean
  • The Coffee Club
  • Family Bean
  • The Friendly Bean
  • The Grind
  • The Hideout
  • Roasted Bean
  • The Split Bean
  • Steam Room
  • Topped Off
  • Espresso Express
  • Spiced Chai Cafe
  • Wake Up Cafe
  • Expresso
  • Steam Beans Cafe
  • Wide Awake Cafe
  • Grind House

French Coffee Shop Names

These are creative and cool French coffee shop names:

  • La Caféothèque
  • Coutume Café
  • Café Lomi
  • Best Café
  • Café Oberkampf
  • Café L ustic
  • Café Mercury
  • Costume Cafe
  • Fringe Coffee
  • Hollybelly
  • Honor
  • KB Café Shop
  • La Fontaine de Belleville
  • Le Pelton Café
  • Neighbors
  • Shakespeare and Company Café
  • Telescope
  • Ten Belles
  • The Fragments
  • Matamata Coffee
  • Republic Coffee
  • Terres de Café
  • KB Café Shop
  • Sugarplum Cake Shop
  • Café Craft

Funny Coffee Shop Names

These are some cool and funny coffee shop names:

  • Yo Jo Coffee Shop
  • Wired Puppy
  • Top Pot
  • Steamin’ Mugs
  • Smooth Brew
  • Revival
  • Retro Coffee
  • Pavement Coffeehouse
  • Muddy Cup
  • Mood Lift Cafe
  • Kream
  • Jumpstart Coffee House
  • Its a Grind
  • Hub Cafe
  • Homegrown
  • Good Coffee Co.
  • Fluid Coffee Bar
  • Equal Exchange Cafe
  • Deja Brew
  • Cup o’ Joe
  • Coffee at the Point
  • City Stacks Coffee
  • Cafe Linger
  • Black Eye Coffee
  • Bikini Beans
  • Bean Box
  • Ancient Grounds
  • All City Coffee
  • Sacred Grounds
  • Steamin’ Mugs
  • The House of Commons
  • Thinking Cup
  • Ugly Mug Cafe
  • Whipped
  • All Steamed Up

Café Names

These are some modern, unique and inspiring café names ideas for you:

  • Love You a Latte
  • Mornings in Paris
  • On the Road Coffee
  • Pegasus Coffee Bar
  • Queen City Collective Coffee
  • Rise & Shine
  • Rise Cafe
  • Seaport Cafe
  • Sightglass Coffee
  • Sip Cafe
  • Steam Dot
  • Stumptown
  • Taproom Coffee
  • The Java Break
  • Unravel Coffee
  • The Molecule Effect
  • Tradesman Coffee Shop
  • Anchorhead Coffee
  • Black Black Coffee
  • Brewed Awakening
  • Caffe D’Bolla
  • Cherry Street Coffee House
  • Common Grounds Coffeehouse
  • Cups: An Espresso Cafe
  • Elevated Grounds Coffeehouse
  • Flywheel Coffee
  • Hotbox Roasters
  • Mutiny Information Cafe
  • Peregrine Espresso
  • Quince Essential Coffee House
  • Ritual Coffee
  • Ancient Sip
  • Blue Sparrow Coffee

Cafe Names Ideas

Following are some catchy and cute café names ideas:

  • Coffee Grinder
  • Curious Company
  • Gracenote Coffee
  • Hub Coffee Roasters
  • Java House
  • Latte Da
  • Map Room Tea Lounge
  • Mystic Coffee Roaster
  • Red Barn Coffee Roasters
  • Ritual Coffee Roasters
  • Rivers and Roads Coffee
  • Second Cup Coffee Company
  • Serendipity Coffee Bar
  • Slate Coffee Bar
  • Solid Ground Cafe
  • Steaming Hotties
  • Sweet Life
  • The Coffee Joint
  • The Spring Cafe
  • Trio Cafe
  • Bauhaus Coffee & Books
  • Beach Bum Cafe
  • Blue Bottle
  • Bulletproof Coffee
  • Capital One Cafe
  • Capitol Coffee House
  • Coffee Roasteries
  • Commonwealth Cafe
  • Convoy Coffee
  • Diva Espresso

Cute Cafe Names

These are some cute café names for your idea:

  • Espresso Love
  • Firestorm Cafe
  • Flame Cafe
  • Grassroots Cafe
  • Happy Lemon
  • Hug a Mug Cafe
  • Java Joes Coffeehouse
  • Method Collective
  • Night Shift Brewing Coffee
  • Pinwheel Coffee
  • Red Coffee
  • RJ Cafe & Bistro
  • Session Coffee
  • Star Lounge
  • Steaming Mugs
  • Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters
  • Sweetleaf
  • Symphony Cafe
  • The Station
  • The Weathervane Cafe
  • Triple Tree Cafe
  • Turtle Coffee
  • Barista Parlor
  • Bean There, Drank That
  • Brew HaHa!
  • Coffee Street
  • Corner Cafe Bakery
  • Downpours Coffee
  • Espresso Patronum
  • Espresso Yourself
  • Flat Black Coffee Company
  • Has Beans
  • Jack’s Stir Brew
  • Java on Sherman
  • Jet City Coffee
  • Link Coffee Bar

Inspiring Cafe Names

Following are some inspiring cafe names for you:

  • Metropolis Coffee
  • Milk Street Cafe
  • Neighborhoods Coffee & Crepes
  • Novo Coffee
  • Porchlight Coffee
  • Port Side
  • Red Raven Espresso Parlor
  • Rojo’s Roastery
  • Seven Coffee Roasters
  • Tatiana’s Cafe
  • The Well Coffee House
  • Union Coffee
  • Reign Drink Lab
  • Rosebud Cafe
  • Sound & Fog
  • Steam Espresso Bar
  • Steep Tea & Coffee
  • Think Local
  • Bark Espresso
  • Beans ‘n Cream Cafe
  • Buzz Cafe
  • Carbon Cafe & Bar
  • Cascade Coffee Works
  • Coffeemind
  • Courier Coffee
  • Crema Coffee House
  • Espresso Vivace
  • Evoke Espresso
  • Fleetwood Macchiato
  • Home Run Cafe
  • Honor Coffee and Tea

French Cafe Names

These are the best French café names ideas for you:

  • Honor Café
  • Monmouth Coffee
  • Cafe Du Monde
  • Dream Bean Cafe
  • Drip Coffee
  • Intermission Cafe
  • Jitterbug Café
  • Jumpin’ Beans Coffee
  • Little Collins
  • Little Owl Coffee
  • Mocha Joe’s
  • Monk & Mongoose
  • Oakleaf Cakes
  • Octane Coffee
  • Prodigy Coffeehouse
  • Queen Anne Coffee
  • Render Coffee
  • Rendezvous Cafe
  • Runcible Spoon
  • Screamin’ Beans

coffee shop names

How To Create Coffee Shop Names?

If you want to give your business the right name that works, you will need to do a good research and take your time to find the best café names.

Let’s talk about some key instructional ideas you need to follow to get a branded name.

Try To Be Relevant

Your café name should have some power words and it should be relevant to the industry. This will help customers and clients understand your goals and flavors and thus, your sales will go up. It’s one of the old-school techniques that are evergreen.

Learn From Your Competitors

Who is your biggest rival in the city and what have you learned from them? Have you ever come across some great names in the market with low valued services and bad reviews? I’m sure you had. If yes, you need to learn from their mistakes. There are plenty of top-notch brands where you can learn so many new things every day.

Convey Your Brand Message

Sometimes you will see that a brand name doesn’t convey the required message about its services and results while the customer needs it the most. Focus on your brand message and curate the best one.

We surely could help you with world best coffee shop names if you can’t do it yourself. Let’s know!

Choose A Simple Yet Attractive Name

The best thing to remember and practice is the KISS rule. Keep it simple and short. That’s the beauty of this industry. You need to avoid hard-to-spell and complicated names that are hard to pronounce and remember.

Branding On Your Personal Name

This typically works for influencers and YouTubers who are thinking to start their brands.

Adding your own name could be a great decision if you want to turn your name into a brand. It will take a little more investment to brand your name but it’s worth giving a try especially if you are passionate about what you do.

Consider Local SEO

If you want to become a local brand in your city, you would be targeting only one city at a time. It doesn’t always help but it tells customers your location which brings more visitor. There are plenty of local search engine steps that will help in success within a location.

Check Out The Domain Name

Pretty much everything is online these days. You can well imagine the value of online shopping and internet during the COVID-19 pandemic. You need to get a nice domain name and online membership and store is a must to have thing in this age.

Online membership is super important for growth. You will need to have social media pages and profiles so that it helps in branding. The domain name should preferably be a .com and it should be the same coffee shop names that you have chosen so that your clients don’t get confused.

Try Coffee Shop Name Generator

We have made a unique coffee shop name generator that will suggest you thousands of names ideas and creative café names. All you need to do is just enter your desired fitness brand keyword. If you are still undecided, give our business name generator a try, you will not be disappointed.


We have already suggested a lot of unique, simple, short, funny, strong coffee shop names but let’s wind up saying that a simple, short, easy to pronounce names work great for this industry where aroma is the symbol.