50+ Best Small Business Ideas for Women

Best Small Business Ideas For Women in 2018

Businesswomen have excelled business people in some of the most difficult to manage and run businesses! Let’s know about small business ideas for women entrepreneurs in today’s world! If you want to become a self-employed woman but don’t know how to start your business career, you must have these types of questions in your mind.

  1. What exactly I need to start my own profitable venture?
  2. How much time and money should I spend on my new business?
  3. Should I quit my 9 to 5 job as soon as possible?

Know these three things before we proceed to small business ideas for women.

  1. What is the thing you like the most, and you are passionate about it?
  2. Do your skills match your interests?
  3. Whether learning something before starting a new business is Ok or not.

This list of business ideas is perfect for housewives as well as working women. Before we start, men start these Small Business Ideas for Men

While discussing different business ideas with entrepreneurs, we always notice that entrepreneurial ability may or may not vary with our genders, but it, in fact, impacts the results. Small business ideas for women are pretty the same but why is it so important to start with ‘Business Ideas for Women’, Why not men or why would we need to designate the gender? Let’s dig out something good of it. Well, the answer is, the fact that men and women have different natural and emotional powers to do different tasks.

Women Entrepreneurs and the Economy!

Business for women

Working women

The nations with women entrepreneurs are economically stronger and better than those nations with low women contributions in the economy. Small business ideas for women are helping. Developed countries have more women entrepreneurs who’re working women and contribute to the economy. This makes perfect sense to a lot of us, but recent research shows that 93% of the working women are not happy with the fixed pay jobs and fix routines.

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The problem with the Asian countries is that they don’t have women entrepreneurs, their women rather prefer to go into medicines and the majority stay away from entrepreneurial activities. Quite a few leading women entrepreneurs have been working to encourage women to start businesses for women empowerment. Let’s discuss some of the best small business ideas for female entrepreneurs.

List of Business Ideas For Women

According to Forbes, top women entrepreneurs have been working mostly in the fashion and skincare industries but they can be found everywhere. The top 10 women entrepreneurs include fashion designers, tech company owners and women working in skincare and health industry.

In today’s world, there are a lot of small business ideas for women to start today. They are not bound to the traditional businesses of the past. They are working in every field in the world. Most of them are successful in their startup careers.

Affiliate Marketing Business for Women:

Affiliate marketing is one of the top trends in the market. All you need as women entrepreneur to start your career as an affiliate marketer is to have your own website. Your website should have a lot of visitors that are interested in buying some products such as clothing for women or beauty products. You will display products from Amazon or any other vendor that give a commission on every sale through your visitors. They track your visitors by giving you a unique link code so, all you have to do is generate good content and traffic for earning! This is one of the easiest and the best business ideas for women in today’s digital world.

Beauty Parlor Venture for Women!

Starting a beauty salon is a good way to show your hidden talents as women Beautician! Beauty Parlor is one of the profitable ideas to work on. This opportunity requires fair knowledge and skills to be successful.

Beauty Saloon Business idea doesn’t require high investment to start with; you ca start on a small scale and grow bigger with time!

Women Bloggers

Blogging is a powerful tool for everybody whether an individual or a business owner. People love to read something creative and worth reading. Women can write the perfect piece of stories and earn a lot of money!

J. K. Rowling the writer of the Harry Potter series must be a role model for all the women who are facing financial issues in their life! Blogging is indeed one cool home-based business idea for women who want to have a social and economic impact on society.

Accounting and Book Keeping:

Accounting is an essential part of company business. All big or small companies need good business accounting service such as bank reconciliation, service tax records, and sales tax information, etc. Women have naturally this skill of keeping records of things and overall management.

If you are an aspiring women entrepreneur, you can start your business care as an accountant. You can also run and operate your own firm handling this accounting and bookkeeping job. All that matter is your interests and your skills set.

Boutique (Online Clothing Store!)

People love great designs and fashion is what people are willing to pay higher for. With the increasing demand, the market needs more women to start working as a fashion designer. You can also set up your online boutique shop if you stay online on social platforms.

People are fully aware of fashion and trends. They follow what their idols do, so you should try to pitch your fashion and clothing to actors, actress and internet stars. Without any doubts, a boutique store is a good idea in the clothing business ideas for women.

Crochet Knitting Ideas:

What is your passionate about? Some women love handicrafts making just because they can do it brilliantly! You must know how to sell your crafts, the art of selling is what brings you the most wanted results.

This is an idea with great potential to attract elite customers. People like the hand knitted items especially the sweaters and caps. If you are already in this business, you need to explore the opportunities to reach elite customers such as actors and business icons in the industry. You need recognition, once you get it, your business is all set for a long run!

E-book Writing:

Ebooks writing and Publishing for women

Write eBooks!

E-book writing and Amazon Kindle Publishing is very popular among aspiring writers especially women who are looking forward to making some extra money and fame. Do you love writing? If Yes, you can earn a lot of money by writing electronic books and publishing them!

There is no special requirement or technique for e-book writing, all you need is the creative writing skills that will make your writings brilliant. If you have got the taste of writing books, e-book writing is for sure one of the best business ideas for women.

Event Planning Business for Women:

Women can do very well in the event management field. There is a huge requirement of event managers and planners in the corporate sectors. This startup idea is relatively easy to work on, and it is practical and effective.

Aspiring women entrepreneurs can definitely make it as their careers to peruse their dreams and goals.

Fashion Design School:

Fashion design schools are very popular these days. This a great business opportunity and it is perfect for women entrepreneurs who have experience and skills set for this business. You probably would require sufficient knowledge in the subject, motivation, artistic mind and enough experience on the courses you would be teaching.

All businesses related to schooling are profitable. You can also work on these ideas.

Interior Designing Ideas for Women:

Interior designing is yet another good field for women to pursue their career. Many people have wonderful careers as interior designers. All you need for this job is adequate experience and knowledge of the related subject. This is a kind of business that requires low investment but some experience.

Photography Business:

In this digital world, everyone poses like a photographer but it is very difficult to capture great photos. If you are passionate about photography, you can convert your passion into a highly profitable business. Photography and especially selling photos online is a very good business idea for women to work on.

All you need is a good camera with latest specifications, good knowledge of photography and of course, some experience in this field. You can work as an intern with some photography agency to learn this business.

Social Media Consulting:

We all know that this is an era where we all are connected to millions of people through the internet and social media. The role of social media in society building cannot be neglected and similarly, business owners must know the importance of social media marketing.

You as women entrepreneur can start your social media consulting and marketing agency to help people grow their business over social media. This is one of the trending businesses for home-based women entrepreneurs. Some market knowledge and relevant experience might be required. Social Media Consulting is one of the most paying internet business ideas for aspiring women entrepreneurs. Read more about social entrepreneurship.

Want to start something profitable? These are some of the creative small business ideas for women.

Online Tutoring Ideas:

Tutoring is a sacred job where you get the opportunity to build the foundation of your nation strong. Teaching is not only a job but also a service to the country and society. In terms of business, tutoring is very profitable. You can earn a lot of money from online tutoring. Udemy is the place where you can sell your courses online.

This has become the life turning moment for so many women entrepreneurs who had been working as a tutor. The things you need to start this business is great communication skills and some relevant academic and teaching experience. What are your specializations? Start this venture without any investment!

Translation Services Agency:

This could really be a unique venture with a high return on investments. All you need to start this business is to make a team of different people with different languages translation skills. You can start this venture as an agency providing all the translation services.

work as translator

Online businesses spend millions on services that include translation services as well. This trend is mainly due to the massive engagement of multi-cultural people together that is a business opportunity for women entrepreneurs. To be successful in this venture, you have to get some great reviews and feedbacks. You could use social media platforms for marketing purposes.

Pet Care Services:

If you want to make some easy money by working a few hours while you are studying, you can take care of pets of business owners who don’t get enough time to take care of their pets. This service costs you nothing; you need to spare an hour on the daily base.

Resume Writing Services:

Are you interested in technical and creative writings? You can work for a few hours to earn a handsome amount of money if you can write good resumes. I know a few women entrepreneurs who started their careers as a resume writer and today they have their business firms.

Restaurant Business:

Any business related to food and cooking has a good chance if you put hard work and do the right things from day one. Women are smart chefs. Are you an experienced mom with some extraordinary cooking skills? If Yes, you can start your own business with some good investment. Restaurants businesses are highly profitable.

This is an idea where your consumers come first. Aspiring women entrepreneurs who believe in hardworking and winning hearts would definitely go for this business idea for women. You can also earn some money if you start offering home delivery services.

Voiceover Artist:

Some people are gifted with a sonorous voice. If you are one of them, you can start working today without any investment. There are plenty of voice-over artists jobs that you can easily get after an interview. You would be lending your voice for audiobooks, radio jingles and of course, in some promotional advertisements as well. Working class women can also do such kinds of tasks for earning some extra money.

Tailoring Business for Women:

This is a highly profitable business idea for women who have some taste in fashion and sewing business. Cloth stitching is an art and if you get some good customers, this could lead to a great venture. If you are able to get one elite client from movies and theaters, this idea would be a life changer for you!

Women entrepreneurs are already working in this industry and the have earned a good name as well as a lot of money. As a matter of fact, everybody needs to put on clothes, so there is always a market for this business idea for women. All you need to put in this business is time and attention. Refer to the infographic above.

Cake Making Business for Women!

Food lovers would love this idea of making sweet cakes. If you have a penchant for cake making, you can start working on this idea. As we already have said that women are smart and intelligent cooks, so this could be another opportunity to prove that.

Bakery business requires attention and hard work. As an aspiring women entrepreneurs, women can excel in the food and bakery industry really well. All you need to do is set up a small bakery and start selling the sweet cakes. Keeping in mind the special occasions such as Halloween, Eid, and Christmas, you can double your return on investment just because of the fact that the sale increases by many folds.

Jewelry Business for Women!

How could we forget this venture while talking about fashion, women and business ideas? Yes, this is arguably one of the coolest ideas to work on if you have a great interest in jewelry making and fashion.

Although, this idea needs a good amount of investment the High ROI is there. You may also consider silver along with gold making. All you need to do is put some money, hard work and do some marketing in order to be successful.

Public Speaking Business:

Public speaking is an art and all of us cannot do that. If you naturally have a great ability of eloquence, you definitely need to become a motivational speaker. This cost nothing but you can have a very good impact on society. Do you know that Hillary Clinton earned millions from Public speaking!

Public Speaker

If you have got the skills set and energy, you are good to go! People would love to hear from you if you can motivate them and lead them to good deeds.

Forex Trading Business for Women:

Okay, Let’s wind up the topic with a few high-risk ventures. Forex Trading is usually thought to be men’s business but you have to break the stereotype. If you are, wise, intelligent decision maker and a quick learner, you can earn more than you could think! This is a highly profitable business which needs experience of ages, you just cannot rely on bookish knowledge when it comes to forex trading.

Bitcoins are the most popular currencies these days. If you had $100 bitcoins in 2010, it would have been over 100 million today! This is just an indication, how rich you can get while dealing with the digital currencies.

Pharmaceuticals or drug stores:

The last of the business ideas for women is Pharmaceuticals. This is also a high-risk business idea but the return on investment is high as well. If you have studied medicines in your school, you might be interested in this kind of venture.

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All you need to start this venture is some experience, a license from the government, and a good investment. There is always a higher risk in this business idea but it all depends on the experience and decisions powers of entrepreneurs by which they know and calculate the risk in the idea.

One last thing to say, this is just a list of some hot business ideas for women. There might be tons of other opportunities that we have not considered. Whatever you do, do it with mind and market. Always take the calculated risk!

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Small business ideas for women are shown in this video! See this video for more details.

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