Similar Business Names and Trademark Issues


What are the impacts of similar business names? Is it really a good idea to choose a business name that sounds similar to another trademark business name? In today’s article, we are going to analyze the impacts of similar company …

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Catchy Computer Repair Business Plan

PC repair workshop

Are you excited about starting a computer repair business? If YES, here is a comprehensive guide to starting a computer repair business with NO money. We have a list of computer repair business names as well as startup plan! The …

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VA Names: 600+ Modern Virtual Assistant Business Names

virtual assistant girl in lawn

A virtual assistant business give administrative, technical, or creative assistance to big tech companies, consultancy businesses or other small firms. Virtual assistant companies are earning good revenue as an assistant usually charges up to 50$ per hour. Let’s give you …

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100+ Self Confidence Quotes for You

Self Confidence Quotes

We all know that motivational quotes can be VERY powerful. Self confidence quotes let you see a situation through someone else’s eyes! When life seems difficult, remember there are millions of people who are living a tougher life than you. …

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