12 Selling Tips Using Business Psychology!

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Understanding people is not easy. People are full of mysteries and surprises. But if you corporate psychology in business, you can get awesome results!
By following some rules of business psychology you can surely get great output. Business strategists around the world take up some psychological tricks and tactics to better their sale and grow their business. If you have just started your business, use the following pointers as a secret weapon and make it a success, read on.

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1. People justify decisions with facts

Present your product with facts. People love to know more about everything! So let them know. Don’t just present your product in an attractive advertisement, make it informational also.

Example; when a man sees an advertisement of a watch he might love it, but to compel him to buy it also give some information such as its price, its features etc.

2. People are egocentric

People like to feel their self worth. The word egocentric means centered around the ego or self. While selling your products give something the customers can relate to. Reach them on a personal level. They want to know what’s in it for them.
Before buying your product, they will ask the question, “What’s in it for me?”

3. People make decisions emotionally

It’s a psychological fact that people are emotional and make decisions based on their emotions rather than their needs. So play into it, while writing for any product make sure to add a human touch to it. Make it realistic and relatable for your customers.
Try to incorporate some emotional angle and a story behind it.

4. Don’t force it

Nobody wants to be told. While designing an ad campaign or advertisement, you should not be too pushy. Sure you can be persuasive while keeping a friendly tone.
You just have to make them see that by buying your product they will benefit, not you. Spark an urge in them.

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5. People Love something Unique!

Business psychology helps a lot when it comes to persuade customers. People are naturally dissatisfied and always looking for something better. Show them that your product is better than the rest. Make use of the words as new, improved and world’s best.

Show people that how by getting your product they will get their needs fulfilled.

6. People are naturally suspicious

Well people do not like to trust blindly. They like having some hard facts behind all the claims. Try backing up your product with research, surveys, recommendations and endorsements by prominent personalities.

Make people trust you and your brand. Try to be their go-to brand and offer your services with confidence.

7. People love to buy brands

People love to buy, they love to spend money. Have you ever heard of retail therapy? People unwind by spending. Give them deals and offers. Attract them towards you because if not you, they are going to spend on someone else anyways.
What people don’t like is to be cheated or tricked into false marketing. Try not to manipulate them instead gently attract them towards you. By false marketing they might buy your products once, but you will ruin your reputation and loose customers instead of gaining.

8. People like to see it, touch it and smell it !

Give people some tangible experience of your product as well. Some people do not buy online because they are unable to touch and examine the products.
If you are selling clothes or eatables they might be a bit harder to sell, so make the descriptions as detailed as possible.
Other products like toys, CDs or cosmetics can prove to be easy to sell because they are presented as it is. If selling online try to add a human touch and make the shopping experience as satisfactory as possible.

9. People look for value – Business Psychology

In exchange of their money people want value. But grasping this concept might be a bit difficult to understand because value is relative to everybody. Everyone has different standards and expectations.

Do your best to give them a sense of accomplishment. Give them not a product but also excellent customer service so that they feel good about themselves.

10. Most people follow the crowd

It is a psychological proven fact that most of us are imitators. We like to follow the crowd and play it safe. We like to know what we are getting into.
Most of us look up to others for suggestions, advices and recommendations.
This is why testimonials and case histories, and personal experiences are added in the advertisement so that more people trust and go for your brand.

11. People think in terms of people

People are psychologically functioned to socialize and connect with other people. While writing for promotional purpose, always keep it in mind. Relate to people. Use real life experiences and references to connect with people on a deeper level.
Make as much as references as possible of names, personal pronouns, quotes, testimonials, stories, photos of satisfied customers, etc.

12. People want convenience and exclusivity

Why would people buy from you? Besides from quality and value the other things people want is convenience and exclusivity.
Are you products easy and readily available? If not, make them accessible. Give franchises and availability to departmental stores so more people can have access to them. Other thing is exclusivity, means that your product should be exclusive and unique.

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