Money Tips to Live a Rich Life

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Want to live a rich life and pile up your bank account? If yes then remember that becoming rich has no fixed mantra. It will take time, it might also take some effort and scarifies. But if you are determined enough then it is not a difficult task. Besides running a successful business you should take up some measures to save money. By introducing these money-saving habits in your life, you will be doing yourself a favor. So continue reading and start implementing these tried and tested money-saving habits to be rich.


1. Demand a raise and get it

Well if you want something, you should be able to get it. Go online and search out what people with your skill set and qualifications are getting paid. If you feel that you are underpaid according to your post, get ready to fight for it. Prepare yourself beforehand with all the facts and figures, in a kind tone ask for a raise. Timing is very important; ask for a raise when you have given very good results in a project or performed particularly well in a task. It will double your chances of getting your raise.

2. Keep a dairy

Only way to keep your budget in check is to keep track of it. Get a little dairy and write each and every expenditure you make throughout the day. This way you can keep track of where you are spending and why you are spending. Evaluate all your expenses and try to cut back some unnecessary cost. This habit helps you save money and control your budget.

3. Writ e down your goals

In order to achieve your goals you should have a clear cut idea of them. First of all, establish your goals. Whether you want your bank account to reach a specific figure, or you want a new car. It can be anything you desire. Write it down and it will give you a sudden realization. You will feel more motivated then ever!

4. Treat yourself sometimes

While making sacrifices and cutting back is good but don’t over-starve yourself. You should be able to treat yourself sometimes. This way you will not get a sense of deprivation and resentment. If you desire a lunch in posh restaurant, go for it. If you want to gift yourself a beautiful new dress, go ahead and buy it. You might be able to invest in yourself too, if doing so gives you happiness then perfect!

5. Get rid of your credit card balance

Temptations are often very strong we agree, but they can be controlled. If you want to save money then never go for a credit card purchases. Especially if you cannot afford it. Pilling on card and paying it with a fee afterwards will only add on to your financial difficulties. So act smart and hold on your desires till you can afford them.

6. Negotiate your finances

Negotiating your way through finances is very much advised. Bargaining and negotiating will help you save heaps of money. All you have to do is ask for it. Don’t ever hesitate in negotiating and bargaining as it is you who will have the benefit.  Most of the shopkeepers don’t mind if you bargain and often you can get a deal worth 20% less than before.

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