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Cellphone Repair Business | Name Ideas and Plan

If you have got the skills and experience, opening a cellphone repair business is one of the best business ideas of all times. It is estimated that 30% of people use their broken screen phones which means that the industry is going to grow as the number of cellphone users is increasing every day!

Smartphones repair business is such as a business that it doesn’t require a big office. You can start it in front of a store or within the mobile phone store. So, you have two options. Storefront or within a mobile store. You can buy a mobile shop and start your sales and repair services there. But this would require some investment and of course, a cellphone repair business plan. Is the mobile phone repair business dying? No, not yet. It will take a few decades at least, as the number of cellphone users is increasing.

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Let’s talk about the steps to start a business plan! These are the 10 steps to start this business!

How to Start a Business? 10 Steps Guide for Entrepreneurs

1. Plan your business. A clear plan is essential for success as an entrepreneur.
2. Form a legal entity. This will prevent you from being personally sued by someone.
3. Register for taxes. There are a variety of state and federal taxes to pay!
4. Open a business bank account. Keep your finances organized and more professional.
5. Set up business accounting. Recording your expenses and sources of income is critical.
6. Obtain necessary permits and licenses. Failure to get permits can result in hefty fines.
7. Get business insurance. Insurance is highly recommended for all business owners.
8. Define your brand. Your brand is what your company stands for.
9. Make a Website. A business website allows customers to learn more about your products.
10. Say ‘Please and Thank you’ & Never Give Up. That's the crux of the matter.
These are the 10 steps involved in starting a business venture. If you are able to stick to the basics, you will be successful in your business venture.

So, you want to start a cell phone repair business this year. Well, this is a profitable idea as this is a multi-billion dollar industry that requires a minimum investment to start and little to no experience.

If you are looking for a perfect cell phone repair business plan, then have this one!

1. Executive Summary
             1.1 Objectives
             1.2 Key to Success
             1.3 Mission
2. Company Summary
             2.1 Company Ownership
             2.2 Start-up Summary
             2.3 Company Locations and Facilities
3. Products
             3.1 Product Description
             3.2 Sales Literature
4. Market Analysis Summary
             4.1 Market Segmentation
             4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy
                       4.2.1 Market needs
             4.3 Industry analysis
                       4.3.1 Competition and Buying Patterns
                     Buying Pattern
5. Strategy and Implementation Summary
             5.1 Competitive Edge
             5.2 Sales Strategy
                      5.2.1 Sales Forecast
6. Management Summary
            6.1 Management Team
            6.2 Management Team Gaps
            6.3 Personnel Plan
7. Financial Plan
            7.1 Important Assumptions
            7.2 Projected Cash Flow
            7.3 Key Financial Indicators
            7.4 Break-even Analysis
            7.5 Projected Profit and Loss
            7.6 Projected Balance Sheet
            7.7 Business Ratios

So, let’s talk about cell phone repair business name ideas.

Cellphone Repair Business Name Ideas

A+ WirelessMObicityWaveRiver
5G Mobile RepairsMobiziilaSure Stuff
GSM DoctorsCelluTownXtreme Access Tech
RepairologyThe Mobi MenCellentric
Mobi CareInstantThe Cell Story
Mobile GuruMobilveThe Cafe Digi
Gadget FixGot it!Mobilic
iFixFastCell everMobispice
Pro Mobile RepairsFell mobiTechstreet
The Little Mobile Phone ClinicMove onCell again
Hello AmericaMobicafeWave city
Tronic TechsTechsparkWass up
Fast FixTeletelMy mobi
Gizmo GeeksCellCampusEzzy Store
Sterling RepairsRing meApex World
Phone Repair ChampsMoCellBee -The next Phone store
Mobile Repair AmbulanceOasisMobichain
Dr Mobile RepairTech YogiMing Space
Mobile HospitalMobi MOnkMoby Root
Mobile ClinicHeartbitStar Edge
Mobile Repair PlazaMobiQuickDual Tech Mobi
Mobile KingThe Chip ShopMobi Try
Mobile PlanetFriends MobileAlpexx
Alfa TelecomMovile FonzPickerr World
Phone GarageToo PhonesMotivo store
MobiGoPhone actInfinite Tech
Mobile DeshPhonoManiaDigi Smash
30 Minutes FixHands FreeDigi Hexa
Mobile7Green Tooth PhonesMoby Mess
Cell CareMobi SectionOtterpad
Mobile Dot ComBubble MobiMobiFlash
Smart Repair ServicesT-BlastSuperDigi
Steller RepairBuddy WayMobizen
Fast Track RepairThe Next StoreMobitooth
Digi MOdeMobi RootZapp mobile
AptivosEnvy TechAmoor mobiles
GameFixMobiWayUrban Connect

Want to know more? Stay tuned!


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