100+ Business Ideas for Earning Your First Million

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You have finally decided to think about starting your own business, but are you still looking for that one great business idea that will help you earn your first million? You are in search of one, but here we are presenting 100 great business ideas which are tried and tested. The list we have compiled contains 100 business ideas that are currently in demand are do-able and practical.


Whether you are looking for entrepreneurship, a part-time small business or a full-time business, we have something for everyone.

Before venturing into any of the following business ideas, make sure that it aligns with both your core competencies and your passions. You should be able to discover your strengths and skills and choose a business plan that best suits you. The following list is a combination of online business ideas as well as home business ideas as it is in quite a demand nowadays. So, come on fasten your seat belts and get ready for a ride through a list of best 100 business ideas that will help you hit your million marks. Just take your pick and focus all the energy and enthusiasm in making it a success.

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    Become a Social Media Manager

Social Media Business ideas

Image/ Social Media

So the first one is pretty basic, you have social networking skills and spend most of your time on facebook, Instagram and Twitter? Why not get paid for it?

Almost all of multi-national companies and brands have their specific social media manager. Their duty is to manage all social media accounts, post new updates and answer quires of people.
The pay scale is quite good and it’s not even a difficult task.


  1. Web designing (Online & Offline)

graphics and web design ideas

Image/ web design ideas

Anything internet related is very much in demand nowadays as its age of Social Media. Web designers are very valuable to web companies. You can open up your own web designing agency and hire a bunch of professionals to work for you. Now that is surely a million dollar idea. Isn’t it?

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  1. Create a blog (Want to Write?)

online writers jobs are easy.

Image/ Story Writers

Gone are the days when blogging was just a hobby. Today blogging has developed into an industry of its own. You can select a topic such as scrapbooking, home cooking, travel, film, lifestyle, fashion etc. Integrate some money making tools like paid subscribers, affiliated marketing and ads and start making money instantly.

You can also start live streaming Vlogs (video blogs) as they are very much in trend. YouTube is still one of the most important place for video advertisers and vloggers.

  1. Wedding planner

wedding planner business ideas and business plan

Image / wedding planner

Sometimes, you just need to start a business with high profit margin. Event planning, wedding planning industry is also very much in hype. This business is tried and tested by many and have very good profit returns. If you are creative and have good management skills then this might be the right profession for you.

  1. Graphic designing agency

graphics designing business ideas

Image / Cool Graphics

Having a little background in graphic designing will help you start your own business. You can start your own agency or start freelance working for clients from all over the world. You can start logo designing, brochure designing or picture editing and provide your services to clients online as well as offline. This is really a good business idea to work on!

  1. Catering services Provider

services provider firm

Image / Services

Starting home-based catering services is also very profitable. Many entrepreneurs have started home-based catering services where they provide fresh, hygienic homemade food whether for any party, gathering or wedding. As you are doing your business from home you can also save up on rent, bills, and taxes.

  1. Content writing for websites

young entrepreneur in Pakistan with great business ideas

Image/ Thinking, a young entrepreneur

Many websites require writers for the content writing on various sections of their websites including blogs, posts, FAQ’s, etc. You can start a job as a content writer and make your portfolio strong. You can simply make a team of writer and maximize your profit. The more experience you get the more you will develop skills of a professional writer. No one is born a writer, they’re just created!

  1. Open a boutique

shopping mall business and experts

Image / shopping mall

Dress stitching, altering and tailoring is also a very profitable business. Hire some professional tailors and open up a boutique. This specific business does not require much capital for starting off and pays very well in terms of profit. A reliable business idea for female entrepreneurs.

  1. Be a Salon owner

salon business ideas

Image/ Salon

A thing that is fundamental for ladies is self grooming. Opening up a saloon is a great business idea. You can start from your own home, select a spacious room and open up a small beauty salon. You can also hire experts and pay them by monthly.

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  1. Tax Preparation Firm

tax preparation firms


Tax preparation and filing for taxes is another hectic tiresome chore that people don’t want to do it themselves. If you have a degree in finance or accounting, you can become a freelance tax preparer and handle people’s finances in return of a handsome salary or you can team-up with a few people and make a tax preparation firm.

  1. Offer online courses (Udemy)

business ideas for young people

Image/ Ideas

We live in the age of internet. Everyone wants to learn while sitting in front of screen.  Now, starting a business online and operating it is considered much easier than traditional business approaches. So take some benefit from it and start teaching online, you can offer any course that suits your expertise. Cooking, dancing or reading take your pick and go on from there.

  1. Sell products on OLX

starting a small business

Image/ Professional

Anybody can sell products on olx, only if they have skills to sell. So if you have any collectables, or rare objects that people might show some interest in. You can make profit on them and help your bank balance grow really fast. It’s a great business idea for online geeks!

  1. Be a tutor (Offline & Online)

If you were quite good in your classes and had no trouble passing through high school and university you can start spreading your knowledge in society. But, of course, you will get paid for it. Be a tutor, open up an academy or home tuition service. If you want to expand, hire teachers that work under you and teach along in your academy.

  1. Commission only sales

Many companies and start-ups hire people on commission only base. That means you get no fixed salary but on the sale of each product, you get a commission. So this would be a perfect part-time job as it does not require any extra hard work or dedication but pays quite well.

  1. Buying and selling cars

Sports car buy and sale business ideas

Image/ Sports cars

Buying used cars that are in good condition and then selling them in more profit is also a good business model. This particular business does require some investment in the start but in long run in gives much higher profit. If you have a knack for the cars and cars excite you, you can open up a show-room of cars. Used cars are very much in demand also because more people fall in middle class category that can only afford used cars in comparatively less rates.

  1. Home based grooming service

Grooming services business ideas

Image/ Cats grooming

Put some skills in social media marketing, print some brochures and you are good to go. Home based grooming/makeup services are very popular nowadays. People want everything on their doorstep and what better to provide them saloon services in the comfort of their own home. It’s the best business idea for those who want to have an impact on the society!

  1. Student counseling

online tutor business ideas

Image / tutor

If you have figured yourself out and have much experience and leadership abilities, than student counseling is the field for you. As a student counselor your primary duty will be to guide students in terms of admissions, career advice, financial aid, athletics, extracurricular activities, and other concerns. It’s really important and great business idea to work on as it’s kind of unique!

  1. T-shirt printing business

t-shirt printing business

Image/ T-shirt

Printing T-shirts with new and eye-catching graphics is also a good business idea. You may expand your business by printing mugs, key chains, and pens too for the promotional needs of different companies as it is a very profitable business. You can see event based t-shirts on social media being sold by online sellers. That’s really a great business idea for making money through the internet!

  1. Sports coach

coaching business ideas

Image/ Coach

Teaching any school or college sports team pays very well in terms of money. If you love to play a sport and have some sort of professional experience in it than you might get a job that is according to your passion. A sports coach is paid by the hour so invest as much time that is easy for you.

  1. Pet grooming service

pets grooming services and ideas

Image/ Pets

Consider opening a pet grooming facility. People who have pets just love them as their own and don’t hesitate spending money on them. All you need to do is get some official training, get an operating license and start right away.

  1. Be a professional chef

chef and cooking business ideas

Image/ Chef

All you need for this is just some passion. If cooking interests you and you have some skill then get some training as a chef. Many institutions different short courses that offer training in many cuisines. Be prepared and then venture into this business as a professional chef and woo people with your delicious and healthy cooking.

  1. Start a laundry service

laundry services and business ideas for young people

Image /Laundry

Well what can we say, people like to wear clean cloths but they do not like the task of cleaning them themselves. You can start a mobile laundry service that picks dirty clothes from house and drops clean clothes the next day. It’s a great business idea that will surely be a big hit instantly.

  1. Purchase a website

Buying a website is very similar as buying shares in stock market. Some websites might be profitable and some not. If you are interested then you can buy a website in hope of generating income in terms of user traffic, current revenue intake and domain name.

  1. Real estate dealer

proprty business ideas

Image/ Real estate

You can become a real estate dealer by working from home too. You just need some proper advertising so people can know what you have to offer. Real estate dealer earns a lot commission in buying and selling properties.

  1. Design custom furniture

furniture business ideas and profit

Image / Furniture Business

People like to get special attention. Design special custom furniture that sits well with their requirements. Hire some people that can design furniture according to customer’s personalization and put your crafty skills in good use.

  1. Home-made jewelry business

flowers and jewellery ideas

Image/ Jewelry

Designing and manufacturing hand-made jewelry has been proved as a successful entrepreneur business venture. It can be started on a small scale that sells to local fairs and super markets. You can also set up your pages on social networking sites and get some promotion free of cost.

  1. Computer training center

Everyone including children needs to stay update with a marvelous technology called computer and internet. Computer training center might be a good business idea if you are good with computer. Offer computer lessons in your neighborhood to kids, students or adults and get your business growing.

  1. Child care/day care

High Emotional Intelligence and happy people

Image/ Happy people

Opening up a child care center can be a good investment if you put your heart into it. You should have good managing skills, motherly instincts and ability to handle any situation that comes along the way.

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  1. House cleaning Business

If you want to broaden your work you can venture into full house cleaning business.  You can hire a team of workers and maids and offer house cleaning service such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, mowing gardens, pool cleaning etc.

  1. Podcasting

Podcasting business ideas

Image/ Podcasting

You can earn money by broadcasting you podcast if you have many followers. If you have a strong fan base, advertisers pay as much as 250$ for a 30 second advertisement during your podcast.

  1. Manufacturing phone cases

phone cases business ideas

Image / Cases

There is a great demand in market for mobile phone accessories that also includes mobile phone cases. You can set up your business of handmade mobile phone cases with eye catching and innovative designs.

  1. Presentation consultant

Yes having some minimal knowledge of PowerPoint can also result in getting some work. If you are good with PowerPoint and expressive with words you can start preparing presentations for clients include office presentations, academic presentations, investment pitches and lectures.

  1. Interior designing consultant

interior-design business ideas

Image/ Interior-design

People are always remodeling their houses and kitchens. They also like to have second opinion to help make the right choices for selecting the interior. After getting some formal education in short courses, you can start working as interior designing consultant and provide your valuable services by charging some fee.

  1. Property manager

Often people have business of renting and selling properties, they usually hire people as property managers. The duties may include; looking after the repairs of house, keep sure it is clean and collecting checks from clients. This is job which does not require much effort but pays off quite well.

  1. Wedding photographer

photography business ideas

Image / Photography

If you have a camera and a good eye than this is the business opportunity for you.  People will happily pay a hefty amount for your services as you are the one that’s going to capture their special moments. Just get some short photography lessons and get familiar with the concepts of light, angles and camera. You are all set to open your wedding photography business.

  1. Drive for Uber or Careem

Uber and Careem are newly launched taxi services in Pakistan. If you have a car and can drive you can sign up to be its partner. All you got to do is drive around in your own car and pick up drop off customers to their destinations. This pays quite well and gives good employment package.

  1. Online news correspondent

Becoming a reporter does not require a degree in journalism nowadays. There are many news websites that require reporters for local news gathering. They pay you according to your submitted news stories and articles.

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  1. Instagram marketing business

If you are popular within your social circle and have hundreds and thousands of followers in Instagram than soon advertising agencies will contact you and pay you good amount of money for advertising their products on your page, these my include sports gear, exercise equipment, cosmetics etc.

  1. Be a travel consultant

tour guide business ideas are profitable

Image/ tour guide

If traveling is your passion and you love to travel, this can be your business too. Opening a travel consultancy agency isn’t so hard. You have to search for lowest fare, airline discount and lowest hotel for staying. Provide your customers with these and you will soon be a travel consultant expert.

  1. Babysitting service

Opening a babysitting agency is requirement of present times. More people are getting busy with life and less they have time to spare on looking after kids. Hire a bunch of ladies that are good with kids and give some initial training to them as well. Babysitting agency can be very profitable and it will help earn you some money.

  1. Write greeting cards

Being good with words and having a literary taste can pay off some money too. Many companies are open to people that can submit their greeting cards wishes and get paid for them.

  1. Develop an App – Business Idea of billions!

Sometimes it seems that we have an available for all the possible scenarios but somehow there is always a new App popping up every now and then. If you don’t have formal education for this then you can also get some experts to work for you and turn your exciting App ideas into reality.

  1. Start a pop-up shop

You can start your pop-up shop on weekly or monthly bases. This can be as a experiment to test your business idea or you can simple just skip extra expenses such as rent, labor and bills and start selling products on a pop-up shop or stall. You can sell baked goods, donuts, fries or handmade crafts as well.

  1. Buy and sell used electronics

Buying used electronics and refurbishing them in good condition, and then selling it on profit can be a good business model if you are handy with tools and have some skills.

  1. Fill out surveys online

Believe it or not but filling out surveys and questionnaires online also pays. It might not be very mind stimulating or good paying but it does pay. And getting something as compared to nothing is a good deal.

  1. Yoga instructor

yoga instructors business ideas

Image/yoga business ideas

If you are a business buff and very keen on yoga, you can start your career as a part-time yoga instructor. You will only have to engage hour or two in this part time job and make some money. You can also offer your services online and be an online yoga instructor as well.

  1. Translator – Open a translation related firm

translation business ideas and firms

Image/ Translator

Being good in any language besides your mother tongue can be pretty beneficial. You can work as a freelance translator. Translating is a great side business and can be done remotely too.

  1. Be a stock photographer

You can now sell your photographs on stock photography websites. Only requirement is that you should have a good camera and good photography skills. After some experience you can build your portfolio and also create your own photography website.

  1. Open a bakery

bakery small business ideas

Image/ Bakery

You have no idea how much money you can make by opening up a bakery. Cupcakes, macaroons and brownies are almost like a trend now. People happily pay a premium amount for these baked goods.

[table id=CareerChangeIdeas /]

  1. Freelance eBook writing

If you are a inspiring writer that always wanted to write your book. Here’s an opportunity for you. You can start writing freelance eBooks and present them to be downloaded against some fees.

  1. Manage accounts

Many companies outsource people to perform duties that are usually not a part of their core services. Like managing accounts, HR and keep a track of cash flow of their companies.

  1. Carpet cleaning Business

As useful as carpets are they are able to quickly gather dust, mites, grimes and stains. You can launch a carpet cleaning service of your own. You will have to invest some money in cleaning equipment, cleaning chemicals and carpets brushes. This can be a very fast growing business if you put full efforts into it.

  1. Computer repairing shop

Computer industry is booming day by day and many great business ideas can come from it. Another business prospect can be opening a computer repairing shop. This can be very profitable because people will may hefty amounts in terms of repair charges.

  1. Vehicle advertising

buy and sale business ideas

Image/ Lamborghini

Having a vehicle like car or motor bike can also result in some easy money. Just sign up in an advertising agency and cover your vehicle in moving life-size advert. You can carry on with your routine and earn cash along the way.

  1. Public speaking (Ask Hillary Clinton for its worth!)

businesswoman speaking ideas

Image/ Speaking

If you have a talent of speaking and are successful in your profession then public speaking might be just right for you. Many authors, medical practitioners, scientists, artisans, politicians, and other subject matter experts earn extra income by delivering speeches, seminars, and presentations. Motivational speakers can earn a good salary annual side by side.

  1. Selling handmade garments

People with exceptional artisan skills that are good in handy crafts and designing can open up online stores and sell their unique garments. This would be a perfect opportunity for earning some cash by the side.

  1. Open a delivery service

Bike delivery service is a very profitable business and also very much in demand. You can hire a team of guys and start a delivery service of your own. It is a great money making business idea and can be a huge success.

  1. Contract customer service

Many firms and companies outsource people and teams to represent as their customer care service. If you are CSR specialist with management skills, then you can form and lead a virtual team online too and operate as a contract customer representative.

  1. Be a task Rabbit

Task Rabbit is a website where people list the odd tasks which they don’t want to do themselves. Like getting laundry or doing grocery for people. They also pay a fee for your service, it does not pay very much but it will be help you expand your income.

  1. Start a YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube channel is one of the easiest tasks. You just have to sign up and start your channel. Upload some interesting attention grabbing videos and make as much as followers as you can. Advertising and marketing agencies are in search of such channels have thousands of subscribers; you may get endorsements and video ads and make great amount of money through it.

  1. Tour guide – All time great business

If you live in an exotic destination that attracts a lot of tourist you can cash in on that. Being a tourist guide is not a very tiresome job nor does it require any investment. Only an office and some advertising and you can get your tour guide business up and running. It is a good way of meeting new people and expanding your social circle.

  1. AirBnB host – just a business idea!

If nothing you can just sign up for renting your extra room, bedroom or space on airbnb and make some money on the side.  It does not require any investment or energy at all.

  1. Proofreading and editing freelance

The need for proofreaders and editors is very much in abundance. There are a lot of job postings on websites for freelance editors and proofreaders and it also earns a decent amount of hourly wage.

  1. Write essays for college students

Having any kind of talent can pay off if you have determination for it. Being good with words and having proficiency in English you can turn this talent into something useful. There are many students who would like to get their assignments and essays done, also you get paid for your services.

  1. English tutor

Having knowledge of English and if you are fluent in it why not earn from it.  People in less developed countries like Bangladesh and Philippines are more than willing to pay for English classes. You can give online lessons in English and make money in your extra time.

  1. Software house – a great business idea

Having some formal education and experience of HTML, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, or CSS, you can start a freelance business on the side to build your portfolio while you still hold your full-time job. This particular field of computer is very much in demand and gives a handsome salary for it.

  1. Business planning service

Image / Business Plan

Image / Business Plan

If your business plan is already a success and well on its target why not get more profit on it. Be an entrepreneur and develop business plans for other according to their briefs.

  1. Homemade natural beauty products

Homemade natural beauty products business has a great potential in market. Ladies always look out for homemade organic products. Develop special formulas and recipes of hair oils, soaps and shampoos and sell them on profit.

[table id=IdeasforMoms /]

  1. Be a virtual assistant

business tips and ideas

Image / business tips

Being a virtual assistant does not even require any manual labor. All you got to have is a computer and an internet connection. You have will be doing is managing different accounts and answering and replying to their emails.

  1. Picture framing Business

Picture framing business is also good option if you don’t have much to invest. It’s not even time consuming. You just need to find the best place such as Tourists places like Faisal Masjid etc.

  1. Internet security consultant

Internet security and privacy are one of the main concerns around the world. Having formal education and degree in this specific field will get you job instantly. You can help securing websites and their customer’s data.

  1. Sell plants online – Great Business Idea

Having innovative and new business ideas are all the rage nowadays. You can set up an online plants and gardening service. Also in the free time you can offer landscaping, lawn mowing and garden designing.

  1. Dog training business Idea!

Dog training business

Image / Dog training

Pet business and anything pet related is a huge business. As long as there is desire for family pet there will be demand in market. You can be a dog trainer if you are good with animals and feel that special connection with animals.

  1. Organization consultant

Are you well organized and think yourself as jack of all trades? If so, engage your management and organizational skills into good use. You can be a drawer or wardrobe organizer and help people get rid of all their clutter.

  1. Be a part time personal chef

If you are good with cooking and have a special talent in it than try to make it beneficial for you. While many people may not need a full time chef but they require some help in special occasions such as dinner parties, lunch parties or wedding catering.

  1. Buy and sell used furniture

    Rent a shop and start your business of buying and selling used furniture items. You can remodel and redesign existing furniture and sell them on higher profit.

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  1. Resume writing service

You can offer your services as a professional resume writer and help those who seek for job to stand out amongst competition.

  1. Mobile repairing shop

Mobile market is so vast that is has many business opportunities. Open up a small mobile repairing shop and hire some technicians to work for you.

  1. Grocery delivery service

Grocery business ideas and profit

You can open up a delivery service specially reserved for grocery shopping. You can contact local shops and stores and work out a deal to give customers reduced rates.

  1. Sell/buy vintage items

Vintage items whether clothes, jewelry or toys have a huge demand in market. People who love vintage items also pay a good price for them.

  1. Public relations handler

You may work as a freelance press release writer if you are good with words and have a flair for marketing. Success of any business depends on its marketing and to be sure of it companies hire professional help.

  1. Be a fashion consultant

online marketing business ideas

Image/ Marketing

If you have a passion for fashion then let it be a source of extra income for you. Becoming a fashion or image consultant can be a big part of your income as more and more people require professional help in this department.

  1. Gift basket business

Gift basket business idea

Image/ Gift basket

From birthdays, holidays, best wishes and congratulations, gift baskets cab be used in any occasions. It can be a huge business opportunity if you decide to venture into it. It has a great profit margin and not much effort goes into it.

  1. Children’s books writer

If you love to write and have new and exciting stories to tell than this is the perfect business for you. You can be a children’s books writer and explore a whole new market out there.

  1. Be a cake decorator

Baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes is immensely popular and in trend right now. People spend as much as thousands of rupees for getting their customized cake prepared. So if you have a hobby for that than get some tutorials of cake decoration and start earning away.

  1. Video rental club

If you are a great movie fan and have a huge collection than you can put it to good use. Get some more movies and open up a video rental club. It may not be able to make huge profit but something is better than nothing.

  1. Open a specialty store

If you have a well backed investment and are ready to go all in than opening up a specialty store might be a good option. All you need is good advertising and to maintain quality of your products so that people start to trust your brand.

[table id=ManufacturingBusinessIdeas /]

  1. Open up a toy store

If you have a good supply of toys than opening up a toy store will be a good idea. You just need to implement good business model and get a good stock of new educational and learning toys.

  1. Spa business

There will always be the need of self grooming and spa business can be very profitable. But you have to ensure that you maintain standards and have good professionals in your spa facilities.

  1. Cold room business

You can open up a storage facility for cold products. Many hawkers and shopkeepers have frozen products such as meats, fish and chicken and provide storage for some rent on per hour or per day bases.

  1. Open a nail studio

Nail business is very much in trend and its here to stay, so why not get your share from it. This business mainly deals with the art of painting the nails, fixing artificial nails, as well as generally being up to speed with the art of nail beautification. And the plus point is that people are more than willing to pay good price for it.

  1. Pool cleaning business

Most pool owners hire people get their pools clean. Whether there are personal pools or pools in hotels they need cleaning, you can open up a pool cleaning service and get a fare amount of money with regarding to your services.

  1. Modeling

Modeling business ideas

Image/ Modeling

If you have the looks and attitude for it than you can go on and try your luck in professional modeling. Modeling pays a very hefty amount and have a full fledged career out of it.

  1. Car washing center

Car washing facility is another thing that is almost a necessity to people. With the hustle and bustle of life no one has the time and energy to clean their cars there selves.

  1. Investing your money – Stock Market

If you have sufficient money than keeping it locked in the safes or in a savings account will be of no use. You should get some knowledge of stock market get invest your money smartly.

  1. Be a music instructor – great business idea

If you play a musical instrument well enough to teach it to others, than why not? Put your skills in good use and teach people. Charge some fee for it and make profit from it.

  1. Collect electronic spare parts

Electronics companies regularly toss out extra spare parts of products. If you have enough determination than go on a day long spree and collect those parts. Latter you can sell them on profit margin to people.

98. Data analyst

Many companies have their eyes out for people to hire for data analyst. If you have a knack for numbers and accounting than this the work for you

99. Art collector

If you have an eye for artwork than start collecting valuable artworks. This business idea might require a lot of passion and patience. You can always sell them on profit rate to collectors and art galleries.

100. Etsy selling

Etsy is a website that inspires craftsman and homemade business all around the world. Start manufacturing and get publicity on Etsy. Sell your products directly to customers and earn that well-deserved money.

[table id=SmallBusiness50 /]

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